Miracle at Hell – Chapter 5 –

Chapter 5. Origins.

The Neitsi are basically different since birth because we are engendered by two women in sacred lesbian contact, the mechanism of which is very difficult to explain and the evolutionary origin of this fertilization without male has been lost in the mists of time. Our special genetics has made us beautiful and voluptuous creatures desired by men and women, a kind of nymphs dunk to give pleasure to others, sex goddesses who are sold like cattle to magnify the power of the Virgin Mothers. We are a small group of females that we are born with the rank of princesses but our condemnation is to die young, almost teenagers, because of a fucking disease that kills us. I am twenty eight seasons old and my existence hardly will be longer than the thirty-five, the time of giving birth four children.
I never knew the warmth of a mother because the Virgin Mothers also die young because of the disease of women and the goddess who gave me birth died just my sister and I went out of her sacred entrails. If we’re lucky, we leave this world at most in the fourth childbirth and you must know that once we are fertilized for the first time our moral duty to our people is to leave no more than thirty days between pregnancies. Despite this there are many women who do not respect this commandment implied to stretch a little more that life dedicated to sexual slavery, as long as the family that host her be satisfied with nothing more than three children from her womb.
But do not think that this role in which we live saddens us, contrary fills us with joy to see how we are raised and educated like princesses. We are excited about how the S’ladan appreciate the fact we take care of their sick people and we feed their children with our small but incredibly productive breasts. Women Neitsi give birth exact replicas of S’ladan men with whom we sleep and when we die we leave an incorrupt body that will serve as food for the tribe that welcomes us for thousands of seasons.
I also was born something different from the rest of Virgins Neitsi because my sister and I are the only documented case of twins engendered in a union between two Virgin Mothers. Anyway, the fact of being identical do not make us as special as you might imagine, since all the Neitsi are very similar physically among ourselves so that those people who are not used to dealing with our race normally just distinguish us by age or by the tattoos on those that are chosen to perform the most important tasks in our community.
I remember like it was yesterday when I failed in the test of cruel torture, in which I could say it was the most terrible day of my life. It was a summer day and I was a girl who was then only twenty-four seasons, that was the age at which Neitsi teenagers have a womb mature enough to be fertilized and begin to exude a scent that appeals to any living creature. To test us, Mother Fallegur took us both my sister and me to the training gallery, a scary place where we were trained in the dark arts of the Four Books. When we arrived, three older virgins who were waiting for us were retaining two girls two seasons younger than us.
“Take off your cloak.” Mother Fallegur said in imperative tone and we obeyed, dropping the soft white cloak on the ground, we were covered only with yellow child’s panties. I covered my breasts, embarrassed; a rare reaction in young Neitsi bred from small in her ultimate goal of becoming in sexual creatures and theoretically we were used to everyone see us naked.
“Now you must apply the power of the Torment of the ‘Book of the Unnatural’ on these girls convicted that you have ahead.”
To apply the power of the Torment I had to impregnate the atmosphere of the cave with the dreaded toxic drug of the Dictatorship of the Will, a gas that comes out of the glands of our back to subdue with our powers the victim chosen and kill her slowly and painfully with the potent poison of our orange mouths. I tried it again and again, but when I saw the pain in the eyes of my terrified victim and heard her weeping I also began to mourn as reproducing internally that fear which was generating to try to kill that helpless child. At the end I ran toward that girl and hugged her so she didn’t be afraid. Tenderly, I changed the initial spell and the girl stopped crying and hugged me very strong because she knew we were doomed to have a horrible death. Mother Fallegur was so angry that she would have killed me right then unceremoniously.
“Stupid girl, your kindness will lead us to extinction. The little girl who’re protecting is a traitorous and an impure bitch, her punishment is death. Kill the whore!”
“This girl is not a whore. I do not want to kill her, she’s scared. Look at her, she is a creature as beautiful as an angel, she wouldn’t hurt anyone. What she can be done cannot be as bad as to deserve death.” I felt a slap in my face and how my lip was bleeding, but not even then I let go the girl. Not even the toxic poisons of Mother Fallegur, which I counteracted with my emanations, managed that I leave the child go until exhaustion made me fall unconscious.
Many mikas later, I woke up in a cell where I could barely keep standing under that so low ceiling. They had taken all my clothes and just had a rough and dirty rag bag to cover my nakedness. I had not seen or touched ever so much dirt, the wall was black and full of inscriptions, the droppings were everywhere and rats roamed freely in that hellhole. I began to mourn scared, why Virgin Mothers made me that? What’s wrong with not wanting to hurt anyone? Through the bars of the cell I saw my sister along with a breeder who had a child in her arms. They were looking for me, I shouted with my few remaining strength.
“Pulxer, here …” I saw how she turned and headed to my cell.
“K’ntic, my stupid sister. Why did you do that? These girls were already convicted by the Mothers; they had joined their sinful pussies without having been blessed in any ceremony! Now, Mother Fallegur wants you to die of hunger or disease in this cell.”
“And the girl, where’s the girl?” I began to mourn, the sadness burned my chest and bitter tears welled in my eyes.
“You’re an idiot, I had to kill both and not even then they have forgiven you. If we don’t do something, you will not survive much longer in this prison.”
“My girl…” I could only see inside me those honey colored eyes and mourn bitterly, reliving the horror of that moment. “How can you kill a girl so pretty?”
“We are all beautiful and terribly sinful, and my sin is that I love you more than my life. So I do not want you die, but you must listen to me well and do everything I say.”
I was trying to listen what she was saying me even though I could not erase yet that child from my mind, Pulxer reached out through the inside of the bars and touched me to claim my attention.
“Listen, K’ntic, is very important for your survival, that damn witch Mother Fallegur is dying and I have asked to the Virgin Aspirant who will replace her to grant you a pardon. But you must endure and be very patient; I reached an agreement that will save your life if successful.” She showed me the tattoo on her belly, she had been chosen as candidate for the Aspirant ceremony to choose a Mother Virgin that would occur in four seasons.
“You have been chosen for the ceremony!” I exclaimed for the great honor it represented, forgetting for a moment my troubles.
“Pay close attention; do not lose the thread of what you have to do, as they don’t allow us to bring you food, this breeding female will come every day and will feed you with her milk, you should drink at least fifteen gulps of each breast. And you must clean yourself with the remaining milk because if not you will get sick and die amid such dirt.”
“They’ve taken off all my clothes.” I told her dropping the sackcloth.
“I had imagined it, is part of the punishment. Put on my panties, they are clean, and above all they mustn’t see them, otherwise they will know that someone is helping you.” She pulled down her panties and gave them me through the bars.
“Janda, have you got something for covering my sister a little better?”
“I can give her a blanket of the child.”
“Cover up with it at night, try to not catch cold. And above all, do not die, I beg you.” Pulxer dropped a few tears of anxiety. “You must know you’re in jail of men; if the guards try to rape you, use your powers.”
“I’m not sure to I can do it.”
“I cannot be with you all the time to protect you, you know you can kill a man with a kiss or if necessary using the resource of the Dictatorship of the Will. Please do not let your guard down or you will die!”
I obeyed my sister in anything she told me, so I put my face between the bars to drink the sweet milk that flowed abundant from the breasts of Janda and I wiped me by pressing a bit her right nipple and clearing myself what I could. Then both went away and I remained alone and terrified by the shouts of the prisoners, who tremendously excited by my body’s odor would have done everything possible to have me. I could hear voices saying: “I smell a Neitsi girl here”, “who will own the honey cupcake?”, “come baby, I have a thingy for you”…after a while, I heard the sound of someone introducing a key in the lock and opening the door. Remembering what my sister told me, I dropped the blanket that covered me and I used my powers. He was shorter than me, as most of S’ladan who were moving through these galleries, he was a man of a certain age; whether he had the key must be the prison guard or a collaborator of the Virgin Mothers.
“Come to Daddy, baby girl” His voice was raunchy, his intentions were fully evident. I was shaking all over with fear and my nakedness made me feel helpless.
But my helplessness was only apparent; I realized that at that time I was a cornered beast, and that the only way to survive was to use my dark powers. The glands in my back began to segregate the toxic gas to break his will and maybe kill him with the poison of my lips; an evil feeling came over me as I felt the sweet taste of my poison when gushed from the corner of my mouth.
“We do not need to be enemies, manly jailer; I can give you unimaginable pleasures whether you treat me like a princess. Touching a Goddess is a privilege that very few men live.” The sense of the man was fully clouded by my drug and my nakedness. He was totally ecstatic, my control was absolute, and for a moment I felt powerful. With one bite I would have enough to put the poison into his bloodstream or perhaps I could use the kiss of death, equally effective.
“Yeah, come here little princess.” I approached the poor fellow; he did not expect what was coming…
I knelt on that filthy floor and pulled down his pants to allow time for the drug to would act but looking for ways to prevent that he penetrated me. I sought his lips to give him the kiss of death with my mouth filled with poison… but something inside me told me that I was not a killer and so I stopped when he achieved the state of chemical ecstasy, before he fell into the coma of the nonexistence from which there was no turning back. I chose to use the hypnotic trick of Dictatorship of the Will and so he would do what I ordered without having to kill him.
“Now, you’ll leave and close the door. You’ll stay ahead of this cell to defend my virtue with your life if necessary, as if I were your daughter.” Incredibly, that trick had worked, there was no need to resort to evil, and it was enough to ensure the survival. I was relieved to see that my humanity counteracted the seed of evil with which we are born the Neitsi.
The next day came the gracious Janda fulfilling the promise she had made to my sister, now without the baby. She was a Neitsi like me, but she had married in a regime of semi-slavery with a warrior S’ladan. She was what we say a reproductive mother, which was giving birth to the children of warriors and was nursing the children of the family with her fertile breasts.
“Janda, why are you helping us?”
“Your sister explained me what happened and your good heart has touched me greatly. Just a real mother has those feelings; you feel a love so great that I cannot allow it to be extinguished in a filthy cell. And now you should feed on my breasts, you must endure a little longer because the kiss ceremony is not until tomorrow.” The Ceremony of the Kiss is a physical act that takes place in utter privacy and in which the young aspiring fully joins the dying Virgin Mother, during the process it generates a stimuli circuit where there is a transfer of power and knowledge to the new Virgin Mother, followed by a series of physical changes that end with the kiss of death.
I had no choice but to obey Janda’s indications, I was very hungry and guards did not let food enter at jail, and Mother Fallegur had deprived me even of the right to the swill with that the other prisoners were being fed. The husband of the kind Janda was a known political dissident named Sakelt, who fought peacefully against the tyranny of the Virgin Mothers. Sakelt was sentenced to life imprisonment by Mother Fallegur, because the S’ladan Council did not accept his execution as she wanted. It’s quite possible that Janda could be sold to another warrior because prisoners have no right to enjoy a Grevinna, indeed the gentle reproductive had put her life in danger by coming to see him and feeding him in the same way she did it to me.
After the death of the evil Mother Fallegur, the Mother Starica ordered my immediate release and ordered me to go directly into her chamber. The Virgin Mother’s chambers were an impregnable bastion and were almost in the center of the underground city in both vertical and in horizontal, thus ensuring the defense of our goddesses against any invasion of Maa-Alune by hostile forces.
“My sweet and pretty K’ntic, what we do with you?”
“I… do not know what to say, Goddess.”
“Shut up, do not you see that is a rhetorical question? Stop acting like a stupid girl! I want you to know you’re alive only by my will, the late Mother Fallegur had sentenced you to die, a death from starvation or disease, which came before. But I understand that having a good heart is not a sin worthy of death, although it is a suicidal weakness that will lead you to perdition. It is also true that your weakness is your strength; you will be a good mother and a sweet caretaker of the sick, to give strong children to the S’ladan by your strong ability to love beyond what is rational. For now you will be a servant and slave of your sister. Your sentence is suspended as a second chance; you must fulfill her will until the time of the ceremony to convert her in Virgin Aspirant.”
“By the way.” Mother Starica concluded. “If the guard that I sent to rape you would have succeeded you’d be dead now, you had the ability to control him like a wise Neitsi… The Dictatorship of Will is an art very difficult even for an experienced Virgin Mother, requiring a perfect mastery of the Four Vectors.”


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