Miracle at Hell – Chapter 10 –

Chapter 10. Shelter Island.
Junak and K’ntic.
The gallery which was leading to the cave was being closed with a grille, Mother Starica had given me a key to open it, so I did and then I closed it. It was very dark, I was afraid and hungry, but I had given all my food. After a while, I started to see some clarity, by walking a few steps I could see the sea slightly illuminated by the Moon Stora, in its waning crescent, near the fringe that cut the sky in half. And beyond you could see the moon Kecil very small and playful. I do not leaned too close to the exit of the cave, because the atmosphere was so salty that I felt my nose and eyes irritated. I spent a long time sitting on a rock, until I heard a male voice speaking to me very low in Neitsi:
“Princess, I have come to seek you.” I saw a small boat and a guy of my age with a bag in hand. “We cannot waste time. Catch this bag, you will find clothes and shoes for the trip.” He threw the bag; I picked it up and went back into the cave. I pulled the clothes off the bag, I wasn’t able to recognize this soft and warm fabric but strong, all clothing was dark. I changed the sandals by some boots with such a soft fur that touching them was like petting a kitten and they were perfect for my feet.
I started down those stone steps that led to the boat, I went downstairs with real terror because it was the first time I saw the sea and its waves, and I had to ask for help from that gentle campaigner.
“Can you help me to get down, please?” The young man reached out and grabbed me tightly. It made me feel instantly safe.
“Now you should leap, Princess.” I did a little jump and he took me in his arms. Despite his youth was tall and strong, in fact it was the tallest man I had ever seen. He placed me on the deck and looked at me curiously. He took my hand gently and he led me into a sort of chamber under the deck where there was more light, it was the light of a torch that didn’t need any fire. Once inside I asked his name:
“What’s your name, boy?”
“Junak Junakkson, my princess.”
“A very long name for calling my husband, it will be hard to me to say it entire every time.”
“You can call me Junak, Junakkson is my last name, and yours if you accept me as a husband.”
“We only have a name, mine is K’ntic.”
“It’s a beautiful name, Princess K’ntic, is music to the ears.” And he put a hand on my left cheek and then I felt in my heart his sadness, such a grief capable to break any soul, his eyes were blue but with a honey colored gleam on them which revealed his crossbreeding with Neitsis. I felt also his powers, he looked like Firstten but his soul was Neitsi, a Neitsi man! According to Mothers it was impossible; they said that the powers of the Four Vectors cannot be transmitted to men and even less to Firstten men. But Junak was the evidence that they were wrong or even worse, that Virgin Mothers lied us blatantly.
“I think your heart beats for another woman, what’s her name?”
“Sorry gorgeous K’ntic, I would not want you to feel slighted, your beauty outshines the suns and the stars and it leaves me baffled. But you’re right, I love another woman and her name is Kaunis, mother of the child who I will never meet.”
“Kaunis … you know that means beautiful in S’ladan tongue?”
“I didn’t know it, but already never mind, I won’t see her anymore. My heart is yours starting from now, lovely K’ntic, it is our destiny to be together, and above all it is our duty.” The sadness of his words were hurting me, that young man was still crying for an impossible love even having a goddess like me in his arms, but I was unable to get jealous or feel insulted seeing that love so pure and disinterested. I just hoped that boy could love me alike, that sweetness and passion… “We have to leave immediately, get comfortable, we will be a long time…it’s very important not to you intoxicate with salt…
Return to Shelter Island
The jahta sailed to leave the Cliff Castle with its new passenger inside the forward cabin. Junak navigated very stealthily by those black waters filled of reef guarded by warriors K’tmenü, he was leading his boat with all senses alert as if he had foreseen an undefined serious danger coming towards them. There were still many, too many mikas to reach the truly open sea, the time stretched in an infuriating way. The electric motor was moving the boat silently, but not enough to go unnoticed. Firstly an arrow with the tip in flames was seen illuminating the stretch of sea where they were, then started raining crossbow bolts from port and starboard, Junak unblocked the machine gun and started shooting right and left. He could see how polished rock projectiles were impacting against the reef while a hail of bullet cases were dropping on deck, at the time when he heard how a body fell into the water he felt the prick…his shoulder.
He turned the gun and shot towards the origin of the dart that had touched him; and watched how the archer, lit by the dim light of the waning moon Stora, fell on the water full of magnetite kabobs. Finally, he silenced his gun, the pain was so intense that he was afraid of fainting… the arrow had traversed his shoulder; he could see how the tip was sticking out ahead. He needed help; he got to the cabin where K’ntic was, who started to cry scared seeing all that blood flowing from his wound.
“Have no fear, princess; I just need a bit of your help.” K’ntic approached Junak and looked at the wound.
“It has traversed your shoulder. What do I do?”
“Inside the cabinet there is a bag with many surgical instruments, please bring it.” The young K’ntic instantly obeyed, taking what he asked her. Junak took the bag with some difficulty and pulled out pliers from inside.
“With this tool you have to cut the arrow and remove the tip and the stabilizers, then from the back you’ll have to rotate it gently to get me out the stick that I have inside.”
K’ntic strictly followed Junak’s indications, but the wound left large amounts of blood and the cries of pain of the boy were shuddering; there was also the disadvantage of the salty blood that produced a strong allergic reaction on the young Neitsi, whom felt severe nausea. Using her knowledge of the four books, she chose to give him a kiss on his mouth and the right amount of drugs in order to numb him. She kept turning the arrow very gently, until she managed to pull out that piece of wood from his shoulder. Then she cleaned the wounds with a liquid from a bottle that was in the bag and that she supposed it was disinfectant by the scent given off, her instinct said her that she must sew both the entry and exit wounds, and she did so using the suture material she found in the bag.
Because the narcotic effects of K’ntic’s kiss, Junak still take a while to wake up and the boat was drifting in the ocean; so she steeling herself, she covered all the parts of her body at risk of being exposed to such a brackish air and climbed into the wheel’s booth to take over the situation. She just hoped not to find the violent storms that she had seen in Junak’s memories while she was giving him the anesthetic kiss, extended the sails as had seen in his host’s mind and continued northbound begging that young man wake up before they had any mishaps that she could not cope. She sailed all night, hoping that when the dawn of the yellow sun would arrive they already would be outside the surveillance area of the skilled archers K’tmenü. She fell asleep of exhaustion… upon waking up it was daylight, and trembling hands took the ship’s wheel.
“You’re the bravest girl in the world.” Junak said in a sickly voice. “Even though you knew that exposure to sea salt could kill you, you have extended the sails and you’ve gotten to navigate.”
“But now I need that you continue, I start to feel bad, my eyes hurt me a lot.” K’ntic had done more than she should, the sense of responsibility of the girl had saved them both but everything had a limit.
“Here, drink all you can.” He gave her a bottle. “There is more water down. We’ll go to Shelter Island for recovering; if summer comes we’ll stay there and you will bring forth the baby in the basement. Everything will be fine; this can only lead to a happy ending. ”
Junak felt the fever of his body, was very clear that something was wrong. The young Firstten felt that his body harbored only strength to get to the island and perhaps die there. There was no hope for him, only the possibility that the girl could survive to the crossing was pushing him to continue fighting. He had lost a lot of blood, but his duty was that K’ntic was safe. When the rainy season would come surely a rescue boat will be sent to pick up her and his brother Lakszi could fecundate her because he is only two seasons younger than him. The storm was brutal, but it hadn’t caught him by surprise, had a very compelling reason to get ahead, as the letter deposited in the Island of Sighs said, that girl’s welfare was more important than him, than Kaunis, than the same K’ntic… survival of Firstten race was at stake into the body of that little treasure with face of doll.
When they were at three or four mailins to reach Shelter Island, K’ntic climbed to the booth; her feet were wet with salt water and they started to become red, her irritated eyes were a sea of tears.
“From where is this water, K’ntic?”
“The kitchen is flooded, my feet and my eyes sting.” K’ntic’s eyes were glazed.
“Hold the wheel, do you see this island? Go directly towards it, run aground on the beach if necessary. I’m going to look for something to wipe your feet.”
Junak grabbed a decanter of fresh water and some milk of his mother, with that would be compensated the toxicity that salt caused on K’ntic’s body. He climbed quickly and he wiped her parts exposed to salt, the face of the girl instantly was relaxed and smiled.
“Now, I need you to be brave and lead the jahta to Shelter Island, I’ll try to close the leak.” Junak didn’t know if he could resist without collapsing, but it was necessary to leave K’ntic on land, otherwise the salt water would kill her.
Returning to the kitchen, the water covered Junak’s knees, but the young Junakkson was ready for eventualities of that caliber. He opened the closet of tools, picked up a small electric pump and began pumping water out of jahta. Once the tube that was returning the water to sea was securely tied to the bow, went down again to the cellar, which seemed the source of the water. He had to remove various things, Junak felt how the stitches were opened due to the effort, the blood returned to sprout from his shoulder; he knew he would not live long under those conditions. Finally he found the leak, it seemed incredible that so much water would enter through a hole as small, he stuck a piece of wood, bye nightmare.
Junak went back as he could to the booth of the wheel; the small K’ntic was leading the boat like a skilled sailor, came up to her and hugged her, without the courage of that small girl who was not taller than his chest would not have survived. With Junak again at the ship’s wheel, they could moor the boat at the dock, but his forces were already failing. The shelter was not far from the pier, but that opened wound gave no respite.
“K’ntic, sweetie, you have to help me to reach the Shelter, I can’t go towards there alone.” Junak’s voice was very weak, barely audible. The two young people walked the hundred or hundred and twenty lengthy gams that separated the house from the dock they had just left leaning the one on the other, the huge Firstten would go to fall on the ground at any moment, but they reached their destination.
“Oh, that’s an amazing house.” K’ntic was amazed by the stone building, was a large house with two floors and a basement, fully equipped. At that place, nobody would steal or would break anything. It was a resting place of Firstten sailors since the beginnings of times.
“Please help me to get into that room.” The last steps were the most difficult; K’ntic helped Junak to lie on the bed and removed his shirt. The stitches of the frontal wound had opened and blood flowed abundantly again, she used her lips of virgin Neitsi to relax him and slow down his metabolism while she was looking for something to close that hole…
David and Xavier find K’ntic and Junak.
“The transponder has stopped transmitting, Sir; we have also lost visual contact with the probe.” The young Xavier didn’t more than give bad news, they were alone and without much chance of survival if they fell into the sea with the slider.
“Connect the scanner of magnetic mass; we will try to find the nearest land. If we fall into the water we will sink like a rock, we carry too much weight.”
“Scanner has located an island; it isn’t far away from our current position.”
“Do you have the coordinates?”
“Here I have them. Forty-eight degrees, twelve minutes, twenty-nine seconds north; sixteen degrees, twenty-two minutes twenty-five seconds east. It’s about six nautical miles from here.”
“Okay, Okay, what altitude we have?”
“We are at four thousand feet and down, Sir. Thermals that could help us to get higher are not perceived; we are falling like a brick.”
“Ok, if we glide at this speed I estimate that we will pass over some two thousand feet above sea level, we will veer the ship about three hundred knots and we’ll arrive just to make an emergency landing on the island. Pay close attention to all the landforms you see on screen, as we only will have an opportunity and if we pass by we will fall into the sea without remedy. Empty the fuel tanks and clean the remains with the stern extinguishers. We must avoid an explosion in the touchdown.”
“Aye, Sir.”
Xavier powered the controls that emptied the tanks and those that activate the extinguishers, in a matter of few seconds the fuel indicators were at zero reducing the risk of explosion. The slider made a pass over the island at high speed, Xavier never lost sight any of the screens, even had had the foresight to record the images in order to do a repeat.
“Now you are my eyes, Xavier, I’ll veer and I need you to guide me to something that looks like a runway as longer as possible.”
“The island has a very long beach to the South; I think it may be a good place to land. The sand will help us to stop it.”
“Good boy, hold on where you can, I’ll veer abruptly.”
The slider turned one hundred eighty degrees. “I see the beach, we’re a thousand feet and falling.”
With no engines, the slider glided at high speed toward its objective, it was already a few meters from the sea surface. David lowered the landing gear while he deployed flaps and he clutched the slider manual’s controls.
“Xavier, help me to keep it straight. We’ll suffer a little before this thing stops, we just can trust ourselves, and we don’t have any electronic assistance. ”
“Yes, Sir.”
The wheels touched the sand of the beach, they were still going at high speed and the beach seen from this angle did not seem as large as from sky.
“Press braking parachute.” They noticed a little tug. “Ay, ay, ay …”
Finally the slider stopped, just a few meters from the end of the beach and almost in the water. Both blew relieved, they had managed to land on that sandy surface.
“Come on, let’s open the hold, we must get the bravefrog and look for a place to protect us from the summer heat. Have you seen something that could serve us?”
“You won’t believe me Sir, but I thought I saw a house and a pier in the North of the island.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes Sir, look at the pictures.” They really showed a building that had to be made by someone, which meant that there was or had been intelligent life on that planet.
“We will look for it; if it’s a house will serve to rest before nightfall. Tomorrow we’ll look for the ways to contact the Santa Maria.”

They opened the slider’s hold and put into operation the battery of radioactive promethium of bravefrog; they will use the recorded images to guide themselves towards the house; it was getting dark but they didn’t care because that vehicle had very powerful headlights that would allow them see all the terrain. The vehicle was in motion immediately after receiving the slight of David’s foot contact on the accelerator pedal, it was quick and quiet, a mixture of sports car, all-terrain and motorhome. To their surprise, there was a flagstone path among the herbaceous vegetation without trunk of that island, the trip was really short since the island was not too big and the vehicle invited them to drive at high speed. What they had seen was really a house; the images were not misleading, before them they had a big building of two floors with door and windows, and wedge-shaped roof made with slabs of a material which seemed slate.
David and Xavier got off the bravefrog still wearing the piloting clothes, because it was difficult to remove it without help, they would do later into the house. They pushed the door and it opened gently, without making any noise, it was a sign that had some maintenance. David entered first, focusing his lantern to the objects of that room, tables, chairs, cabinets, kitchen utensils, something that seemed a gas stove!…it was ready to be occupied and had capacity for many people. Xavier saw a light switch similar to those of the old houses on the wall; when he triggered it, several bulbs were lit and all that space was illuminated…on the most foolish way, the two men had discovered for the first time in the History of Mankind intelligent life beyond Earth.
From the room, K’ntic heard noises and clarity of the lights in the main hall. She didn’t know what to do, whether hiding or go to request aid to people who had just entered. Junak would die if nobody helped him; but if they were K’tmenü she would die, the penalty for having approached a Firstten was undoubtedly execution. She decided to enter the main hall and saw two tall men dressed strangely, seemed Firstten but something told her they weren’t it.
“Please help me, my fiancé is dying. Did not you understand me or what?” The astonishment of those men made clear that they did not understand anything, at realizing they did not understand the language Neitsi, she tried to speak S’ladan with no avail. She couldn’t communicate with them verbally, so she pulled the youngest man’s arm to follow her.
“What do I do Sir? She’s pulling my arm.” Xavier didn’t know how to react with that girl of not more than five feet who tried desperately to lead him somewhere.
“Let’s follow her, she doesn’t seem any threat.”
They entered a dark room, K’ntic turned the lights on; they saw a teenage lying on a bed with his bare chest and a wound from which flowed much blood. David came to see, took a handkerchief from his pocket and he pressed hard this serious wound.
“Xavier, please go to the bravefrog and bring a metallic gray case that puts Doctor Droid on one side. This guy is bleeding, if we do not cut the bleeding he will die in minutes.” Xavier ran to the vehicle, K’ntic followed him closely; she had to figure out what it was that these men sought. That suitcase was easily accessible and large; he took it and ran back to the house with that heavy burden followed by K’ntic. David opened the case and pushed a button of inside, instantly came a 4D image with the figure of a man wearing a white coat and a stethoscope around his neck. The projected image scared K’ntic who hid behind Xavier.
“Hi, I’m the Doctor Droid, portable medical assistant, how can I help you?”
“This young man is bleeding. I need to stop the bleeding before it goes into shock.”
“Let me see… remove your hand from the wound please.” David obeyed. “I need a suture unit, an intravenous line, a plasma generation unit, a unit of multi-spectrum antibiotic and five liters of water.” David took all these stuff and made Xavier go to look for drinking water to the bravefrog while K’ntic followed him like a puppy wherever he went.
“Please connect the droid arm so that it can perform all the clinical process.” David pressed the switch of that aluminum arm and it began to levitate around the wounded. In its flight grabbed a pipe and placed it skillfully on Junak’s arm, grabbed the bag of antibiotic and connected it to the line, and then it extended a mast from the case. The mechanical arm deployed the feet of that mast on the mosaic to stabilize it and hung the bag on it.
Xavier y K’ntic arrived with the water and a bag with more material of first aid that they had found in the bravefrog, this time the girl already was helping to bring the stuff that this sophisticated computer was asking.
“I brought more things Sir, for if we need them.”
“Well Xavier, from now on I’m David, as you can deduct ranks haven’t value in this island. Begin to forget what we were on Earth and please let’s focus on the present. ”
“Okay, David, by the way, have you noticed that this girl has orange colored lips?”
“Maybe it’s a mutation, but one cannot deny that they are human, like you and me, if we understood their language sure we could find important information about our own origins.”
“The truth is that the girl is beautiful. She looks like a mix of Caucasian and Asian.”
“And she is fond of you, she seems your shadow.” David laughed.
“But now I have a problem, I want to take me off this clothing and she doesn’t take her eyes off me. It’s hard enough to get rid of this suit to have spectators bothering.”
“Yes, you have a big trouble …”
Dr. Droid put into operation the suture unit that consisted in nanorobots that made stitches very small, almost invisible, in a matter of weeks there would remain only a thin scar of remembrance and an exciting story of those who like to explain. Dr. Droid finished suturing the wound and issued the report to David. The teenager had lost a lot of blood but would recover; he was a strong young man. Junak was sedated, reason why he would not wake up until next day. As soon as that device performed its medical function, it switched off automatically and David closed the suitcase.
“Xavier, grab the case and store in the bravefrog, I think we will need it a lot here. As I try to retain here this girl, you should hurry to change your clothes.”
“I do not know if I’ll be able to take me off this suit by myself. Before, I have needed the help of two sailors.”
“I’m sure she’d help you gladly, she is eating you with her eyes.”
“Do not insist. I will do it alone.”
While Xavier was leaving, David grabbed the arm of K’ntic so she could not follow him; he felt a very soft skin and a very fragile arm, for a moment he was afraid of hurting her.
“Xavier, Xavier…”
“Wow, you’ve already learned his name; yeah, you like Xavier. My name is David. And you?”
“K’ntic.” She pointed herself and then David. “David.”
“Well, we’ve introduced us.” K’ntic was relieved to see that the foreigner didn’t want to hurt her. She watched carefully to David, she noticed that his eyes were blue, which made it impossible to see his soul, was as high as Junak but not as much as Xavier. By the way they act, it looked clear that David was the head of Xavier, surely were warriors of a remote tribe, but there was no legend that talked about them… Would they be sons of the Goddesses of Ebony? Impossible, their skins were was as white like of Junak and stories say that women are as black as a night without moon or stars.
After a while Xavier came wearing fatigues, more comfortable than pressurized clothing that he wore before. Now it was the turn of David, who rose quickly to head for the door.
“I leave you with your girlfriend, Romeo. Incidentally, she’s called K’ntic if you are interested.” Having said it he left the room.
Xavier felt helpless for a moment, that strange girl intimidated him; he approached Junak who was sleeping oblivious to what was happening around him.
“Sleep my friend; I hope that tomorrow you can release me from this tick.” In that moment he felt the hand of the girl pulling his arm. The fact of not knowing what she wanted was desperating for Xavier, communication had become an adventure.
“Xavier, I know you do not understand me but Junak and I have a very important mission to fulfill. If I cannot do it with him, you must be who fecundates me; I can’t let disappear the effect of antigen Firstten. No time to lose, it’s the moment of truth.”
“K’ntic, I do not understand anything of what you tell me, where do you want me to go?” Xavier was desperate because he didn’t understand that girl.
Xavier decided to follow K’ntic, which led him down some stairs leading to a basement. When opening the door he saw that there was a bubbling water pond, it must be a hot springs. At that time, K’ntic began to undress without worrying that Xavier could see her.
“May I ask what are you doing?” Xavier’s protest did little, that naughty girl was totally naked and got into the water. K’ntic laughed and made fun of the shyness of that stranger. She beckoned to he would approach the pond but Xavier was too restrained to step forward. Finally he took off his jacket and went to the pond to make go out the girl and make her to dress.
“Come here at once, K’ntic, if David comes and he sees us that way I will look like an idiot, please…” It seemed that his words had taken effect on the girl, but what K’ntic made when she was out of water was expel the drug of Dictatorship of the Will. The last thing Xavier saw before losing his consciousness was two orange nipples coming to his face.
Upon awakening, Xavier discovered that he had spent more than an hour and hadn’t clothes below his waist and K’ntic swimming in the pool of hot water and smiling. He felt different, he had unknown names and languages in his mind, his brain had much information available about civilizations that inhabited this planet. Gentilics as Neitsi or S’ladan were now familiars for him, it was as if he would have grown with K’ntic, he had a whole new range of flavors and tastes in his taste buds, and he still felt the sweet taste of the saliva of that girl.
“K’ntic, what have you done? You’ve bewitched me!”
“I’m sorry my love, I’ve had to do it, the lives of many people are in danger.” K’ntic answered.
Xavier was stunned, he understood the girl. She spoke in an identical accent to his family from Santpedor.
“Why are you speaking my language?”
“In the same way that you speak S’ladan and Neitsi, and we shared a lot more than the body: now our minds have also joined, I know what you know, you know what I know, the beatings of our hearts have synchronized each other, and we are a man and a woman who have fused in one person. We closed a virtuous circle which can’t be broken; we’ll bring hope to thousands of women sick since birth.”
“Have we done…? You and me..?”
“Yes, please forgive me for making you sleep, but I could not risk that you would have rejected me. I do not want you mad at me, what I did was a voluntary act on my part.”
“But you’re so young, why did you do that? You should go to school and have fun with boys of your age, in my world I would have gotten in trouble.”
“Look into your heart, do you love me?”
“Yes, but …”
“It should be enough for two lovers sharing the whole. But your scruples prevent you it; you’re conditioned by your absorbent religion.”
“They are acts that must be blessed by God. In my family, before you do these things, we go through the Sacrament of Marriage.”
“Our son is the blessing of the most sacred Love. What is holier than I have you given my body and soul for the love I feel for you? ”
“Our son? What do you mean?”
“What color are my lips?”
“Pink, like mine.”
“If they have changed color it’s because our union has been blessed, my belly takes the son that makes me your wife. If you want to, when we find a Catholic priest we can marry for you to stay calmer.”
“How do I explain it now to David?”
“You can explain it to him now, he’s behind you.”
“Xavier, can you tell me what are you doing? Why is this girl totally naked? How about you, what are you doing with this aspect? I disappear one hour and you have sex with a teen?”
“Sorry David, I swear I didn’t consciously.”
“This way he will believe you’ve forced me, let me talk.” K’ntic silenced Xavier while she saw David’s surprised face.
“Why do you speak my tongue?”
“It’s hard to explain, for now I want you to be clear that it’s me who has fooled Xavier for making love, but I love him and he loves me.”
“Is that true?” Xavier nodded. “Well, put your pants on, please, that your balls will cool.”
“Oh, it’s fun! I have tickles.” K’ntic started laughing.
“What’s wrong?” Xavier asked.
“My milk is going up, touch my breasts, look how they are.” Seeing that Xavier didn’t touch them, she grabbed his hand and placed it on her right breast. “Can you feel how hard are they getting? Squeeze a little.” By pressing, a gush of milk shot out.
“It can’t be possible!” Xavier exclaimed. “You cannot have milk yet.”
“In the Neitsis, milk flows as soon as we are fecundated; now I’m a Healer Mother, Firstten women now can heal and have children without fear.”
“What happens to Firstten women?” Xavier asked.
“They have a disease that kills them after childbirth, a disease that also kills Neitsi women. Now my milk will prevent this from happening.”
“We can cure with medicine.” David answered. “Take us where are these women.”
“At the moment it is not possible, the heat would kill us on the way, we must let pass the season.”
“Inside the bravefrog we are safe; we can reach every corner of this planet. Get dressed, the boy and you will lead us. ”
“The boy is called Junak…”
“Well Junak and you.”
David and Xavier helped Junak to get into the bravefrog and tied the aluminum mast of the dripper to his seat. Xavier took the opportunity to practice the new learnt tongue.
“Be quiet, we take you home.”
“I see you’ve done it with K’ntic … I congratulate you”
“Sorry, wasn’t my intention to take your place.” Xavier answered.
“Don’t apologize, it was necessary; I want another woman, now I am free to go look for her. Did she drug you?”
“Yes, I suppose if I had not been drugged we wouldn’t have done it.”
“She did it to not scare you, the first time they make love they feel such a big pain like if someone had nailed a sword in their belly, she wanted to avoid you the cries of pain and blood. You’re a lucky man, this woman will love you the rest of your life and will be faithful forever.”
“She’s done it for your tribe.”
“She did it because she loves you, please look at her face.” Xavier looked at her, it was true, he couldn’t explain it but there was something floating between them, he could not take his eyes off that girl.
“Hurry up Xavier.” David shouted. “We must leave this island immediately.”
“Tell your friend that I have the charts in the jahta, they will lead us to the Island of the Pelerines. We must follow the path where you see the red sun, on the pier.”
“David, Junak have charts in his boat.”
“Where is it?”
“Following Proxima Centauri there is a pier.”
“Okay, let’s go.”
In a minute they reached the dock where the jahta was, David entered the gate of the ship’s wheel and saw a set of advanced instruments; arguably those people had a similar technology to what we had on nineteenth century with much of the twentieth century. He picked up the charts and decided to tie that boat to the bravefrog; he ordered Xavier to put next to it and tied it with a rope to the amphibious vehicle.
“Okay, Xavier, you will be the helmsman. We tried these machines in the Israel’s War and they are fantastic, its atomic battery ensures power for a minimum of six years at full capacity, they go by land to more than one hundred eighty kilometers per hour and sail through the sea at almost sixty knots.”
“Aye Captain. In water it works like a car? Remember I’m from Air Force, not sailor.”
“Have you ever driven a hydrobike on the beach?”
“As a teenager I loved the jet skis.”
“Well, Imagine a jet ski of five tons, don’t worry, all we will try to help you, isn’t it?”
“Of course we will, David.” K’ntic answered before the face of understand nothing of Junak. “We have to help each other as a family.”
“K’ntic, I need you to translate what I say to Junak. Navigational charts are accurate but I’ll need references, our instruments are not reliable because the planet’s magnetism.” The girl began to translate, Junak stated positions. David, with a straightedge, a compass and a triangular protractor found easily the coordinates. “Xavier, the coordinates are fifty-five degrees thirty-two minutes, ten seconds north and eleven degrees, one minute, four seconds east. Right now you have to go to eight degrees Northwest.”
“I’ve understood, Captain. How long do you think the trip will last?”
“At full speed, we’ll need about fifteen hours. We will do shifts of one and a half hours, we will teach to drive the bravefrog to K’ntic.”
“Junak says that he is an expert sailor.” K’ntic said translating the words of the young Firstten.
“Sorry, I don’t want to risk reopening his wound, he is very delicate.”
The bravefrog began to move; in fact this machine designed for war was flying more than sailing over the ocean. The standard equipment of these vehicles included plasma cannons and conventional guns, but the bravefrogs that were brought in the Santa Maria were stripped of their weapons and the shielding against artillery shells. The only weapon that was left in the vehicle was two plasma rifles in anticipation of possible non-military threats. The outside temperature reading was already forty-seven degrees Celsius and there were still twelve hours of sun, should be noted that Miracle took a turn on itself every thirty Earth hours and in summer daylight could last about twenty-two hours. K’ntic piloted the bravefrog on her turn with the help of her lover, in five minutes she already knew more than Xavier.
Thanks to the air conditioning of the vehicle, its occupants didn’t be roasted under that scorching sun. The day passed and night came; and beneath the light of the stars, they entered the bay of the Pelerines. They decided to leave the jahta in the Junakkson mooring and move the food to bravefrog, as the fact that there wasn’t any ship in the harbor was indicating that people had left the island to the north. It was an operation that lasted several hours in charge of David and Xavier because K’ntic could not expose herself to sea salt and Junak still was not able to make physical efforts. After the exercise, the two officers and friends got themselves a bath in the water of the harbor to relieve the heat there was in that lonely pier. Late at night, the bravefrog already was running through the deserted streets of the island looking for a good spot to rest and where the morning sun wouldn’t overheat the vehicle.
“Alright guys, get some sleep now, when either day we will leave to the North Pole. Thirty-four degrees and it is already night, it’ll be better if we not get out of the bravefrog or we will dehydrate in minutes.”
“Why do you call it bravefrog, Xavier?” K’ntic asked with her curious voice.
“Because it’s like the frogs, it may move through water and land, and also if you look ahead looks like a frog.”
“It’s true; it seems to be frog-faced!” The girl laughed at the funny names that those travelers of stars put to the stuff they made.
“Do you drink enough water, K’ntic?” Junak asked. “You know it’s very important you to drink a lot.”
“She has drunk more water than all of us, why do you ask?” Xavier asked curiously.
“All the poison that K’ntic has got in her body is becoming medicine to cure bacterial disease to the other women, she must drink much water and urinate a lot to remove the excess of sugar generated by the process or she could suffer a lethal shock.”
“I think it goes well, has made many trips to the bathroom.”
“Yes Junak, is very comfortable to pee in this thing called toilet.” Her innocence made laugh Xavier and Junak.
“Yes, I’ve tried it too, K’ntic.” It is slightly different to those we use the Firstten, but the idea is the same.
“Enough talk, everybody to sleep.” The failure to understand what they were talking was very annoying to David, so he turned off the light for all to shut up and fall asleep.
They all fell into a deep sleep, the day had been exhausting, David and Xavier had not been adapted yet to those longer days of thirty hours and they had been awake longer than they could stand. The nice temperature of inside was contrasting to the tropical sultriness of the street. But K’ntic couldn’t sleep and she woke Xavier giving him nudges.
“Xavier, do you love me?”
“I think so.”
“Do you think so? Or it is yes or not, the Neitsis don’t ‘think’ they love, I love you more than my life.”
“I’m very confused K’ntic, you’re totally different from the girls in my world. Besides, I do not think that my people accept this ours.”
“David has accepted it, why not the others?”
“He is our friend, surely the only one who will advocate me for having sex with a teenage alien.”
“That I am for you? Am I something strange? Am I a freak? Do you see me as a monster?”
“Not for me, I only see a fascinating creature.”
“I’m not a creature, I’m a woman and I have no doubt, I love you even though you say me ugly things.” She said the last words in a nasal voice, as if she were about to cry.
Of course you’re a woman, the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Come here, do not be silly.” K’ntic made room herself in the Xavier’s seat and rested her head on his chest.
“Before you called Proxima Centauri to the red sun, did you know it already to put it such a difficult name?”
“We can see your suns from our sky, for us they are stars like all those you see in your sky. There are people who are dedicated to giving names to all the bodies you see in our sky and therefore for us yellow sun is Alpha Centauri A, the orange one is Alpha Centauri B and the red one Proxima Centauri.”
“Can I see your world in our sky?”
“No, you can’t, but our sun is that one, give me your hand and I point it with your finger.” Xavier took gently that so soft hand and pointed the finger at a star that was not very different from those around it.
“It’s so small.”
“We see your suns as small as the stars from our cities. On Earth we have equipment to see even more stars than you can see with your eyes.”
“Will I see ever your world?”
“You can’t see it right now; I do not know how my people can react when they see you. I do not want to they place you into a cage in order to study you.”
“Do you put people inside cages?”
“You are the first people we have encountered on this planet. Anyway, until our son to be born you cannot let my people to see you.”
“Do you see how you love me? If you didn’t, you would not care what could happen to me.”
“Well, maybe you’re right.” Xavier kissed K’ntic. “And I love the sweet taste of your lips; you’re like a candy of honey.”
“A candy in love with you…”
The intense brightness of the yellow sun woke up David, who smiled when he saw the couple sleeping doing contortion exercises in that uncomfortable seat designed for a single person, didn’t matter how small and flexible was K’ntic. He didn’t want to wake them, so he launched the amphibious silently and he was driving gently to not cause sudden movements. According to Junak’s charts he had calculated that there was a continent to seventy-nine degrees north, about fifteen hundred nautical miles, it represented something more than a full rotation of this planet.
During the voyage people were waking, Junak was the first, who did not dare get up at see the face of David, then the playful K’ntic woke up Xavier, this girl’s curiosity was endless and exhausting for others.
“David, Xavier says that your people will look at me like a bug.” The statement of K’ntic looked like a question.
“He’s right, but you’re a nice bug.” David said jokingly.
“Please, I’m speaking seriously. I don’t want to be separated of Xavier.”
“It is better for you that you remain to live with the Firstten, if I saw that the people of the colony are favorable to your relationship I would make you to come. But now we must go to the North Pole if we do not want to die of heat.”
“Don’t you can contact your people?”
“There is no way; hopefully with the help of the Firstten I can do something.”
“The Firstten are very intelligent, more than we and the S’ladan.”
“I guess that you have not much contact to each other.”
“Our tribes hate each other and it’s all because of us, the Neitsi women.”
“No way, I do not think so. If all are like you, it cannot there be evil among you.”
“Believe me, my race is pure evil, the most precious are the meanest, specially beginning from my twin sister.”
“When I joined Xavier I saw the goodness inside him, even you with your cynical posture hide a great heart. You should have seen how my beloved admires you.”
“K’ntic, you blush me.” Xavier intervened. “It’s my superior officer.”
“Sorry, darling, I have not understood yet your mania to hide the feelings.”
“Xavier, for my part I consider you a good friend.” David answered. “I want you to trust me and that you consider that we are now equal, no gallons.”
After one full day since they left, K’ntic sighted some white rocks floating everywhere and woke up everyone.
“Hey guys! What are these mountains of ice?”
“Good girl, K’ntic, I’ll take the controls, icebergs are dangerous, we could crash and shipwrecking in these waters now that we’re so close.” David said.
“I’ve never seen anything like it. And they move.”
“They can travel thousands of miles or how do you say, mailins?”
“You learn quickly our stuff.” K’ntic realized that the stranger was curious about their customs.
“It’s a way to survive, look, land.”
It was true; they were a few miles from the continent of the North. Junak began giving instructions to K’ntic to translate them to David. They were to dock in the city of Kota Utara, at the southern end of the North Continent; it was habitable only during polar summer. The powerful amphibious vehicle landfall on a nearby beach and entered the city surprising all the inhabitants; when they stopped, K’ntic opened the door.
“Look, she’s a Neitsi; she’s a beautiful young woman.” One of the locals said, surprised, and he gave an order to the teenager who accompanied him. “Hurry up, call the Junakksons because they should come here.”
Junak’s mother needed less than five minutes to show up, just when David and Xavier were helping Junak to get off the bravefrog.
“My son, what happened?”
“Do not suffer, Lady, he’ll get better.” Xavier answered. “The K’tmenü struck him out of the Cliff Castle.”
“Do you speak Neitsi?”
“Yes Ma’am, I’m the husband of K’ntic.” K’ntic’s face lit up when Xavier was presented himself as her husband.
“You’re a beautiful girl.” The woman said while caressing K’ntic’s cheek. “You come to bring life to our land.”
“Can you help me bring my son home?” The woman asked those present.
“Sure Ma’am…” Xavier replied.
“Mother, I’m sorry, I failed to the family.” Junak said weakly.
“That’s not true, precious Mother.” K’ntic intervened. “If it were not for Junak, the K’tmenü would have killed us. I’m proud of having being picked up by this brave man who risked his life for his people, has been because of his injury we have not consummated the act.”
“I’m proud, guys. Junak not only brought you, K’ntic, he brought two warriors who will protect us and will give us wisdom.”
The five went to the Junakkson house and put Junak on a bed of one of the rooms. He was young and would recover soon; he would soon be sailing with his jahta looking for new adventures. The Healer Mother invited the three to the table, deposited two trays: a big one with salty food and a small one with sweet food for K’ntic.
“What’s your name, young man?”
“Xavier, Madam.”
“Do not tell me Madam, my name is Ivre. You look like Firstten, but you’re different. Where do you come from?”
“We come from very far; from so far away that it many seasons to come are needed.” Xavier answered.
“Have you come to stay?”
“Most of us will do it; some people will go back in the ship that brought us.”
“What about you, what will you do?”
“I have a wife and a child on the way, my place is here with them. Just hope you to can welcome me as one of you. Promise to work hard to raise my family.”
At that moment came the patriarch Junakkson, husband of that woman and father of Junak. Ivre explained what had happened and why there were two strangers in their home.
“I sincerely appreciate what you have done for our people and for my firstborn. I have no words to express what I feel.” He took the hands of David and Xavier graciously, expressing confidence and pride to these men. Lakszi spoke Neitsi, language that at least Xavier understood.
“On behalf of the two I can say that it has been an honor.” Xavier replied. David looked around without understanding what these people were saying. His facial expression was interrogative, waiting for the simultaneous translation from K’ntic or Xavier.
“Xavier, do you want to be a Junakkson? I have eight sons, but I think I can adopt one more.”
“I’m flattered, but I do not know if it is appropriated. I wouldn’t take Junak’s place; everything has been the product of chance.”
“Junak has a mission which he still doesn’t know. He has to solve something for himself before he can be considered a real adult.”
“Understood, sir.”
“You can call me Father and Mother to her; from now on you are Xavier Junakkson and you become the husband of the new Healer Mother.”
“That’s what David and I wanted to talk to you, because we have the means to cure the disease without using K’ntic breasts or any other woman.”
“I hear you.” The father Junakkson put face of being interested because that statement.
“By Junak’s comments, the women’s disease is caused by bacteria. We have a machine that can make drugs based on analytics that it makes to the sick women.”
“Really? We have been looking this during thousands of horbitts.”
“We just need a patient who wanted to be tested.”
“That will not be a problem.” Ivre intervened. “There is a girl who has come for being healed. She’ll be here soon…”


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