Miracle at Hell – Chapter 8 –

Chapter 8. Secrets.
Secrets of Mother Starica.
I’m more than four thousand seasons old or at least this is the age what has my secret consciousness, which I cannot ever reveal to anyone. Periodically I simulate that my death comes, but I’m actually a parasitic evil soul that kills the essence of its host and takes its place, impersonating my unfortunate victims. I have had many bodies throughout my life, with so many names and so many varieties that none of them defines me in the least. I just feel certain predilection for the name of S’hana, perhaps because is the name of my first flesh and the origin of my consciousness, the name with that my birth mother gave me.
I can inhabit different bodies simultaneously; my names are currently Starica and Kiseb, which are the ones that belong to the current hosts of my soul. There is a third person who shares this soul and that remains hidden fulfilling the important duty of supervising the blind mothers in some deep caves beyond the subterranean limits of the Maa-Alune known by most. These bodies were those of three poor little girls ignorant of what was going to happen, some young women who dreamed of being living goddesses worshiped for her incredible beauty; I retain their memories in a corner of my mind in case I ever run into someone who knew them but no one dares to ask anything to a Virgin Mother, she could fulminate anybody and absolutely nothing would happen if I could disguise it of divine justice. By now you have already understood that my immortality has a high price, perhaps too high: I have to kill anyone who endangers my secret because this is the basis of my survival, a kind of conceptual eternal life. If S’ladan warriors would know this peculiar form of immortality they would initiate a hunt to destroy to us all Neitsi, they would cause a genocide that would be the end of our race.
In the remotest past of the memories that keeps my ancestral consciousness, there was a girl of thirty seasons named S’hana who received through sexual transmission the powers of Virgin Mother and insight to have a short and stupid life of breastfeed, give birth and die leaving a beautiful corpse to be devoured by stupid warriors and their ugly wives. The young S’hana felt very strongly that had not set foot in this world to be like those cheesy and complacent stupid girls. The evident intelligence of S’hana told her that she had reserved something else that the sentence to live the rest of her short live with a swollen womb and with a child or two hanging from their beautiful breasts. She imposed herself that to be giving love lessons and false charity that she did not feel did not go with her.
But enough of talking about me in third person and begin to tell the story of the start of my consciousness as being carrier of eternal life: I began to ask many questions about everything going on in Maa-Alune. In most of the questions I reached my own conclusions by watching my people and the way they act, but one of them was left unanswered: the reason why the Firstten declared us the war every twenty or thirty seasons and why as booty they took a virgin girl of our race. There had to be some concrete and strong reason of why these people, who had a very advanced culture, used all this animal strength to kidnap a fragile girl with poisonous lips and allergic to salt.
I began by directing the first questions to my wife about this issue, but she was so simple, empty and superficial… I realized I had joined my vagina with a stupid that nothing else was worried about the color in which she was about to put on lipstick and in nails of the feet and hands in order to be seen beautiful by the people around her. For all the Goddesses living and dead, why so exquisite packaging to save only air! I also tried to ask S’tetge, he was the brave captain of my personal escort, he was considered the wisest of S’ladan warriors, but I did not get anything at all, that man only complained that Firstten bastards had killed his brother in the battle of the Black Sands fifty seasons ago, because he was only an old man resentful with his ghost enemies.
Finally I concluded that the only way to find out the real reason for this course of action was to go to the same source, I should visit the enemy and ask them face to face. I had to resort to my darker arts to get volunteers willing to risk for me, using the four vectors and the teachings of the books up to limit, because what I was asking for was a suicide mission worthy of the most daring idiots. The messenger that should be sent was commissioned with taking a boat previously purchased to the K’tmenüs and sail through very brave seas to get together with these barbarians Firstten and make an appointment between both sides. After two attempts that ended with my heroes in the seabed, the third volunteer returned safely, and brought me the message of answer that both expected, that man described islands populated by very tall people with brown and yellow hair, but not in any way resembled the bloodthirsty murderers as had always spoken our foremothers. The Firstten was an ancient language still used by some of our artisans S’ladan, but with the differences caused by the logical course of time. Interestingly, the message brought by this man was written in Neitsi language, with a neat and pretty letter that could only have been written by one of us.
As directed by the message of our interlocutor, we went to Cliff Castle the agreed night. I was accompanied by some soldiers and a translator who knew the Firstten language; they accompanied me waiting at the inlet of one of the caves that led from the sea to our underground city. From that cave you could touch easily the sea water, but as a result of my metabolic condition I didn’t to not suffer a severe intoxication that could kill me. At midnight came a boat with three men, and one of them began to speak in fluent Neitsi.
“Good night, I greet you beautiful Mother, it is always a privilege for a man of my race enjoy the vision of the most incredible creatures that inhabit this world. Let me introduce myself, your Highness, I’m Lakszi Junak, elector of Polinsular Senate. I think you will not need your warriors, we have no intention to hurt you and to be totally honest.” Pointed to two men behind him, they were carrying strange weapons that seemed very lethal. “These soldiers are no threat to us.”
“At least I want my translator come with me.”
“Of course, he can come.” The young sailor smiled, cause he realized I wanted to know at all times what were saying those strange men, so tall and burly than any of our soldiers looked like a child next to them.
“Look at my eyes Lakszi Junak; I want to see what’s inside your soul.” But then I realized that those clear eyes were not permeable to my powers; I could not read inside his soul, there was a dark barrier that prevented it.
“I fear that you waste your valuable time, Lady. Let me report you that your power doesn’t work to see through a blue iris, we have long been studying the customs Neitsi and their paranormal abilities. From our childhood, we are taught that science is for look for answers to what is unexplained through experimenting, because magic it’s only the ability to manipulate others by the way of deception and the coarsest tricks. And now please jump to my arms, dear Mother. Do not be afraid, I’ll catch you.” I obeyed and that young and strong man caught me with the softness of a lover. He left me gently on the deck of the boat and covered me with a soft cloth from head to toe.
“Do you know our problem with the salt?”
“Of course, please come into the cabin, inside you will find plenty of water and food which I hope is to your satisfaction.” The truth is that had successful full: juices, dates, fresh vegetables… was very clear that these people knew perfectly our diet and the peculiar functioning of our delicate body.
The trip became a horrifying voyage in that wild and merciless sea. The storm that we found moved the boat like if it was a nutshell; it looked like someone tried to capsize the boat in which we sailed. My poor translator did nothing but throw up because of the rocking motion, so that the sailors had to take it to another corner of the boat for remove him from my sight because they knew that if I got dizzy too I could suffer a fatal shock. Neitsi Goddesses weren’t born to live in the sea or even close to it, salt intoxicated us and irritated our skin, sun dehydrates and burns us, any sudden movement could cause us a lethal reaction… But I survived the torture of elements, and just on the second day of travel we arrived to an island which they called Shelter. Lakszi picked me up to take me to the big house that was in the middle of the island, which was a refuge and a resting place for sailors Firstten. I had never enjoyed so close physical contact with a man and then I felt a brutal and unhealthy excitement, I wished that this foreigner would do something more than catch me sweetly in his hands.
“Please let me on the floor, it’s a long way to carry me” I was really enjoying the contact, too much. I worried that Lakszi noticed.
“Do not you suffer Lady, for me you are light as a feather. I see you are expecting offspring.” He said stroking the small swelling of my belly. He must to know very well the body of the Neitsi women to notice.
Upon reaching the house Lakszi left me on the floor, we pulled into that huge house. Inside the building there was a large living room or dining room where were some men and women who talked relaxed among themselves in a language I didn’t understand, surely they were sailors taking a break from that rough ocean of way to another destination.
I observed a woman, she was smaller than the rest of the audience, she was in advanced stage of pregnancy, but at that moment he invited me to enter through a door as he opened it. We descended a narrow staircase and Lakszi opened another door.
“In this room you will find anything you need to enjoy a relaxing bath, majestic Goddess, so you can you get rid of the salt that so irritates your skin, the white towel that you will find on the bench by the right of the pond is for you.”
I whopped resolutely, I needed a moment to inspect this room: it seemed an artificial cave dug into the rock, in the center of this great room there was a round hole full of bubbling water. I approached timidly to that pond; there was a sort of polished stone bench under water to sit… I undressed, I released my hair and I entered slowly into the warm and bubbly water.
Beside the pond had placed a small tray with a bar of soap and a sponge, I began to rub all over my body to get rid of this salt that was inflicting on me an awful stinging, or maybe it was not all because of the salt? I immersed myself in that round pond, I was so much better; I got relaxed, the tickle of bubbles made me laugh. With that, I ended up forgetting the desire for the stranger that in addition was physically impracticable because it would be mortal. Long I stood there and thinking about the refinement that allegedly wild people were showing, there was something inside me that was telling me that people who did all these wonders could not be a band of barbarians as we were led to believe for so long.
I finally left the pond, yet I didn’t want to dry myself because I needed to keep feeling a bit more the sensation of the fresh air on my wet skin. Suddenly, the door opened and entered the pregnant woman I had seen before, she was about my height and if it were not for her golden hair could have sworn she was a Neitsi.
“Is everything to your liking, Lady?” She approached me and picked up the towel to put it over me to cover my nakedness “My name is Majka.”
“Bothers you to see a woman naked, Majka?”
“On the contrary Lady, you have a beautiful body and to see how start to grow your white belly gives me great joy. And, why not say it? It excites me. But a man could enter and is not appropriate that a warrior Firstten see naked a Virgin Mother.” It was very clear that this woman was a Neitsi; I knew it by her submission to the sovereignty of the Goddesses, these honey colored eyes confirmed it and was certified by that almost erotic complicity with another woman. Majka was a young woman but above the age at which Neitsi women die in Maa-Alune.
“Your hair…”
“Oh yes, Mother, really I am a Neitsi. Women of my island usually dye my hair to make me look like a Firstten, and when I’m not pregnant I wear heels to go unnoticed among them.”
“How old are you?”
“I’m forty-three seasons old, in my womb I have whom will be my eighth child.”
“Do you have eight children? We die on the third or fourth parturition!”
“That’s why we’ve made you come, dear S’hana, women of this tribe died at first birth because they and we are born sick due to a small animal referred to as bacteria. The Firstten sages discovered that bacteria cause this disease and that this disease can be cured, but these people need us so that our bodies process their miracle drug. And in fact we are the cure for all the woman, our deadly poison becomes the cure that is mixed with the milk that flows from our breasts.”
“Do you mean that we could live longer? Could be give birth all the children we wanted without having to die? How long lives a Neitsi in these conditions?”
“My predecessors in the post of Mother Healer have lived long enough to enjoy their grandchildren and wear white hair of old age.” Old age, the concept was new to me, only the S’ladans were living long enough to grow old in Maa-Alune.
“Are you the cure of these people?” That so pretty woman had the key of a long life and she was willing to share it with me.
“I can be your cure too, if you will, of course, S’hana.” After to discover herself as Healer Mother of her people that woman began to treat me as her equal, in other circumstances she would have earned a very severe punishment for her pretentious insolence but now we play in her field. The woman opened her blouse discovering her full breasts… small round tits unmistakably Neitsi, fertile as her pregnant belly.
“Please S’hana, suck my right breast until it be empty but leave the left for the little prince who will open his eyes at dawn.” I obeyed her, that milk had a special flavor, which had nothing to do with I could have ever tasted, very different from what I had tasted of other women but it was also very sweet and flowed with a generous abundance that satiated my need.
The beneficial effects of this miraculous milk were felt quickly…the damn innate fever with which we were born Neitsi women began to disappear gradually, there was no pain in any part of my body, nor congestion clouded my senses, I felt an ecstasy that seemed something of witchcraft. My body was filled with a feeling of euphoric happiness whose origin I didn’t know. It was a status that could be described as a kind of inebriation, a feeling of being floating peacefully in a lake of warm aromatic water; I thought maybe Majka had drugged me to discover my secret, a kind of espionage by chemical means. But no, that fantastic woman did not have our wickedness; if I looked through her exquisite honey colored eyes could see that maternal love that she felt for all the creatures that surrounded her. Majka had come into the world to love everyone and redeem us from our sins, to dry our tears and heal our wounds with his goodness. That woman was the true Supreme Mother, the most mother of all mothers; yes, she was really a goddess. I instinctively leaned my head on her welcoming chest to hear the beating of that great heart and she covered me with her soft mantle, for a moment I felt protected by a loving mother.
After a while, the Healer Mother gave me a long kiss on the lips and then motioned to accompany her, she led me to a chamber where there was a bed and my things perfectly deposited on a stone bench.
“Tonight you must rest, sweetie. Tomorrow, after childbirth, my husband will come looking for you and you will negotiate the terms.”
“What terms?”
“All in good time; now you have to sleep. In your dreams you’ll find answers to your questions. The truth is within you.”
On leaving the room, the woman closed the door behind her gently, I dropped the towel on the stone bench that was in that chamber and I got into the bed because I was really exhausted. Then I started a walk in a dream world, where dreams and revelations crossed in that kind of catharsis that was probably caused by the sweet milk of that attractive Healer Mother, where hundreds of spirits were stroking my hair and my cheeks and led me by blossomed path. Then it came the turning point where the inner truths of my heart and my soul I were unveiled, I saw myself introducing my soul in other virgins and erasing those of the unfortunate owners of the bodies. With that broad vision of my own reality that gave me that magic milk I found out that the true superiority of the Virgin Mothers was that their soul was eternal but was cloistered in a mortal body. That revelation puzzled me, which meant that the soul of any Neitsi virgin could become a parasite capable to annihilate the essence of her host and replace it in a metamorphosis that could be repeated for thousands of seasons. I could also see that my consciousness could be spread between different bodies, which would make me a murderer spirit that could parasitize all virgins Neitsi I wanted, making me able to be in several places at once and die only partially if circumstances demanded it. I also discovered that, even though I was healed by milk, poison would not become the cure of my sisters; such process did not work on women who had been fertilized by the lesbic union, metamorphosis could occur only in the virgins who were giving their chastity to a men while the Firstten antigen’s effects were lasting and not in the ones that sucked directly from a Healer Mother as I did.
A second revelation was shown to me, surely it must be what was the midwife had transferred me through her breast, it was the kidnapping of that woman. I could see it clearly as if I would have been seeing it with my own eyes: a pretty teen Majka who was being introduced by force into a boat from one of the caves of Cliff Castle, I could feel as I were myself when men who had kidnapped her were undressing her from the waist down with bad manners and how they were touching her with desire. I witnessed how they were injecting the famous antigen in her belly, and how subsequently they left, with her part girls exposed, leaving her confined within the cabins on board. The dream continued; I could feel the terror took possession of the poor girl, later one of the men returned to the cabin and tried to lay her on the ground to finish the work, opening her legs… and exiting of nowhere a young Lakszi Junak started to hit that man until he threw him out the cabin. Finally, in a loving way, covered her with a blanket and sat her on a chair.
“While I am here, no one will do anything you do not want.” And kissed her on the cheek… that followed a tender union, a shared love… a strange feeling for a Virgin Mother who has never known a man, an imaginary penetration made me squeal like if it were real, a miracle impossible for me but at that time was experiencing without risk because all was pure fantasy, was the revelation of a reality that was not mine.
After this latest revelation I no longer sensed any image, so I assumed that healer milk’s effects had run out. Finally I got the warm darkness of sleep until I was awakened by cries of the parturient, I rushed in get dressed to not miss the miracle that nature gave us. I arrived just as the child of Majka came out, who was a huge baby compared to those who give birth the Neitsi or S’ladan women in Maa-Alune. As soon as the midwife had cleaned the child, put him in his mother’s arms; she was crying of emotion or perhaps for the birth pains. I felt the urgent need to breastfeed that child since a peculiarity of the Neitsis was that milk flowed from our breasts as soon as we are fertilized without having to wait the birth, something highly appreciated by S’ladan and that made our race was devoted to nurse as many babies as possible.
“Beautiful Majka, do you allow me the privilege of being the first to nurse your child? I have full my breasts and emptying them by hand bothers me.”
“Of course, your sweet milk of goddess will make him stronger and braver. Sorry to not pay you more attention, but the midwives must rebuild the small ravage that has made my cherub.” Women cleaned the wound in the parturient and got rid of the whole bloodstained clothes revealing a spectacular Neitsi body.”
“You have an amazing body to be an old woman.”
“Coming from you is a nice compliment, thank you.”
I uncovered my right breast and the creature began to suck, I began to mourn so excited, it was as if I was carrying out a small contribution to bringing that life to light. Just then Lakszi beckoned me; it was time to negotiate the deal points, for marking the rules for a lasting peace. We went upstairs, I still was carrying the baby hooked to the breast from which sucked greedily. Once we were upstairs, we entered a large room where no one else was.
“You may say what you wish, noble Lakszi.”
“Our people need a Healer Mother roughly every seven horbitts, within some time we will need a substitute for my Majka, so that her belly and her punished breasts can rest. Hers is an exhausting fulltime task and my beautiful wife deserves a break.”
“Then I offer you one thing.”
“I listen intently, Mother.”
“When you have the need of a young virgin Neitsi, let arrive a message to any of S’ladan artisans with whom you make secretly business. The appointed day a fertile virgin will be waiting to be picked up by a boat with a man of your family. If possible, this man will be a teenager conceived during the voyage back to your island.”
“Is that it? Is that all? Is it so simple?”
“Of course it should be clear that the raids to Maa-Alune to capture women, looting, rape, murder have been finished… I must to ask you one more thing, Lakszi.”
“What else?”
“The young man who comes to take the virgin shall be called Junak or Lakszi.”
“It will be done, beautiful Mother, we will comply the verbatim all that is said in this room. The word of a man of honor must be fulfilled.”
“Now seal up the deal with a kiss on the lips as a sign of trust and submission on your part.” I put him in a difficult position because the man had to trust that I wouldn’t kill him with the poison of my mouth. But Lakszi wasn’t afraid at any moment, I felt his tender lips, almost loving, which led me to a desire hard to describe. If that kiss would had been elongated I would have felt much better, but I understand it was biologically impossible.
“Beautiful Mother, do we have a deal?”
“We’ve got it, dashing Lakszi.”
“Well now please give me my son; I can’t wait to hold him.” Lakszi Said.

The secret fear to Pulxer.
It had been more than four thousand seasons from that trip to Shelter Island and since then I have not told anyone the secret I discovered. After the time that has passed I still have trouble defining myself as a person that as having three bodies sharing a soul simultaneously. My way of life was the closest thing to live forever, and the three bodies that housed my essence loved and wanted each other. Due to needs of the position, I’ve never revealed to my Neitsi daughters that they could be healed if I wanted to and much less that I hid a Virgin Mother that watches the young women who are the true mothers of most girls who move through the groundwater city.
While my body Starica was with K’ntic, my body Kiseb was with Pulxer, the beautiful and dangerously powerful Pulxer. This girl was waiting for me sitting on the stone bench of my chamber as ordered.
“Pulxer, would you like your sister to die?” I was asking questions while walking in circles around her, a few questions that would be very similar to what Starica would be doing at that moment to her sister.
“Of course not, she is my life, my love, is the blood flowing through my veins and the air that fills my lungs. I never would allow anything bad happen to her.”
“So, why do you sentence to death her with your horrible sin? Your lustful obsession towards your sister leads you to the edge of the abyss.”
“It was my fault, she did not want to do it and she pushed me away from her. I confess I wish madly K’ntic, to taste the honey of her lips, feel the warmth of her skin…”
“Stop Pulxer, it is a gesture that honors her and dishonors you.” I pointed her with my finger with accusing position.
“Please do not kill my sister…kill me, I am the sinner, I am evil, I’m the vicious. I do not want my unhealthy love could represent her last breath. I beg you, Mother Kiseb; I will present me voluntarily to the kiss of death if you let K’ntic to live.”
“Today you are lucky, your Virgin Mothers have decided that will not die neither of the two sisters, but you won’t see each other anymore.”
“Have you said never?” Her eyes filled with tears, that dark desire of her womb was contaminating her soul to a degree that also scandalize the erotic goddesses like us. “Will I never see my love again?”
“Tomorrow a committee K’tmenü will come and pick you up, Queen Ba’hn is dead; you will be the new queen of warriors hermaphrodites.”
“Will I be Queen?” She asked in surprise.
“You will be a breeder Neitsi at the service of the Androgynous King of Läkande, and you shall give him pleasure and children until your body will be just dead flesh. It’s your only chance and that of your sister.”
Thus the circle was closed, with the vicious Pulxer in the pierced mountains of Läkande and the sweet K’ntic in Firstten islands, the risk of a lesbian union that could jeopardize my power over S’ladan was canceled and, when the time came, the silly that I have just chosen as Applicant will become the new host of my soul … it was too dangerous to let Pulxer keep her powers, her skill were beyond ours and she would destroy us eventually if she found out our secret.
The secret of lover troubadour of Mother Kiseb.
There are impossible loves, forbidden loves and then mine that it is doubly forbidden and impossible due its physical complications. Everyone thinks it’s my lackey, but this man is everything to me, is the only difference between me and my body Starica. I had a few days as Virgin Mother when I had to act as judge in an S’ladan martial court; the defendant was a young man about my age who was facing a charge of cowardice and desertion. I was surprised his impressive stature, looking more like a Firstten than an S’ladan, though his eyes were brown; this explained the bias of the prosecution and the rigor demanded.
“Come with me young man.” I looked into his eyes and I saw no evil within his soul. I made him enter a room adjoining the court between the looks of surprise of the accusers S’ladan and started asking him questions whose answers already knew.
“Why are you accused, young S’ladan?”
“They accuse me of cowardice and desertion, my Goddess.”
“Why? We are not at war from a long time ago.”
“I didn’t apply to recruitment of militia, I don’t want to be soldier, and I do not want to kill anybody or climb the giant tree.”
“The giant tree?” I looked at his inner self that it was much clearer than the words of that boy not older than twenty nine or thirty seasons, I could see inside him a terrible fear getting on the only tree of the town. The giant tree was a colossus vegetal of the height of over a hundred men and its roots reached to the deepest gallery of our city, It has endured for hundreds of seasons the heat of the hellish summer and extreme cold of our winter, the collectors climbed it and so were getting their fruit varied and abundant, was one of the pillars for our own survival.
“I don’t want to kill myself falling from that damned tree, would be a stupid form to die, with my height and weight I can’t move among these branches.”
“Would you prefer a death sentence?”
“Here I have an opportunity to defend me of the allegations levied on me. I have my reasons for not wanting to be a soldier and I have a right to expose them before being executed. And if after what I said my sentence is to die, so be it.”
“Why do you think that I have brought you into this chamber?”
“Do you want to kill me?” His tone was terribly impertinent, like his gaze, just the opposite of what one might say of a coward.
“It’s not a bad idea, but not. I feel curiosity to know more about you, why you’re taller than any of us?”
“I do not know Lady, my father is a humble craftsman and my mother was a tireless collector, we have been S’ladan for many generations.” It was obvious he was lying like a rascal; it was known that many artisans who ran out of money prostituted their wives to get tools and materials of Firstten origin to continue working. This young man was a mestizo; he probably would be mestizos’ son. He not even had the line of the nose typical of the S’ladan, which could be a source of mockery in Maa-Alune because it was considered that men who haven’t the nose line were effeminate.
“What do you do?”
“I am a poet and troubadour, I sing to the beautiful women like you and my voice goes into them as the seed of a lover to make them reach the ecstasy. My verses would fill your chest and your belly, filling of desire the cave where men get lost, exotic goddess.” As he said those words he got behind my back and began to touch me everywhere.
“That’s an insult, I could make kill you just by half of all crap that you said me; this fact represents the death penalty by castration and disembowelment.”
“I’d prefer that you kill me with your sweet poison, one kiss at a time vital and lethal, pleasant and painful, a love that kills, a love that gives eternal life.” His words were more powerful than the drug of my back.
“Stop, poet, you are cajoling me to not go to the gallows.”
“I’m better drowned by a goddess than by a rope, I want to die listening to your heart beat and tasting the poison from your orange lips.”
“I’ve ordered you to stop, you will not die today but that does not mean that tomorrow will not kill you on a whim.” But I could not fool him because that boy’s words excited me and my breathing became a series of uncontrolled moans.
I fell in love with this young man because his words reached the bottom of my soul and awakened an indomitable desire; but unfortunately we both knew that it there could not be union because sexual contact between a man and a Virgin Mother would cause such a toxic reaction that death was inevitable and brutally painful. Our physical contact would be limited to caresses and mild kisses for not to poison him with my fluids. Had just one question, would my alter ego fall also in love with him? Will Starica and I be the same person in this feeling too? Will be Starica breathless in his presence as I am right now?
“What’s your name, young man?”
“Pydin, Lady, but you can call me whatever you want, my name loses its importance when I am desired by a goddess like you.”
“Who says I desire you, boy? I just feel curiosity about your strange nature, because you are an amazing creature, perhaps to be studied scientifically by sages of Maa-Alune. You’re sweet as a young lady, but you swear loving me that I’m a supreme woman; I am the most female among women, which does not need a man to sire girls.”
“Your body tells me you wish me, Lady. Your cheeks redden because you know I tell the truth and your moans attest to the pleasure that produces you to feel rubbing of my hands on your moist belly.”
“Do you know that there can be no sexual contact between us? Our union would be deadly, the mix of your semen and my vaginal fluids would become venom more potent than of desert viper, death would be as painful as if the part where we would join would have been burned.”
“I would let me kill if you ask for it; I’d endure the most inhuman pain just for the privilege of making love to you and would have exhaled my last breath by taking your honey.”
“But I would die and I want to live longer, Neitsi’s life is quite short as to I have to die in a way so crazy without being able to enjoy the union of our spirits.”
“Well, I am content to singing for your love and die with you when the moment of truth comes.”
“And I want you to sing to the unspeakable love of both.”
I kissed his lips, gently, without reaching anything physical, ensuring that my poison did not touch my beloved, making sure that my perfume does not make him mad and he would not to try doing what kill us both, containing lust that was trying to arise from my belly and that would lead me to death next to this paladin.
“I love you Kiseb. You are my suns, my moons and my stars. Your eyes are the fire that warms me in the days of cold and your voice the ocean waves that cool me on hot days.”
“Pydin I love you… but this should be a secret between us. You will be my gallant troubadour and sensitive poet, and that of my beautiful wife… you will sing us love songs and you will make clever verses, and you shall love her as much as you say you love me, be our true spiritual lover. And…” I took a dagger. “With this sheet you will defend me from my enemies.”
“All for my goddess, but I’ll love you a little more.”
“For your love, Pydin, I betray myself and therefore one day I will have to pay a high price, in the cruelest way imaginable.”
“I’ll pay for you, dear Kiseb.”
“Then we will pay both, I had a vision in which we will die together.”
Although my beloved wife Starica knew it instantly, she said nothing because she also benefits from the love of my Pydin. Through our empathy she also feels his tenderness through me and we get jealous from other when it comes to share our man. In one way or another, Pydin loves us both but he ignores that our body duality is linked to a mental unit, in a way he sees us as we are: two versions of a single person. When that effeminate paladin touches Starica I also shudder with her feeling his hands on my body too, in the same way that happens to her when it’s my turn. Sometimes is too hard to set the physical limits of passion with our lover, to control the poison of my mouth to not kill him, to avoid penetration that fatally would kill us… damn hopeless love corseted by physical impairments. Now that we are pregnant again he looks after us as if it were a loving husband and I always hope that he takes care more of me and he strokes me a little more, I can’t avoid to be selfish even if it is myself.
The four books.
What every young maiden Neitsi must know before aspiring to the position of Virgin Mother is the domain of the use of their innate abilities as a goddess. With this objective, these phenomenal creatures have been compiling all their knowledge and treasuring it for thousands of seasons the so called Four Secret Books: the Book of the Unnatural, the Book of Empathy, the Book of the Dictatorship of the Will and the Book of Transfiguration. These books are what help to enhance the four vectors of the inner strength of the Neitsis: Love, Anger, Wisdom and Patience.
The Four Books of which we speak are very obscure texts, tremendously damn volumes that are hidden in the deepest part of the library of the Goddesses, totally out of reach of S’ladan. The scriptures who jealously guard the women of this amazing race describe the terrible powers that very few people have been able to witness and that virtually no known Neitsi has been able to learn to use them in full, being practices that that deplete the physical capacity of these so fragile women.
Each of the exotic Virgin Neitsi is educated in the skills of combining the poles of good and evil according to her ability to manipulate the four vectors, where the paradigm is that the only ethical basis plausible is what Virgin Mother orders at every moment and that this ethic varies on whim of these despotic goddesses depending on their mood. The Neitsi girls study these books at a very young age and learn the arts that best suit to their capacity because although they are so similar physically the complex personalities of each vary incredibly.
A Neitsi Virgin learns to kill terribly young, only needs to know the basic concepts of the book of the Unnatural where there are all ways to dose toxic substances emerging from her body. For contact or by air, they can kill or torture to death all who they wants to take as a victim just playing with her body fluids. This book also talks about the power of raising the dead, a practice prohibited and punishable by the Mortal Torture, a ritual dismemberment in which the condemned is kept alive until there remains only half of her body.
The Book of Empathy is a text that gives the necessary instructions to help to merge the bodies and souls of two people through the exchange of their fluids and their feelings. In the case of Virgin Mothers the circle closes reaching the most wonderful act that nature has gifted to virgins Neitsi: fertilization by lesbian contact, in which the two women who do it become pregnant simultaneously while sharing their consciousness and wisdom. The vaginal junction is only allowed to the women chosen to become Virgin Mother by their predecessors and it’s the only way to bring more girls Neitsi to the world, because these creatures are the result of the greatest love that can be found throughout the universe, because the Neitsis are women capable of loving until the ecstasy of death. Despite this exclusivity of having lesbian unions among the chosen to become Virgin Mothers, when the population of children Neitsi younger of twenty seasons is below the fifty individuals are chosen a few girls to have lesbian relationships to ensure the number of survival of the race. This carnal and spiritual union does not break the hymen and thus retain their immaculate virginity, but the large amount of poison that generates this kind of relationship prevents a further penetration of a penis because it would cause the death by toxic shock of the virgin and the man who did it. There are rumors that there is a third Virgin Mother hidden in the unexplored galleries of Maa-Alune, a secret virgin that hides girls who give birth to more girls Neitsi, despite these rumors the S’ladans’ scans by the deepest galleries have not yielded any results.
Inside this book you can also find precise and detailed instructions of the process by which they can see the most hidden inside people by scanning through their iris. Interestingly this skill does not work if the person observed has blue eyes as it seems that it is a color that causes opacity in the clairvoyance of the Virgin due to an incompatibility of wavelengths. This power could be offset by the application of Spiritual Liberation, which is to move the spirit to another place so it cannot be examined by another Neitsi.
One of the most feared powers is the dictatorship of the Will, which is the hypnotic ability of a Virgin Neitsi to control chemically the minds of the people around her through a powerful toxin that expel to air with invisible glands in her back. These glands are evident only to the touch and disappear the first time they get pregnant from a man, because the process of fertilization through heterosexual way deprives Neitsi of all their powers in a metamorphosis that converts poison in sugar. A Virgin Neitsi of high level can cause the suicide of her victim just by uncovering or even she can cause a fatal toxic shock if necessary. This dreaded ability of the Neitsi virgins is the reason for the existence of a popular saying among S’ladan that says ‘better dressed virgin than naked witch’ referring to those secrets that it is better not to reveal because it can cause a disaster.
The Transfiguration is undoubtedly one of the most difficult dark arts that can master a Virgin Neitsi well trained. This difficult skill consists in a physical transformation to get another look temporarily or permanently. In fact, the sacred lesbian union of two Neitsi Virgins is a process which makes a partial transfiguration on their femininities on an unconscious way, vulvas of the two lovers are transformed temporarily to share their vital essences and thus become pregnant simultaneously. Only the most powerful Virgins have managed to transfigure themselves or other persons completely. It is even rumored the case of a young woman who became man to join a S’ladan gatherer, as often happens with these stories is a rumor impossible to prove because there is no reliable census of virgins or any written testimony that this rumor is true. They can also transfigure others if necessary to the point of being able to get to change the gender and race of a fetus in the womb…
The secret of the mongrel girl.
I had the misfortune of witnessing the heinous murder of the beautiful Janda at the hands of that wild beast named Kopile, on a day that should have been of joy for everyone. It was the day on which the small Väike saw her first light, the extraordinary baby who would change the last stage of my life. I was attending at the birth of Janda together with other reproductive mother, while her owner husband and his S’ladan wife were carefully watching what we were doing. Janda was the sweetest and most good creature that I had ever met. My friend was more goddess than reproductive mother, but I do not mean like a perverse and terrible goddess as Mother Starica or Kiseb, but as the focus of humanity and tender love completely out of reach of any mortal.
It was probably as a reward for this goodness that miraculously made her to survive a fourth birth and she still had courage to get pregnant of a fifth creature in order to please that damn Kopile, a bastard that bought her to Souyon, wife of the jailed Sakelt. She and I were the oldest reproductives, because we were born the same day as a result of the love between the Virgin Mothers that gave us birth, and had never known a stronger Neitsi, at no time she cried nor yelled and you must know that we are terribly sensitive to pain. But Janda was not like us, her angelic face smiled me while she pushed and lengthened her hand to pat us. I saw the head out…
“Already comes Janda, it’s…”
“What happens, G’vrou? What’s wrong?” Janda asked
“Nothing Janda, it’s a beautiful baby.” I hid the girl all I could and took her to the sink to wash and cover her quickly so that Kopile didn’t see her. Under the Neitsi Virgin Mothers ideology that birth was an offense to her divinity, a serious transgression of the writings of the Four Books. They would accuse Janda of black magic and they would execute her together with her husband/master.
“Let me see my little boy.” Kopile told me. “Do I need to tell you that it is my son?”
“First is the mother.” I replied. “She is who has carried this child in her womb; you only have had fun with her for a while.”
“Wait a moment, is this I see orange lips?” That man was pulling of the blanket which covered the baby, of undoubtedly Neitsi appearance.
“No, you just imagine it, Kopile. Sometimes you may see extraneous details due to the straining of the childbirth, but you’ll see immediately that he is a normal boy.” I fought every effort to avoid the inevitable.
“Give me the child, witch.” Kopile punched me in the face grab the baby and made me fall to the ground, the pain made me mourn while my lips bled.
“This baby is a girl. Janda, what have you done? How could you give birth to a girl?” Kopile projected his anger at Janda “You’re a fucking slut.”
“I… I have just given you a creature.” Janda said with nasal voice of who is about to mourn. “I sacrificed my life to magnify your family. It’s a Miracle!”
“The witch has cursed us!” S’ladan woman shouted. “Kill the bitch! Eviscerate her and we get out of here before Starica arrives.”
“The Virgin Mothers will punish us for your sin!” Kopile let drop the girl in my arms and drew his dagger, it became clear what he was going to do. “I have to kill you to redress this iniquity and then I must flee into the wilderness.”
“Kopile, no!” But my screams did not stop this man, he nailed his dagger into the chest of Janda, who fell trying to escape the stretcher. Kopile disappeared with his wife.
I did not know what to do; if that girl would arrive to Mother Starica’s hands surely she would die. I was still half stunned by the blow to the face but I ran out of the gallery with the little one in my arms, I did not stop until I got to my cave. I did not know how Suprug would react, he still cried for the death of his wife S’ladan. But I have made my decision, that child would be my daughter with his approval or not.
“Suprug, my love, I have to tell you something.”
“And this newborn, G’vrou? Where did she come from?”
“She is Janda’s daughter; Kopile has killed her as soon she gave birth and fled. She will be the sister of our children.”
“Let me see, is a delicate gem Neitsi. Will pass as one of us; do not suffer, beautiful Grevinna of honey-colored eyes, to this part of town and no one comes ever and even if someone would come he would see an S’ladan girl.”
“I want to name her Väike, that in ancient language means -the one who will be eternally loved -” I knew that the girl was destined to do great things in the future and therefore she would be loved by those who were around her.
“Well, Väike shall be her name… and she will be our daughter.” And Väike turned in one of us ever since.


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