Roser and Oriol

First Chapter

Fucking birthday….the day I turn 19 I’m alone in an unknown city, not even be able to eat something decent. I hope the bastard of Rashid won’t be able to find me among two million people, his punches still hurt me. Fortunately it is summer because I just could keep a couple of pants and three blouses, but I need to have a shower urgently.  Perhaps I may try in Hotel Plaza; I’ve seen a young man who can help me, but I’ll have to use my woman’s weapons in order to get a nice shower… I approached the hotel’s main door and I took advantage to sneak in and get into the lobby, the uniformed guy was carrying suitcases on a cart.

“Excuse me sir.” I called his attention.

“Hello sweetie, please don’t call me sir, I’m Jaume”

“It’s OK Jaume, I need a little help”

“How can I help you…?”

“Roser, my name is Roser.”

“It isn’t your name.”

“Of course not, but I can’t use my name, I need to have a new identity.”

“I can’t give you a new identity, Roser or whatever you want I call you.”

“But you can help me to have a shower and have my laundry done.”

“I wanted to, but I can be in trouble if I do that.”

“You can taste that, my handsome man.” I grabbed his hand and put it on my crotch. His face changed.

“Well…but if someone catch you, you don’t know me, OK?”

“Of course, dear, I won’t put you in trouble.”

“Please wait here for five minutes, I come back quickly.”

I waited for him; five, ten, fifteen minutes until he came back with an enormous smile in his face, he took my arm and hid me in a corner.

“Please, Roser, pay good attention. Please take this keycard, the room 502 is empty, you just use it and enter the room to have a quick shower…then wait for me naked and will have a nice time, and before going we’ll have a shower together and I’ll give you money and an address to go a Laundromat. You’ll have enough money to pay one day’s room and a couple of meals.”

“Oh! You are my angel, you won’t regret, you’ll have the best sex you have ever known.” After picking the card, I headed to the lift and got up until the fifth floor where the room was. I opened and, oh my God, I entered the nicest suite I’ve ever seen…this guy deserves all the fun I’m willing to give him.

I undressed quickly and had the so desired shower, mmmm; I loved the scent of the hotel’s soap…and the dropping of the warm water on my face. Then I dried myself with a soft towel and got to a bed, I laid there naked waiting for Jaume to make love. Five minutes after, the door opened…

“Come here my love, sweetie, I’m naked and ready to fuck you.”

“Mon Dieu, qu’est ce que c’est.” I didn’t know that voice and I haven’t got anything near to cover me but the pillow of the bed.

“Excuse me Sir, I think you are in the wrong suite, this is mine.” I lied, trying not to seem a cheeky trapped in a



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