Miracle at Hell – Chapter 7 –

Chapter 7. The twins.
Maa-Alune, sacred underground city of the S’ladan, season 50057.
It had been four seasons since I was released from jail by the Mother Starica through the intercession of my dear sister. During these seasons, fulfilling my commitment to serve my sister, I was preparing her for the great ceremony; and we were already in the final, that day was the step that would lead to one of three candidates to be Virgin Applicant. Pulxer was having the great opportunity to be the woman who should replace the next Virgin Mother who had died, who knows, maybe my sister will change the things in Maa-Alune. During these seasons has changed so much my view of things regarding my place in this despotic society, where everyone dances with the music played by two cruel and ruthless women to whom we are forced to call Mother.
I took care directly of her personal hygiene, I kept her well fed, listened attentively and obeyed all her orders, shared her bed assuming my role of being the last protective shield of her sacred person in case of invasion, having to kill or die to defend her virtue. I also helped in her essays in the arts of dance, diction and singing, when we talk about the dark arts, Pulxer dominated them much more than most girls, even more than a Virgin Mother.
And then came the moment of our ruin… The morning of the ceremony, I followed the procedure Neitsi for the preparation of a candidate: I bathed her slowly and gently with milk of reproductive woman with a natural sponge so that her skin was totally perfect. After finishing that relaxing bath I put her some makeup according to the tribal peculiar way of young S’ladan virgins in deference to the people that had protected and housed us for thousands of seasons. I chose to leave her pubis completely shaved to prevent that her black hair could be seen through the translucent fabric of the dress, hiding the red area with a very fine powder not to show any imperfection (in some cases, to break the tie, they were completely stripped naked in order to choose the most perfect body, another example of the damn commerce of flesh in which the women of our race were being subjected). It was very hot inside our rooms carved on the rock, and in order to attend her better I was also naked except my white panties of fertile woman… then I felt the sweet drug than came from her back. The attack of my sister surprised me, Pulxer approached her lips to mine believing that the Dictatorship of the Will was working and I could almost say that it was so.
“For me, just are you, my heart beats for my sweet K’ntic and her sugar lips.” Her excitation produced even more paralyzing drug, now from her mouth orange, famous for being the most poisonous of all young Neitsi.
I was totally dominated when Pulxer tried to get off my panties, at which time I averted her with a kick taking advantage that she dropped her guard confident that I would let her rape me.
“But … Have you gone mad? Do you want to kill us both?” A droplet of blood came out from her tiny nose and slid over her orange lips, while tears as sweet as sugar welled her honey colored eyes.
“I’d rather die than separated from you.” She said while sobbing “I cannot love anyone else. I just want to taste the honey of the world’s most wonderful creature.”
I went to her to calm her down and hug her despite what she had just tried because her tears were like sharp stones falling on my heart, but someone had to bring sanity in the midst of the madness that pervaded her whole being.
“I’m also hurting for being separated; but you know, my sister, that my death penalty is only suspended and just on the lightest infraction they will take my life in the most horrific you could imagine.”
“I will not allow it.” Her voice reflected the sadness of the impotence of who couldn’t support her words with facts. There was an uncontrollable passion of a lover pounding in her heart drowned only by the frustration of not having achieved her wicked objective. “K’ntic, you are my life, my love indispensable, the blood that I feel running through my veins. My body is your body and this desire is like an acid that breaks my belly with great pain.”
“My unconscious Pulxer, don’t you understand that I ‘can’t love you this way? The sin that you want to commit is the crime that has the cruelest punishment in this land, death is slow and painful. Do not you remember the girls you had to kill for the same sin that you now want to commit? I have been your faithful slave all this time with pleasure, but my love is that of a sister and not of the one lascivious lover who craves the warmth of your body. I’d feed you with my breasts if necessary, I would leave torture me to death to save your life, I would drown in the most salted sea if you ask for, but my body will not join you because your sweet honey is not the one I’m looking for.”
After those words I tried to fix the damage that had caused the fight in the face and body of Pulxer, but now I was wearing the dress to avoid that she would try to attack me again and this time she get away with that. I concealed with makeup the reddened parts of her face and extremities, and I wiped the blood of her nose. Fortunately, in a jiffy there was no trace of any aftermath of fight. Previously I had already let her to taste a little of her own blood in order to relax her using its medicinal effect. To finish work, I combed the long soft black hair of my sister and I made her two braids so she could use easily the venom from her back in case of any of the tests of ceremony so was required… I also thought the movement of braids would have spectacular visual effects in dance which was planned.
“You are by far the most beautiful Virgin that will go to the ceremony. Looking at you, Mothers won’t be able to avoid to fall rendered before your feet.” The Neitsis felt a brutal attraction for beauty, man or woman, was the drug that was leading us to destruction and to commit real atrocities. The sensuality made of us liars and manic killer if need be, we were sinful by nature, our impulses led us to be vicious and women addicted to love beyond what was healthy and responsible because not in vain love was one of force’s vectors of nature Neitsi
“Do not tell lies, K’ntic, in other circumstances you would have gone to the ceremony because you’re more beautiful than me.”
For a moment we look in the mirror together, we seemed the same girl with different dresses. I stroked her face and she closed her eyes to savor it, I couldn’t blame her for the passional nature that transformed her sister’s in a lustful craziness that could lead us to death at any time; and after all, we were two symmetrical pieces of the same person.
“Well, we are so alike that maybe I could impersonate you. Who would distinguish us?” I answered. Pulxer laughed at this funny occurrence.
Came time to go to the temple, and following tradition, some young collectors S’ladan came for pick up Pulxer. Those girls were impressed to have that goddess so close and touch her. Lately it had become fashionable for young women of S’ladan race to epilate the hair line they have got it on the nose to look more like us, us with different results depending on how beautiful or ugly they were. S’ladan girls were not used to be very graceful, except some that were more like us than people of their race, not in vain the Neitsi are descendants of those little warriors and collectors that for evolutionary reasons we became women who could procreate without men.
“Oh, you are a beautiful girl, had never seen a virgin so gorgeous and seductive. I want to be as pretty as you, Princess.”
“You are the beautiful girl.” Pulxer answered only for not being unfriendly with that sweet girl, because inside her she despised to the S’ladans and their subservience to our race and to the K’tmenü. My sister saw these people as inferior and she had done so note sometimes to some of S’ladan who served in our rooms.
The two S’ladan girls took the beautiful Pulxer to her fate, we’d know whether it was infinite glory or of disappointing failure, she might even be on her last legs by the path of life. While watching how they went down the passage cut into the rock, inside my heart grew the anguish of knowing that my days as Virgin were over, cause in accordance with a non written agreement with the S’ladans, within the next days the Virgin Mothers would sell me like a cow and a noble warrior would buy me to have in his bed a pretty young girl to blow off steam. My future was already written in fire on my skin, I’d give birth to the children of a man who never would turn me in his legal wife, indeed, I will be the toy of a couple who will take advantage of my innate knowledge of the arts of love. The main function of a Grevinna Neitsi was sadly to be the sex slave of the S’ladan family that hosted her, husband and wife shall have my honey until my last breath. I will take care of the children of the marriage and at most within six or seven seasons I will die and they will devour me like a farm animal, like a fucking beast.
With all these thoughts about my future my eyes welled up with tears and I huddled in a corner of the gallery adjacent to my cave crying my misfortune, for the stupid role that I had to play in this life, by the fact of being a property to be exchanged in a business transaction without the right to decide for myself. While reproductive mothers were passing through the gallery with girls Neitsi, one of the smallest approached me and picked up one of my tears and put it on her tongue.
“Mm, it’s sweet; you cry tears of candy, K’ntic.” I grinned when I saw the plump face of that child enjoying the product of my sadness.
“I’m sad my little princess, do you accompany me a little bit? You can lick all the tears you want.” She was a very small girl, about nine stations, very pretty. Although I struggled to remember his name, I could not.
“Do not cry. I’ll be your mum.” She took my hand and together we went to the temple where the ceremony had to be held.
The temple was the biggest cave of our city, a great room excavated by expert workers S’ladan for thousands of seasons and served to worship the Virgin Mothers. All Maa-Alune wanted to attend this event, so the crowd was piled up at the entrance. It took a long time to access because everyone wanted to know firsthand what girl would be the next aspiring Virgin Mother, the future sovereign of our underground city and mother of future Neitsi girls. The girl held out her arms so that I would carry her, I found it difficult but that girl had come to console me and I could not deny it her. I found a good place to sit and watch the ceremony acceptably, the girl sat on my lap.
Firstly two Virgin Mothers, Starica and Kiseb, came out; our gorgeous goddesses rose to the dais which S’ladan workers had prepared for that big social event. Behind them came the young candidates to succeed the Virgin Mothers. Thanks to the care of their caregivers, those chosen girls were the most beautiful creatures never seen before, as they learned well they stood before all this spellbound audience to be observed by the crowd and bowed. Pulxer was the first candidate that could be seen from the left, in the middle was a girl who was also about our age and the last was three or four seasons younger; the latter was a too immature girl cause she was actually a young girl of yellow panties who had no chance of being chosen to become the future Virgin Applicant. The ceremony was expected would be of short duration and it was one of these rare occasions when you could see the two Virgin Mothers together within the same enclosure, except the people who were going to see them to their private quarters, or what is the same, the service and the sissy troubadour.
A group of reproductive mothers started to play various instruments and Pulxer took off a part of her dress, revealing a piece of translucent fabric very form-fitting and hinting almost all of his anatomy, it was time to dance. My sister was moving gracefully to the rhythm of the music, it seemed that her feet did not touch the floor, it was a dance that we had been assaying during three seasons and Pulxer had reproduced it with accuracy and delicacy, the exclamations of admiration were unanimous towards this graceful creature that was evolving through a dais that was dwarfing by the beauty of her riveting performance. Once ended the dance the audience burst into applause.
The second candidate started to sing, her voice was so melodious that deepened in the souls of those who were listening, maybe it was the most divine voice that has been heard from many seasons ago in Maa-Alune; when she finished, the cheers were also incredibly loud and unanimous. Finally, the most young of the three surprised us all by reciting an old poem written by Mother S’hana more than four thousand seasons ago, the power of that still childish voice reciting those emotional verses touched the people in a such way that it was worthy of a round of applause not less than those of the other two girls. Clearly, there was a tie.
In these circumstances, each Virgin Mother had her own tiebreaker criterion, in this case Mother Kiseb already was about to choose the fortunate virgin, the preciousness that would be the future goddess and the sovereign of the underground city of Maa-Alune when she or Mother Starica die in not a too distant future. Mother first looked inside of Pulxer’s soul through her eyes; the look on her face froze me as I realized that Kiseb somehow knew it, that damn witch of orange eyelids had seen what had happened a while ago between us. It was quite clear now that we both would die, our sin would lead us to destruction… I did not care already the result, my eyes became a sea of tears and an uncontrollable panic made shiver my whole body as if it were cold.
I saw clearly how the Mothers chose the other girl about our age, the Mother Starica immediately took the chosen girl to the Goddesses’ chambers; whereas, Mother Kiseb pulled Pulxer, with unconcealed anger, to make her go into the dark passage of the gallery of instruction.
“Do not cry, K’ntic, I’m sure your sister will win next time; she is the prettiest of all the girls.”
“There will not be more opportunities, all is ended.” I was thinking out louder, my words weren’t any answer to the little girl that hugged me tightly to protect me from who knows what. I found some solace on that affectionate little creature, until one of the reproductive mothers took her hand to take her away.”
“I’m sorry, my pretty Virgin, but the little princess must go to sleep.” And she took her, leaving me a bitter sense of emptiness… the unbridled desire of Pulxer will lead us to one of the most gruesome deaths which were written in the Book of the Unnatural.
Suddenly people started to run; I immediately suspected that something very serious had happened in the galleries of the reproductive mothers. I feared the worst because I knew that Janda had gone to the delivery room to have a child of her master-husband Kopile, I ran to one of the warriors who left the scene of the events to ask him.
“What happens? Why is everybody running towards the gallery of breeders?”
“Janda has died; people say that has been stabbed by her husband while she was in the cave of childbirth.” The perplexity came over me: the loving Janda, the woman who fed me without asking anything in return, had been killed by a booby to whom had just given a son. My feet speeded up towards the gallery of the reproductive mothers, I needed to see her with my own eyes; I could not believe it.
There was the ill-fated Janda, lying on the floor, someone had had the delicacy to close her eyes and cover her with a blanket her chest wound, and whether I wouldn’t have known she was dead it would seem that she was sleeping on the mosaic. The warrior, who owned her now as a Grevinna, struck her with a lethal stabbing and fled precipitately with his wife S’ladan through the labyrinthine galleries of the city. As explained by the people who were, Janda had just given birth to a mongrel girl S’ladan and Neitsi, this was a curse to our race and it represented the death penalty for the offender according to the unjust laws of the Virgin Mothers. It seems that in the confusion one of the reproductive mothers ran to hide the baby from suffering the same fate as her unfortunate mother, because there is also no mercy for the innocent fruit of sin.
Janda was still beautiful despite being a dead body on the bloodstained floor, no one present dared to move; in fact no one knew what to do. People who surrounded her knew that one of the Mothers would order to dump that incorrupt body to the dogs to be devoured with dishonor. Dishonor! That exceptional birth was a nature’s miracle, it was the first time that a reproductive Neitsi had given birth to a fifth son and it was also the first time that a mongrel baby had been born from a womb of one of us.
Mother Starica came to the gallery and looked at all us that were in that cave planted in front of the corpse. Her voice thundered:
“Where’s the baby of this bitch?” All were silent; no one wanted or could not rat out the person who had taken the fruit of the womb of Janda. There were more than twenty people into that room, we knew that she couldn’t make kill everyone; that is why no one opened the mouth to give the name of whoever had fled with the baby, or maybe nobody really knew it.
“I will not say it again, where is the baby?”
Seeing that the silence persisted, got rid of the layer and with her bare back started to expel the poison of the Dictatorship of the Will as she was looking into our eyes to see what we had within our soul. When she looked at me, I used the tactic of Spiritual Liberation: I projected my essence away from this space, I left blank my mind because in this way, because whether I’d die, what happened before with Pulxer in our room would die with me. My fear disappeared, for a moment I felt I was floating in the clear waters of one of the ponds of the deepest galleries, my mind returned to the happy seasons when I was a little princess spoiled by the reproductive mothers, until the drug of Mother made me faint.
Upon waking up, I was alone in my bedroom without Pulxer news; I didn’t know how I arrived there. The urge of crying came back to me, the world began to fall apart in front of me and I didn’t fully understand why; I did not know whether if I would live or die or even if I would see my twin sister. Suddenly, Mother Starica burst into the chamber without knocking.
“I don’t know who has taken the child, Mother. When I got to the delivery room she was gone.”
“Now I no longer mind the issue of mixed race’s baby, our guard takes care of that. I’m here for something else, about the sin that have committed you and Pulxer. Tell me K’ntic; do you want that your sister lives?” Her tone was really hard; all she showed was a severe countenance. In spite of being completely terrified, I emptied my mind so that she wouldn’t discover that sin had been committed by Pulxer.
“Of course, I live only to make her happy. I beg you not kill her.”
“What if you must die instead of her?”
“Some time ago I assumed I would die before what I have to; I know it from the time that Mother Fallegur locked me in jail. Kill me now, but let Pulxer alone.”
“Your impertinent goodness already saved your life before and this time it seems that will do so again, but you won’t be able to see Pulxer anymore, of course.”
I felt mixed emotions, fear and anxiety, I was happy because it seemed that had not yet reached the end of our days but sad because I could not say goodbye for the last time my sister. Mother Starica continued:
“Pulxer will become the Queen of the K’tmenüs of Läkande and you will be the Healer Mother of Firstten; your paths won’t cross never again. Your missions are greater than yourselves; if you fail, we all Neitsis will fail.”
“Mother, can you grant me a favor? It is very important to me.”
“Speak, I listen to you” This woman was showing me a look that was making me mourn with fear. Mother Starica had the uncanny ability to leave me speechless, to provoke me an uncontrollable trembling in the legs. “What do you want young lady?”
“Please, give this to my sister.” I cut a lock of my hair and I tied it with a bow made with a thread of my dress. “Wherever she goes I know she will carry a part of me.”
“All right, I will, you have my word. You must understand that it is a danger to us all the fact that you be together, the mother Kiseb has seen the lust with which Pulxer looks at you, she has noticed that your sister loves you in a wildly inappropriate way. We cannot allow you commit the fatal mistake of join in mortal sin of doing what is only allowed to the Holy Virgin Mothers. Now you have a big job to do, because you will give us a lot of seasons of peace with the Firsttens.”
After that, I had to listen very carefully to all instructions of Mother Starica, when she saw that I had understood all, she gave me the keys of the cave which led to Cliff Castle and left the chamber, closing the door behind her. I had to leave quickly because the young man who had to pick me up would come that very night according to the calculations made by Mother Starica. Before I left I put on my white mantle and said goodbye to all our stuff, everything we had shared so far, dresses, jewelry, perfumes… still felt the sweet smell of my sister that pervaded the room, smelling so sweet fragrance was like palpate a part of it in the air around me. I took her favorite bracelet, was the only thing that would remind me her there where I was going, and I also grabbed some food to the wait.
On the way to the long gallery which led to the Cliff Castle’s cave, I passed casually in front of jail. I thought I should go see the former husband of Janda, the legendary Sakelt, to give him the terrible news. At the entrance I found the disgusting guard who tried to rape me four seasons ago. The encounter with my assailant made me hesitate for a moment, my gaze turned aggressive and I realized that this man had just recognized me.
“Come in, my beautiful Princess.” He did not frisk me, nay he didn’t dare. I could see clearly his animal fear through his coward eyes, and when I walked through the door he spoke to me hesitantly. “I did not want to do it, my goddess. Mother Starica ordered me it and you know that is impossible to resist her dark powers of witch, I have a daughter of the same age of you and I would not dare of violating your virtue on my own initiative.”
“Now it does not matter what happened, dear jailer, your treacherous blow does not hurt me anymore, from my wound no longer gushes blood, my ears are no longer scandalized by your gross insult, my tears no longer fall for your offense…” I recited some verses of the Psalm of Forgiveness whilst I stroked his wrinkled cheek and went on my way to Sakelt’s cell, while I was hearing the muffled cry of that guard.
Once I reached that dirty cell came to my mind my own experience and I saddened to think that this man would have to spend in that dunghill the rest of his life. The whole jail reeked of excrements since the only way to evacuate in that cell was making it directly on the ground without any chance of cleaning, the best way was to place it in a corner to avoid having to sleep on your own shit.
“Sakelt, you do not know me, I am the Virgin K’ntic, future mother and lover of warriors.” I made the aristocratic presentation befitting my rank of princess.
“Let that the Ancient Goddesses protect your immaculate person, beautiful princess, that soldiers who leave your belly lead us to honorable victory.” The man responded by using the protocol, which filled me with curiosity about how those words were coming from a dissident committed who abhorred the social differences of Maa-Alune.
“I have not much time; I must accomplish a very important mission beyond these galleries. But my heart tells me I must give you the news. It’s about Janda.”
“Janda… What happened?”
“She has died, her new owner did it.”
“I told my wife not to sell her to that animal.” A privileged nobleman could have two wives, one S’ladan collector who administers the house and one reproductive Grevinna Neitsi to take care of the family and give birth. The pact between Neitsi and S’ladan was that the women of our race that couldn’t become goddesses would become slaves owned of a noble warrior before her thirty seasons.
“She had given birth to a girl half Neitsi and a half S’ladan. The warrior followed the severe old law, killed her and then fled to the desert with his S’ladan wife to die of thirst and hunger.”
“My poor Janda was so sweet and generous that gave a gift to the tribe before leaving this world. Do you know that she was the first Neitsi who has given birth to a fifth child?”
“It was a girl with a hair line on her nose and orange lips. Nobody knows where the baby is now.”
“True, this is the greatness of her gift; she has brought to the world a new mixed race that will lead us to the equality of all castes. Someday we will regain the freedom we lost when we separate from the Firstten, the terror of the Virgin Mothers will end and also the disease that kills you so young to Neitsi will finish.”
“What do you mean with the disease will finish?”
“Thousands of seasons ago the Firstten found the cure for your illness making use of milk from your breasts. Thousands of women go to heal making a pilgrimage to an island where a Healer Mother provides them with a new life with her savior fluid.”
“Then I know what fate reserves me, my breasts will cure the Firstten women. Well, Sakelt, I must go, please take this meal.” I handed him a cloth bag between the bars with food that had originally kept for my wait at the Cliff Castle.
“Do you know to what you risk if they see you, Princess?”
“My breasts don’t give milk yet; I can’t do the same than Janda. And I think the guard is having a small panic attack, he is not aware of anything right now.”
“Let that Kirkia Balts bless you throughout eternity, sweet K’ntic, let your maternity enlighten us in this darkness so durable, let your wise kindness brings peace to our spirits and serve as an example to future generations.” He continued with the old protocol S’ladan from before the Rebellion, although now in Maa-Alune to worship other gods than the Virgin Mothers and their ancestors would represent a blasphemy.
“I must leave you, noble fighter.” I left him a small flask in his hands, he immediately understood what it was and his black eyes expressed an infinite gratitude, for the first time in many seasons this man could make a choice.
“The poison from your lips will release me from my dark loneliness. Soon I will be with my beloved Janda… thanks for showing me the way to love, holy is the ground which treads the beautiful Virgin K’ntic and pure is her love for all of us. Freedom will come from youngsters like you, who performed brave acts for others.”
I left the jail without looking back; I even doubted if what I had done was right or not. It was a way to turn on defeat the arrogance of the Virgin Mothers, a stone snatched of the building of tyranny in which we have been subjected Neitsi and S’ladan.


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