Miracle at Hell – Chapter 11 –

Chapter 11. The last voyage of the Queen Ba’hn.
Läkande, Kingdom of the Pierced Mountains of the K’tmenüs.
I look at her and I don’t understand how she can be so happy, her illness is consuming her very quickly, she can hardly walk and we do not sleep together for fear of crushing the creature that is coming. It’s all planned for the moment she will die, which probably will happen at the same time to give birth to our last child.
It wasn’t the first time that I’d see die a Neitsi wife, but my Ba’hn was not a common consort, she was the reason why I was living. The intense love I feel for my Queen transcends the barriers of what would be normal, I can categorically state that does not exist and never will exist a person as sweet or as loving or as comprehensive as this little Neitsi of silky hair. Ba’hn loved all living things around her, people, animals, plants; she was a warm light where there was only the deepest darkness. And despite all my efforts to keep her by my side was dying helplessly.
Not only was my most beloved wife, whom I loved more than to past and future, the wife to whom to which I had expressly forbidden to have our fourth child to avoid this fatal outcome that would leave orphaned the whole people of Läkande of her maternal love. For ten happy seasons the queen Ba’hn had kept her promise to have no more children contravening her divine commandment as Reproductive Mother. But on a day of drunkenness my beloved wife did not depart at the time of the expulsion of the seed of my masculinity and my Queen was again fertilized. The more swollen was her womb I was sadder because that meant that I soon would be without her.
“Ba’hn, what will I do when you leave me?”
“You shall take a wife Neitsi immediately; Läkande will need a young womb to bring four new princes and magnify the name of the family Hani.”
“What if I do not? Now I have enough with the courtesans who give me all the pleasure and the children I need.”
“Are you going to contradict a dying on the same day of her death?”
“Yes, undress you and touch me for the last time, our son will come in a few mikas.”
We spent some time together, lying in bed, hugging us, kissing us, and feeling for the last time the warmth of our bodies and the rhythmic beat of our hearts. Touching her belly and sliding down my hand, I noticed that the nightgown was wet.
“Yes, go and warn the midwife.”
“I do not want you die, my love.”
“None of us can do anything, do not be sad.”
I covered myself with a sheet and I ordered a service woman to go look for the midwife, then got dressed and I was to wait for the fateful moment, one that even a powerful king like couldn’t avoid. Nor shouts nor cries were heard, my brave Ba’hn endured the intense pain of giving birth a baby bigger than her vagina could expand; she inflicted encouragement to women who were helping her to give birth. Finally, I heard the cry of a child; it was my twelfth legitimate child although only nine were alive counting this one. A woman of the service left the chamber to let me know.
“The Queen has given birth to a beautiful hermaphrodite. But…”
“Your wife will not survive more than a mika, she has asked for you.”
“We understand.” I held my tears. “Now we will go to say goodbye to her, please make to women go out because we need all the privacy possible.”
“As you command, Your Majesty.”
Those women left us alone, Ba’hn had the child in her arms, despite their expression of exhaustion greeted me with a huge smile.
“Look at this most precious child, my love.” She uncovered the baby’s face “A nurse will have to come, it no longer gets out milk from my breasts, death is drying me.”
“That is already ready, darling; you should rest in your last moments.”
“I want to enjoy you both the short time that remains me, do not let me fall asleep.”
“I won’t let you go from my side so easily.”
“Sorry to have disobeyed you.”
“It was my fault for getting drunk, in some way I killed you because your own nature pushes you to get pregnant.”
“Do not say that, you have given me a life that I couldn’t have dreamt when I married you. You have been the center of my universe.”
“I still remember the fear that you felt.” I laughed remembering it. “The first night you hid scared under the bed so as not make love with me.”
“But we spent a wonderful seasons, is not it?”
“I should have spent with you more time and to have been faithful to you.”
“Don’t blame yourself, my love; the courtesans have treated me well, specially Hilsa, your daughter and lover who loves you dearly.”
“I’ve only been sleeping with her because you wanted it that way.”
“You know I love my Hilsa.”
“Do you love her more than me?”
“Of course not, do not be silly. You must promise me one thing, just one.”
“Do not kill her, I do not want Hilsa die for one of your whims.”
“Do not you remember when you killed a courtesan and you drank her blood in this bed? Now I confess that it was the most horrible experience of my life, I wanted to die at that time, only the love I have for you prevented me to kill myself. Hilsa is also your daughter and mother of one of your illegitimate children. ”
“I regret, my love, you know that there is something inside me that I cannot control, and maybe I did not ask forgiveness a thousand times?”
“If you do not want to insult my memory, please you not to kill Hilsa…I’m scared, I see nothing, all is dark.”
“I am here my love.” I grabbed her hand.
“Goodbye my love, I love you…”
I noticed that her hand ran out of steam, my little wife stopped breathing and her beautiful body was lifeless … Ba’hn had left me forever.
The entourage.
My name is Hilsa and I’m a royal courtesan according to the tradition of Pelakur’s clan women, an extended family that is renowned for having the most illustrious warriors of our land, known for our hair reddish. That was a sad day of mourning in the kingdom of the K’tmenüs, all our people attended the funeral for the death of Queen Ba’hn, precious pearl Neitsi that brought peace to our beloved King Dislikg Hani during long seasons. The five eldest sons of King were escorting the door of the Temple where the incorrupt body of the Queen lay, inside it there were the three common children of Their Majesties who accompanied the king Dislikg who had in his arms the fourth child of the couple.
Such as Läkande Palace tradition marked, three royal courtesans decorated the corpse of the late Queen with K’tmenü’s war paint that they wear in the battles and then they would cover her with the royal banner made with flowers picked up in Blue Valley, a forest under the shadow of the Gelann Mountains. At finishing that sad and tragic day, the body of our sovereign would make her last trip to the underground city where she was born; there she would feed the people S’ladan after a ritual dismemberment. The Queen knew his duty was to die so that her beloved husband could go to Maa-Alune to look for a new mate to give him new warrior princes to defend our sacred kingdom.
In fact, our King should have also the title of Kronkol of S’ladan and Neitsi. The fact it wasn’t this way is because the Neitsi Goddesses do not recognize the authority of the King Androgynous K’tmenü on S’ladan underground city and refuse to give him Kronkol’s medallion of Maa-Alune, resigning themselves to a ignominious state of occupation by our forces. These sluts of poisonous lips preferred to keep oppressed their people in order to maintain her divine status over simple people S’ladan, turning these humble peasants into servants and soldiers for their purposes. Culturally speaking, S’ladan people have more in common with us than with the Neitsi, including the tongue, which is different from the language of those midget witches. Even they secretly worship the gods of Kirkia Balts, although Neitsi law requires them to worship the Virgin Mothers as living goddesses.
The real courtesans also born hermaphrodites like the rest of the K’tmenü. During generations the girls of our lineage of red-haired warriors have given their hymens to the King to be his personal female escort, choosing to be female because the small penis that gods give us disappears as soon as we are fertilized by a man… our children are cared for by older women K’tmenü or feminized brooders. We are warriors and our missions are the most risky, we fight for the King and the royal bastards who we give birth. In our endogamic circle incest is not a problem, I myself am bastard daughter of the King Dislikg Hani, his occasional lover and also mother of one of his children, but he hasn’t been less brutal with me at the time to have sexual intercourse.
I received the great honor of His Majesty to be the head of the escort which would take the corpse of the Queen to the land where she was born. After I entered the burial chamber of the temple with the entire escort, four soldiers took the platform on which the body was, with great care… without letting fall any flowers. I could see the king’s tears, sincere and bitter, sadness without words, a goodbye forever because the Neitsis have another heaven for them and not share our trip to the gardens of the Kirkia Balts. At the time that I was leaving with my soldiers, the king grabbed my arm.
“Hilsa, we must order you a very delicate mission.”
“What His Majesty commands, I am your humble and loving servant.”
“You must hurry to seduce the future Queen before you get to the palace.”
“I do not understand, sire. To seduce your future wife? Would not you want to be the first to enjoy the honey of an exotic virgin Neitsi?”
“We’ve chosen you among all my courtesans because you’re the most attractive and sensual of them. Neitsi women have a great weakness: they get crazy for beauty, we still remember how our Ba’hn also felt very attracted to you.” I still I remember like it was yesterday, as the little queen amused combing and bathing me, the wonderful goddess Neitsi always was requiring my presence whenever she had the chance and she tried me dresses and shoes like I was a doll.
“Your Majesty, I’m flattered, but I’m a warrior and I have been trained to kill our enemies or die trying, do not know if that sweet young girl will be seduced by a woman as rude as I am… Maybe it’s not better a feminized slave? Some are very pretty and feminine, and are instructed to love. ”
“Gods have endowed you with blue eyes, beautiful red-haired Pelakur, and you know that a virgin Neitsi is unable to see into the soul of the people with the water color look. You’re our only advantage over her powers.”
“But Sire, this woman will be your wife; I think it is inappropriate for the royal consort to have a concubine. What will say the priest of the Balts Kirkia about your marriage with a lesbian?”
“You won’t be a mere concubine, if the plan works the Virgin will claim you as wife and according to tradition a lesbian wife of a Neitsi becomes king’s wife in her marriage.”
“But Your Majesty, I’m not a lesbian. To me only are you, my body is your house, your lips my temple.”
“By desire of your King, you’ll be the beautiful lesbian that will make the Neitsi girl turns crazy; we have decided that we won’t fertilize the future queen, in exchange your child will be prince in the line of succession to the Crown of Läkande. The plan is to keep her virgin to take advantage of her powers and thus subdue our enemies. As of now, our children will come from your womb; you’ll be mother of princes and kings.”
“But that is very dangerous Majesty; everyone knows that the Neitsi virgins are cruel killers, ruthless witches that can kill with the ease of a desert’ scorpion. Their powerful venom can kill an entire platoon of warriors.”
“These women are as deadly as you; would not you be able to cut the throat of anyone if we ordered you? You’ve already done it at some time in the woods that join Läkande and Gelann, voluptuous Hilsa; your wild beauty is also terribly threatening. You are much more dangerous than any of those virgins poisonous, and more dreaded.” He took my dagger from inside its sheath and did the gesture of smell it. “This black bronze leaf smells like death.”
“But Your Majesty, we are playing with terrible forces we do not understand at all. We’ll never know if this woman is our ally or enemy until it’s too late, you could lose the crown if we err in our mission.”
“The only thing you must understand is that a powerful Neitsi can be very useful to us because besides of being Queen she will be a future Virgin Mother of Maa-Alune, the one who will turn me in Kronkol of S’ladans. When the game begins, she will think that the whole plan is her idea. The chambers of the Neitsis will be our hive, where the new Queen will instruct her young bees to give the honey with the taste we would want: a generation of killer virgins that help us to invade Gelann definitely. And you’ll be the bumblebee which will dominate this creature; your dagger will be our life insurance.”
“I’m a woman.” I protested vigorously. “You have enjoyed my femininity; the pleasures that my love provides you beyond the touch of my skin, the ecstasy of our bodies intertwined eating a forbidden fruit. Maybe I have not been the sweetest of your lovers? Haven’t I been the most faithful courtesan? Maybe I have not been daughter, whore, wife and mother when you have asked for it? Did not you notice the tremor in my body when you pass by my side?”
“Both you and we are both things, my pretty Hilsa, though you cannot see your masculine attributes, you have them hidden somewhere in the belly.” He touched my crotch below the armor to tell me where were my penis hidden. “The K’tmenü have the privilege of choosing the sex that we have, but the other gender also occupies a space in our body. Soon we will be the S’ladan Kronkol and you our wife.”
“But I cannot be queen, I’m not a noblewoman.”
“I decide who is noble in this land, you will be my Ba’hn, my tender flower that will bring peace to my heart and satisfy my needs for love” For a moment my King Androgynous renounced to the majestic plural, like if he really would have loved me.
Although I knew positively that this was all a fucking farce, for I felt that he probably had intended to kill me as soon as I finish the heavy task of putting a poisonous Neitsi on our side, I dropped a tear touched by the tender words of my King. Sex with him had always been brutal and humiliating, he abused me and used to beat me, and despised my devotion to him, but I wouldn’t stop loving him with all my strength although this man was the devil, the most terrible worthy of residing in the Forge of Zvonilak.
“Majesty, you know that you are my only love, you are the only man who has found refuge in my body, and I only have been yours.” It was true, I hadn’t had another man in my life, but I knew that for him it was worthless. To my King I just was a sex slave to whom he could manipulate at will; I simply represented a means to get his goal, little more than a small piece of a big puzzle that was to make him the king of the world with the permission of the always invincible Firstten.
“Now, go at once, you’ve a mission to fulfill. Your loyalty will be rewarded in the Kirkia Balts, the inhabitants of heaven will welcome you as an equal, a supreme blend of man and woman, and you’ll have got your place in the garden of the demigods. ”
I left the temple to meet with my soldiers and went down the mountain with martial step towards the road that leads to Maa-Alune. Once we hit the road, we loaded the platform in a chariot drawn by two keldis, sacred animals capable of carrying heavy loads through the canyons of our mountainous country. This time carrying the load was very light, a single soldier could have moved such a small body, but those remains had the weight of a part of us all. I was sure that we would not have a Queen like her anymore and, as the time demonstrated later, the goodness of my King died with her.
Within six days the sweltering heat wouldn’t allow us to leave the protection of our rocky and humid shelters, we had to conduct a trip of two days to reach Maa-Alune and two more to come back, a wedding and a hellish season very close; and then we will have to live in hiding behind the rock until the first rains. The river had very little water, which meant that there was no snow on the mountaintops and soon it would be a dry gully scorched by the yellow sun. The march would remain sad and martial until reaching the city of S’ladans and Neitsis, the sacred Maa-Alune.
The Maa-Alune’s road was a dusty path where the two suns were warming our armor and our helmets in a brutal way; other than walking I could nothing but look at the late queen and wondering if premature death was the price that she had to pay to nature for such beauty. Was the terrible disease with which these women were born the cause of their terrible powers and their angelic and sinister appearance at the same time? Was the fact of being man and woman at the same time the reason that we do not fall sick like them? I was told that Neitsi virgins had orange-colored lips and nipples, and the Virgin Mothers even had the eyelids of this color. Long ago my King told me that this orange color meant that they had a poison that was very powerful and lethal; that it was a toxic drug that attacked the mucous membranes and that caused the suffocation of their victim in fractions of mika depending on dose… that those women were able to inoculate with surgical precision. They also had some glands located on the back that were invisible to the naked eye, these glands gave off a gas with which a Neitsi virgin could control the will of who was near her, hence it was known that the Neitsi virgins were far more dangerous naked than dressed, that in itself was already a reason to kill them mercilessly.
At night we stopped, we set around the chariot to not leave it at the mercy of the jackals that we heard howling and which also smelled her sweet scent…the sensual sweetness of Neitsi that drove men and women crazy, even to animals and it was a constant source of conflict and war. I subconsciously touched me where I should have a penis, but I only felt my girl parts, not so long ago that I was being called Hils and I was an aspiring courtesan, and I wore a beautiful virgin’s braid. Those who have not yet decided her/his final genre wear a long braid cared for by their mothers and it’s who impregnates the virgin who undoes this ritual braid, thereby breaking her hermaphroditism. I still remember how my mother prepared me with a makeover and advices to her hermaphrodite son of just thirty seasons; while she put me on a dress I couldn’t avoid expressing my fear about that situation.
“I’m scared, Mother, I’m not ready yet to be a woman and have my braid undone, and why do I have to become a girl?”
“It will be just a moment, my dear, think of the great service that you’ll give to our kingdom and to Pelakur’s clan. You will give children of royal blood to our lineage, the same that runs through your veins.”
“But it’s a beast, someone told me the things he does to the girls and it’s terrible.”
“All courtesans had suffered it. Drink some mead.” She put the bottle in my mouth and poured it so that I couldn’t avoid swallow a lot.
“I do not want the King see me drunk, maybe kills me if he catches my drunkenness.”
“A father will not kill his daughter, and start talking at once like a girl because when you get out of that room you won’t’ be longer Hils and you’ll be my daughter Hilsa.”
“Of course, Mother.”
I opened my eyes, had returned to reality as it was too horrific to evoke what happened at enter the room of the King. I could not avoid loving that cruel and ruthless man, despite the rape and humiliation to which I was being subjected continuously. My relationship with the King, who was also my biological father, was a mixture of love and fear; I was his slave and he had the power to do with my body what he wanted, he could kill me without feeling any remorse. Eventually I fell asleep on the dusty ground, confident that the guard would protect the group efficiently.
I woke up at dawn. At sunrise red I commanded the lifting of the camp, because the brightness of the orange sun was starting to make visible the path that headed to Maa-Alune. That night we would deliver this artwork to be devoured in an act of ritual cannibalism, I thought that our funeral pyres were more civilized and respectful of the deceased, those wild rites of necrophagia churned my stomach.
Upon the orange sun reached zenith we already could see the volcanic black rocks under which lived S’ladan and Neitsi, and the huge tree that grew on them and gave life to the city. Before the twilight arrive, we would tread the sacred soil of the mythical Maa-Alune made of galleries dug into the rock in a large group cliffs bordering the sea. I had always been worried about the seemingly erratic behavior of the suns: the small red sun was appearing and disappearing capriciously or it was hiding behind the band which was dividing in two the sky, for me always seemed more a playful moon, often was seen in the middle of the night without getting enlighten, the orange sun was coming out just before the yellow one and it was hiding before… sometimes the red sun was appearing from behind one of the other suns, forming an impressive spectacle.
By the twilight, as I had predicted in my heart of hearts, we were already in front of the huge doors of the underground city. As commander of the entourage I hit the gate so that S’ladan guards opened us watched over by warriors K’tmenü who were destined intramural in Maa-Alune. When the doors opened, we crossed the gate and through a corridor we arrived at an inner courtyard where a Virgin Mother of chalky face and a Neitsi luxurious carriage with a very young girl inside were waiting for us. As the Queen Ba’hn those women of small stature were incredibly beautiful creatures and sensual creatures, supreme females who really aroused the deepest desires of men and women.
All my senses were alert; as my esteemed King said, those women with orange colored mouth were creatures extremely dangerous and could turn an innocent transfer in a bloodbath at any time. With my left hand I caressed the hilt of my dagger in case things got rough, the warriors that were behind me knew that at the slightest movement they should use the crossbows that hung on their backs, if the warriors K’tmenü were good at something was in the art of killing and, overall, the Pelakurs were the most feared in all our community by far. It was a moment of maximum tension, because we were also surrounded by warriors S’ladan who could attack us at the slightest sign of their goddess. But it was not necessary any violent reaction, the Virgin Mother, that I believe was called Starica, she reached out and I knelt to kiss that little and soft hand as a sign of respect.
“Sweet and beautiful Goddess, I bring your sister of race who gave her precious life in exchange for four new ones…”
“In gratitude for returning us our flesh, the people of Maa-Alune offer to your king one of our most beautiful daughters, this way four warriors more will see the light of suns before this lovely virgin breathes her last breath.”
I stood up and looked closely at the woman, who was very young and looked very scared though the S’ladan maids had ensured that she was comfortable inside that roomy carriage. I determined to hate her because I felt disgusted for having to become her lesbian wife; I hated the thought of having to do “things” with that poisonous girl of sinister beauty. I ordered to one of the soldiers to be the coachman of the princess to start the march towards Läkande.

The trip to Läkande.
The young collectors accommodated me in the carriage that was in the courtyard of the Gate of Läkande, which was the nearest entrance to the path which was leading towards the Pierced Mountains, the land of the K’tmenü. The Queen Bahn’s procession burial would come soon coinciding with the twilight of the yellow and orange suns. The clothes that someone had deposited in red cloth bag inside the carriage was not mine, it didn’t make my scent nor the K’ntic’s either; it was a strange smell to me, the smell of clothes that had not yet covered the body of any woman. I was surrounded by a series of impersonal luxuries that hadn’t been meant for me until that very moment, things chosen by another person to her liking who thought that this was all worthy of a future queen of Läkande. In that environment of things alien to me, I felt tears sliding down my cheeks, because the only memory I had left of my sister was a soft lock of her black hair tied with a thread. Mother Starica scolded me for my sadness.
“Do not cry Pulxer, you have to maintain your dignity Neitsi, the privilege of being Queen of K’tmenü is reserved only for the most beautiful women of our race. You must show facet of Goddess as you shall be the guide of thousands of people in the place you’re going.”
“As you command, Mother”. I said reluctantly. A huge grief burnt my chest like acid.
“You have been ruined your makeup, approach your face, I’ll fix it”. I was surprised how smoothly she did it; I guess it was to not spoil the goods before selling me to the King Androgynous.
That would be my last day in Maa-Alune, in brief moments those wild warriors K’tmenü would come to pick me up. I could see them coming through the Gate of Läkande, first of all came a chariot drawn by two strange animals led by one of the warriors, I could imagine what was under so colorful flowers. Behind the carriage came a procession of soldiers led by a warrior from which you could see how his long red hair got out under the helmet.
Mother Starica was waiting for them, she stayed a while watching the corpse very carefully and dropped a tear as fake as the false affection that just had shown me moments ago, she leaned over and kissed her dead lips. Fortunately for her, they were the remains of a beautiful Neitsi with incorrupt body and not one of the nasty and smelly S’ladans, because with the intense heat we were experiencing, a completely rotten body would have come.
The commander of the guard took off his helmet and showed a wonderful mane of red hair, that spectacular creature really looked like a woman, but in fact all the K’tmenü seemed lush women dressed in black armors of soldier. Mother Starica and the warrior approached my carriage, that man? Woman? looked with some suspicion, he looked at me like if such a helpless girl as I could represent a terrible threat to his brave soldiers, as if I were a criminal towards the gallows. The red-haired warrior knelt before Mother Starica and kissed her on her right hand as a sign of respect. The last thing I saw before I left Maa-Alune was how S’ladan warriors dragged the chariot with the queen Ba’hn into the city. Those soldiers K’tmenü hitched these unusual animals in my carriage, actually everyone looked like women, they had the face and body of a woman, and though they pretended to have a hoarse voice it also was feminine. The S’ladans looked very small compared to those impressive foreigners and they had by no means the martial aspect of the troop of hermaphrodites trained for war. One of the warriors approached the carriage.
“With your permission, gracious Highness, I will be the driver of this carriage”. Through the curtain I saw a woman’s face, a woman truly beautiful without make up on her cheeks and who sported a very short jet-black hair. He/she mounted the box of the carriage and we started our way. I’d never see my city… or at least that was what I thought at the time.
We spent nearly the whole day on the way, we were making a huge cloud of dust by the tortuous path, we had not stopped climbing down that rocky road not even to pause to eat, but luckily the young collectors had left me a bottle of water and a basket of food in the carriage. In the afternoon I could not take it anymore, my bladder was about to explode, I called the driver.
“Coachman, please, I need to stop.” That soldier stopped immediately the carriage and the red-haired warrior approached toward me.
“Sorry princess, it’s my fault, give me your hand and I will help you get off from the carriage.” He took me in his arms and left me on the ground, I was surprised by the extraordinary strength of that androgynous being. For a moment, I detected a look of hatred in those beautiful blue eyes, maybe it was a fake expression but I was concerned about that frozen of cold animosity toward me.
“Shall I have a bath too?”
“Of course Highness, there is a small pool of warm water along the road through this small forest of ferns. I myself will accompany you to help you since I’m the only woman in the group.”
“Are you the only one?” I showed my confusion, all those warriors looked like women, most of them beautiful and feminine despite they attempted to seem otherwise spitting and saying frightful curses.
“I’ll explain later, Highness.”
We arrived immediately to the hot springs, because that ‘forest’ was four badly told ferns that covered a group of reeds and a few bushes, so we were out of sight from the other warriors. The small pond was bubbling, but before I did my needs under the watchful eye of the woman, which made me feel like a stupid child. I started talking to break the ice.
“Aren’t all of you women?”
“No, as I have said before I am the only woman. Whoever is not used to dealing with us does not see the difference.”
“What about the rest?”
“They’re both things, though they call themselves ‘men’ because they have also masculine attributes, so they are hermaphrodites.”
“You too?”
“No Ma’am, I’m like you, I have only the attributes of women.”
“Do they urinate standing like S’ladan men?”
“They can’t do it, their penis only serves to have sex with women, and they urine comes out by the same place as ours. Their testicles are not seen, they are internal organs in K’tmenüs.”
“What about menstruation? Do they have it?”
“As regularly as you and me, ma’am.”
“So they are women!”
“They do not see it so; hermaphrodites refer to themselves as men. I myself used a male name before metamorphosis.”
As soon as I finished, I wiped myself and I started to undress.
“Let me help you, Your Highness.” She took me off gently my dress and laid it carefully folded on a large flat stone that looked set to put clothes specifically. She made me sit on the stone, she took off my shoes and pulled down my panties, like I was a small child; almost like K’ntic did, but she still maintained that cold look that seemed of hatred.
I got into those warm waters, which were at a perfect temperature. I watched with curiosity as that woman undressed, she first removed her helmet and then the armor, when she removed her blouse that wore underneath uncovered two large and round breasts, I had never seen something like this, nor the neatly trimmed and small tuft of red hair that she had on the pubis. That warrior was totally different from the women I had seen; she looked far more voluptuous than any Neitsi and had a body of almost impossible proportions, truly lush and sensual. She took a sponge and a soap bar, and entered the water.
“The next bath will have to be after you get to the Pierced Mountains, we haven’t got much time.” Despite the softness of her words and gestures, her expression was serious. She slightly pulled me to shore and began to lather me up.
“I understand, by the way, what’s your name?”
“My name is Hilsa, Highness; I am at your service and to the King’s.” Saying this she pushed me gently by the buttock to make me go back in the water.
“Do you hate me much, Hilsa?” I thought it was better to know to what I was dealing in a moment that could have some advantage, my glands could paralyze her in an instant, and my poison would quickly contaminate that pond.
“I hate you with all my heart, Your Highness”. That hard sincerity got me absolutely frozen; I remembered that this attractive woman was a warrior trained to kill enemies with twice her weight without even moving a muscle of her face. “His Majesty will change me in his bed by you. The King Dislikg is the only man who had got me, the only one who has enjoyed this body which you see, the only one that has been fed with the same honey that you wish enjoy. As you can see, I’m beautiful enough to be the Queen instead of you, but I am a courtesan and you a princess Neitsi and that won’t be changed by anyone. ”
“Would you kill me out of jealousy?”
“No, my King has ordered me to bring you safely to the palace and my commitment as a courtesan is to obey him until death.”
What if I order you to kill me? Now you are also my servant and you must obey me.” I grabbed her hands that were under the water and I put them in my neck, a risky maneuver knowing that she could break it without much effort.
“Do not ask me this, please Highness. Whether I kill you, King would abandon us me and my son in the desert so that we die and to be devoured by vultures. Also, do not believe that a girl as young and beautiful as you want to die sooner than is natural. At least, not before you meet our king, the most extraordinary creature that a mortal can know, the most strong and handsome hermaphrodite of Läkande.”
“If you wanted to, how would you kill me?” I pressed over that idea; I needed to know how far she would have been arrived that courtesan of icy glare.
“It would be enough sink your head into this pond for a while, it would be as easy as a game, you would flounder a little but you would stop breathing quickly.” There was no way of knowing whether that courtesan was telling the truth or was lying, the coldness with which she described the details of how to kill me without even blinking was chilling.
Her blue eyes prevented me to use the power of seeing his mind. I changed my strategy, my back’s glands started to secrete the drug to control her will and this way I could manipulate her at my liking.
“Do it! Kill me!” My order had to penetrate her mind intoxicated by my poison immediately, as soon as the sweet smelling gas penetrated into her bloodstream through the lungs.
“No!” She shouted, but the drug of the Dictatorship of the Will was much more powerful than her ability of resist my orders; with that dark art I could break the strongest resistance capacity to the control of mind.
Hilsa pushed my shoulders to the pond bottom. I held my breath; I’d wait a reasonable time and would stop the spell. But her reaction wasn’t the expected; suddenly she pulled me off from the water in one breath and carried me to the flat rock where we had left the clothes. I pretended to be fainted to see how she reacted in that situation.
“My love, what have I done? I’m a stupid, what will become of me now?” The tricks had succeeded, I found out what she really kept in her heart.
Hilsa pressed my body against hers and started a sort of kiss of death but in reverse. The lush K’tmenü began to suck eagerly the deadly poison of my mouth. The most tragic of it was that I could not separate her from me because the strength of that woman was the quadruple of mine. I couldn’t allow Hilsa would die, I needed her for my plans… but before releasing me I had time of seeing her thoughts: the King’s plan to not fertilize me, his intentions to let to transform me into a Virgin Mother at his service in order to take advance my powers to become the Kronkol of S’ladans. I understood that if that woman was dying at that moment they would forgive her son from a horrible death albeit she would have failed in her objective of make me fall in love with her. The last vision I had was how Hilsa fell madly in love with me at the time that helped me to get off the carriage, I saw how she smelled my hair aroused without me noticing. That sweet feeling would be very useful to me, it was why I couldn’t let her die, I need to have her as an ally to survive in a world so complex and poisoned, a strong warrior who would face the dangers that threatened me and would protect me from attacks…
As soon Hilsa felt already too weak to move, she lay on the stone, she seemed unconscious. By the color that was acquiring her skin I realized that I had very little time to act, I took the dagger from her armor and I made a little cut on my hand. Once my blood was mixed in a water canteen with water I made her drink to make her vomit the poison.
“Come on, you must swallow it, damn fool!” Gradually began to move and finally opened her eyes. She then sat up a little and vomited a yellow liquid, a blend of her gastric juices, my blood and the deadly poison… it had come close.
“I’m not dead, how can it be?”
“My blood is the antidote to counteract the poison of my mouth, how do you think I don’t poison myself with my poisonous fluids?” While I was telling her that I stained her hands with blood. “Look Hilsa, this is a blood covenant, this incident did not happen. You do not speak; I do not speak, that our blood to be shed if one of us reveals the secret that should not be known by anyone, that no one opens our mouths when we remember this time. ”
“What should I do in exchange? Do I have to be your slave?”
“Yes, in a certain way, because you shall accept my marriage proposal. I claim you as a wife for the love I feel for you, beautiful Hilsa.” I needed to start building the whole charade to implement my plans, this way the King would think that the plans that were running were his, this woman of hair in color of fire was the cornerstone of my conspiracy.
“But Highness, in my country, women do not marry each other, laws of K’tmenüs do not contemplate it.” Hilsa told me, but I already knew that this ignorance was feigned, I had seen it in her transparent soul while we were in touch.
“According to the common ancestral tradition, a queen can marry the King and the woman she loves.” I touched her and she shivered, like I did too.
“The king will not accept it.” Hilsa’s voice sounded sincere, I saw in her form of lying a military formation of high level, where the art of falsehood and fallacy represented survival in case of capture by the enemy. In her own way, Hilsa was also a poisonous flower at Neitsi style.
“He’ll accept because I have a proposal that he will not be able to refuse.”
I healed the wound of my hand with a bandage made of a piece of my dress; as soon as we were dressed we went back to where the carriage and the soldiers who guarded me were. My plan was working, just had to cajole also the King: it had to be a masterpiece of misunderstandings, omissions and false truths in a sophistication of the most perverse Neitsi. Hilsa walked trudging because the effect of the poison still remained in her body; I realized that she couldn’t reach Läkande if she continued at that pace because she was very weak. I yelled…
“Hilsa! Come here.”
Tell me, Your Highness.”
“There is room for two in this carriage; you won’t be able to reach the Pierced Mountains in your state, you’re going to faint.”
“What will the soldiers say? I’m their commander and I cannot show weakness.”
“Well, please tell them that the stupid Neitsi girl was scared and asked that you accompany her; I’m sure they’ll believe you.” I said the last words whispering lest the coachman wouldn’t hear us.
“Aye, Your Grace.”
We continued our journey through the tortuous path overheated by the yellow sun. As soon she entered the carriage, I helped Hilsa to get rid of the heavy armor and gave her a mantle to cover. She still was shaking by the effect of the poison; I made her lick my wound so my sweet blood would just remove the rest of the toxin that was in her body. Little by little, her charming face was regaining its color and she was again the incredibly attractive woman that everyone, including myself, desired. Almost reaching Läkande, she lovingly healed the wound that I had made in my hand to save her. The carriage arrived to the palace late at night, where the King was waiting for us impatiently. Firstly Hilsa got off, she wore one of my dresses, a piece of cloth that was so tight which made her seem a prostitute; I was listening to the conversation from inside the carriage.
“Hello Hilsa. Don’t you think that the dress you wear is a bit short and tight? You look like a feminized companion.” Hilsa blushed.
“Sorry Majesty, I wished to be presentable for you and I hadn’t anything else to put on but one of the dresses of the princess.”
“I like it, because you give away to my eyes the sight of a spectacular woman, but it would be more correct that you to wear your armor as commander of the guard of honor.”
“I already can’t do it Sire, Her Highness will explain you.”


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