Chapter 17. The rainy season.

As soon the hellish season finished, all the creatures that lived in the pierced mountains of Läkande left their burrows and went back to their activities. Now we expected a wet season, much rain and chill winds would return our meadows and flowers would appear again. The clouds that had been forming in the sky during the summer would become again the water in our lakes, seas and rivers.

A messenger had announced us that Mothers Starica and Kiseb had already had the new Virgins Neitsi, this was already the third birth of Mother Kiseb and the second of Mother Starica. It was time to carry out the plans that I had been scheming since I stepped on this foreign land that welcomed me. I called Toinen, my stepson from whom I was prisoner by order of the King; nevertheless our relationship was very tender.

“What do you wish, Mother?”

“Toinen, my son, the glorious time to turn our great King in the greatest monarch in our history has come.” I also gave Toinen the son’s treatment though he was a few seasons older than me that gave me the privilege of petting and kissing that girl’s face; he was happy to let me touch him, I felt his love for me.

“I do not like the idea of you doing that impure act with that witch, Mother.” I knew that Toinen wanted me crazily, I saw it in his soul and in the arousal of his male part when he hugged me; which is why he rejected the idea of my lesbian union with a Virgin Mother because that would prevent him to possess me as a woman.

“Do not you see, my son? I make this sacrifice to enlarge the kingdom that one day you will inherit.”

“I do not want to be king; I just want to inherit one of the most delicate jewels that my father has got.” While saying this he touched my face and ran a finger soaked with his saliva through my lips knowing that excited me.

“Do not say it, please, don’t sully this moment with your incestuous fantasy. Stop touching me this way!”

“It’s not incest, precious Mother, I didn’t get out from your gorgeous person but I can release you from the poison that keeps you away from me.” In a movement he set to my back and grabbed my waist trying to tease me.

“You’re asking me to cheat my husband and my escaped wife?” Despite his boldness I knew that he wouldn’t go beyond, his respect to the Queen was stronger than the desire of a young lover.

“That poor crazy, who knows where she is, my brother is not man enough to take care of a woman. I do to take care of you if you allow me so.” I felt that criticism of his brother was pretended, I already knew that part of his innocence was feigned, but I loved to feel his skin on mine, I think I’m falling in love. At that moment I understood that he was the one who incinerated Seti in my premonition.

“I can only love as a mother would, though I am younger than you. You shall to make do with my motherly love.” There were moments when I believed my own lies; it was hard not to relent with that creature willing to risk everything for me. So I had not denounced the betrayal that this boy wanted to commit with the complicity of his brother, even though my game was radically different from his.

“And why doesn’t my father want to be by your side? I will tell you, Mother, he is a damn coward who fears that you use against him your powers of Virgin Neitsi, and he feared the venom of your precious lips, the same poison that I want to savor.” These works were actually sincere; I perceived that brutal hatred for his father. Toinen could not bear the terror that I felt for the king, I saw in his heart the longing that he had to protect me at any cost disobeying his father’s mandate.

“Sorry, my child, but you have to obey, and if you don’t do for your mother you’ll do for your queen.”

“You know Mother Majesty that I will obey until death, although you shoe this disdain for my desire. I will heal the wound of your heart, and I’ll finish your fears and I’ll be your slave forever.”

“Enough, Toinen, listen. Seti will organize the trip to Maa-Alune; you’ll command six cohorts of warriors who will follow our expedition about half journey away.”

“Why don’t we send a whole legion and take Maa-Alune by force? S’ladan wouldn’t resist much.”

“You will not need to move so many soldiers through the galleries, the number of men which I tell you in addition to what we already have inside the city will be enough for the S’ladan recognize me as his Virgin Mother and dare not do anything silly.”

“And those that are there now?”

“I’ll take care of Mother Starica, when that happens; Seti will mobilize the internal troops and will send a messenger to warn you. When you reach Maa-Alune, you’ll find the doors open and will have to go find Mother Kiseb to deliver herself voluntarily or die.”

“You know that she’d die before surrendering, right?”

“I expect it; I will take the applicant as wife and I’ll choose a Neitsi girl for you. I guarantee you will not notice the difference between us, you will have in your bed such a pretty girl that you won’t miss me.”

“I only want you; it’s not just a matter of beauty. In my dreams is your femininity which shelters me from loneliness.”

“You’ll always have me as a mother, is all I can offer, my destiny is set me up with a woman.” My fate was uncertain, was increasingly sure Toinen would be my love, but my ultimate goal was to meet K’ntic.

“I don’t look for your maternal caresses but the warmth of your belly.”

“This conversation is over, I don’t have to convince you, I’m the queen and you’ll obey me. My belly is in the service of your father and my mission is to mate with a female, or you assimilate it or I won’t let you approach me.”

“I understood my Mother.”

It was time to begin all the machinations that I long had got in my mind, but before I had to protect my family, that is, Mad’he and the small Patuljak who still were my responsibility. Darkest moments started and innocent people had to be in a safe place before the massacres that I knew that inevitably will occur are initiated. I went to see Mad’he, who was breastfeeding the child.

“Hello Madam. Will you want some?”

“No, thanks Mad’he, I have come to bring you this.” I pulled out a paper and I put it in front of her eyes.

“I’m sorry Majesty, for some time now I cannot see the fine print, what is this paper?”

“It’s your freedom card signed by King Dislikg Hani, you don’t belong to anyone anymore, you’re a citizen K’tmenü by right.”

“I’ll always be yours, ma’am.” Mad’he answered with tears in her eyes with mixed feelings in the heart, mixed happiness and sadness in a simple expression. “Now I’m free to say I love you.”

“Freedom is a great responsibility, Mad’he, from now your choices are yours, so what I’m asking you it’s only for if you want to do it voluntarily.”

“Although I am free, I will remain your slave for what I feel and so I’ll obey you blindly.”

“I have asked the Pelakur to welcome you and protect you and the child. They have not expressed any problem; it is more, they are happy to share with you their galleries. I ask only one thing.”

“Whatever, Your Majesty.”

“You’ll take care of the small Patuljak while Hilsa doesn’t come to pick up him and look for a husband who will care for and protect you both.”

“The child is my life; I won’t separate from him until his true mother comes to look for him. The man who wanted to sleep with me must accept this reality or he won’t enjoy my honey.”

“Goodbye, sweet nurse.” I kissed her lips and then I wiped the tears rolling down her cheeks. “I don’t know if we will meet again, but you’ll always be in my heart.”

“Goodbye, Queen Pulxer, I’ll never forget you.” Mad’he, tearfully, continued breast-feeding the child while I was leaving.

After leaving Mad’he, I went to the workshop where Syerska worked; she had something ready for my trip. When I arrived, the old seamstress bowed and gave a couple of dresses to the courtesan who accompanied me.

“Isn’t it a bit early, Madam? Any womb is haven’t seen yet.” Syerska asked.

“Get relaxed my old friend; I can assure you that I’ll put them on very soon.”

“Her Majesty is…”

“Not yet, goodbye Syerska.”

Courtesans conditioned my carriage in order I was comfortable when we stepped out at dawn to Maa-Alune. I knew what the journey lasted, so I get on ready to have a bumpy ride through those torrential rains and muddy roads. The fifteen warriors who accompanied me were women explicitly chosen for me, all of them were addicted fans for my venom, except Seti who kept the loyalty because our blood bond. Any of these courtesans would dismember who threaten my physical safety; they were as fierce as the wildest of beasts and as sweet to me as the most in love girlfriends. Those warriors wore so proud breastplates with feminine shapes; made ​​of non-magnetic metal which I think was called black bronze and they had the shape of her ample breasts topped with pointy nipples. They covered their heads with helmets decorated with colorful feathers of turkeys raised on our farms and wore sandals that showed their toenails painted red. They sand old love and war songs, of conquering princes who had the handkerchiefs of their lovers tied on the wrist, how courtesans sighed for the favors of the King and lie with him before the battle. They were songs with a strong sexual charge, that spoke how the was aroused them much as the idea of making love with the most beautiful of the champions and how they wanted to have children of their bravest commanders. At night we stopped and the warriors placed around the carriage like I’ve seen in my outward journey, it was pouring rain and some of the women had taken off their helmets to enjoy the water on their face and hair. I motioned Seti to approach the carriage.

“Seti, there is enough room for both here. You’ll catch pneumonia with so much water.”

“Don’t worry, Madam, we were raised to endure worse things, now I’ll deliver honey mead among the courtesans. When we go into heat we’ll be able to rest in the shelter of our canvas.” You could tell it made Seti feel very alive, who reminded old campaigns beside the king before being replaced by younger and more attractive courtesans, one of them was fruit of her womb. The certainty of having death close had changed her, she had rejuvenated and had become more daring, she enjoyed every little moment as if it were the last.

After a while, the ever watchful Seti shoved her hands into the carriage to put better the blanket that covered me as a mother would.

“Does your Majesty want I make to get on a young women to warm your bed? There’s one pretty and sweet who sure is to your liking.”

“I don’t doubt it, but isn’t necessary, many thanks. I’ll just accept that you enter my carriage, my family.”

“I won’t give you any contempt, but if I may Madam, I prefer to share the canvas with my warriors, long ago I had no such an exciting mission.”

“Alright, Seti, enjoy the mission all you can. I love you as you were my mother.”

“And I love as you were my daughter, Madam; if you want I sleep with you…”

“No, I want you to be happy and your happiness is with those girls.”

The second journey I started the process of transfiguration beginning by my face, I looked in the mirror while I was watching how my orange lips took the pink color typical of a normal woman. Inflating my belly and breasts was more difficult because I had to concentrate hard and endure great pain that started from the womb to the shoulders. Although I dropped a few tears because the pain, I didn’t scream, I didn’t want to show my weakness to the courtesans that accompanied me. Seti approached, worried for my silence, when she put her head into the carriage process had finished but I remained naked.

“Awesome Lady, you seem really pregnant, the most beautiful of all. Shall I help you to dress?”

“No need, my loyal an evil witch or something like that.”

“I understood Majesty.”

Despite the explanations of Seti, some expressions of puzzlement of those young courtesans were heard when they saw me getting off the carriage to relieve myself. Seti rebuked some of them because she didn’t want that Virgin Mothers found out the tramp that they would entrap in their home. In the last light of dusk we reached Maa-Alune, at the entrance a group of soldiers K’tmenü and S’ladan were waiting for us, while crossing the outer wall Seti helped me to get off the carriage. Once on the ground, my friend courtesan gave instructions to one of the young warriors to escort me.

“Wow, what a surprise.” I heard the voice of Mother Starica. “Pulxer is about to have a child. Excuse me, I mean Her Majesty is about to give a new son to the king Dislikg.”

“Precisely my visit was to congratulate you and see the new virgins Neitsi. And, of course, enjoy your hospitality and a Neitsi midwife who helped to give birth to my little warrior.”

“Then come with me, please, the path is a little long and in your state…”

“Don’t worry, beautiful Mother, I will endure perfectly. Incidentally, my sister…”

“Your sister…” She lowered her voice to not be heard by other people. “The kindhearted K’ntic is now the wife of a nobleman Firstten, in one of the islands of those people.”

“I was hoping to see her now that we cannot join. I wanted to share my happiness with my sister.”

“We did it for your sake, your Majesty, if all Neitsi joined without limit S’ladan expel us from Maa-Alune for fear of our powers. We must carry out a strict control of our birth rate to maintain a secure position within these rocks. Your Majesty can be quiet, Firsttens treat quite well their women especially if they are delicate jewels Neitsi like your sister.”

“I feel very sad.” Actually, my feeling was of anger, but I could do nothing, K’ntic was totally out of my reach.

“By the way Majesty, your dress is lovely, it suggests a nakedness that excites me a lot.” That vicious witch had no qualms about putting a hand inside my dress to touch one of my breasts while she was moaning lewdly.

“Oh thank you, it’s a design of an old S’ladan seamstress who is in Läkande’s palace workshops.” I had to answer politely despite the shamelessness of touching; she was still a living goddess who I had to respect.

“You are awesome!” I felt humiliated by this woman, if not raped, but had to keep playing my role a little more.

We had a good time walking the narrow galleries that had once been my sweet home; I missed a lot those torches, my companions Neitsi, girls with their princess dresses, the sweet fruit freshly picked from the tree that the vigorous collectors brought us. And, of course, the beautiful K’ntic of porcelain cheeks and tears of candy, my flesh, my impossible love, how far it was everything! At this very moment Seti was placing the internal troops and already awaited the arrival of the six cohorts of Toinen. Eventually, we come to a door that Mother Starica opened, and inspired and got ready to expel the drug from my bare back…

But when crossing that entry someone totally covered me with a blanket and immediately I felt a prick on my belly, I began to fall slowly while I heard the courtesan shouts and the movement in air that her sword was doing trying to end the threat…before faint just the cry of a girl and a very small baby was heard.

I do not know how long I remained unconscious. When I opened my eyes everything was dark, but I realized it was because the blanket with which I was neutralized was still covering my face. Despite the pain that I felt I could remove it from my head, what I’ve seen around me was chilling: I had before me the head of a man to whom I guess the courtesan who escorted me had separated from his body, Mother Kiseb laid inert on the ground with guts out, there was a young Neitsi of my age who had a baby in her arms completely hysterical weeping beside a crib, beyond the courtesan could be seen, she was gutted herself with her sword, they were the remains of an orgy of blood by my betrayal. Soon, they made the door drop, it was Seti, desperate.

“Majesty! Goods of Kirkia Balts, what do these sluts done you?”

“It hurts a lot, Seti.” I started to cry. “I do not want to die, please ask for help.”

“And the girl, Majesty?”

“She’s innocent; I can see it in her soul. Take her with the other young Neitsi.  Where is Mother Starica?”

“She isn’t here, she must she must have fled. Hold on, let me get a doctor.”

I fainted again on that floor. I do not know how long it was, on waking I was laid on a bed, between silk sheets. I wore a satin nightgown, I touched the wound, it had been sewn and it hurt a lot. Toinen was sitting in a chair beside the bed, smiled as seeing I opened my eyes, his reaction was to kiss me on the lips.

“Thank the gods you’re alive, Your Majesty, I don’t know what would have become of me if you didn’t survive.”

“What happened?”

“One of the courtesans has betrayed us, and we gutted her as punishment. Mothers knew by heart the whole plan; we served you on a platter without realizing it. The warrior could kill the troubadour who nailed you the dagger and Mother Kiseb before falling under the effects of the drug of Mother Starica.”

“Have you found the Mother Starica? I’m so stupid, when she touched me a boob I thought it was by vice and actually she did it to see if my pregnancy was real, I didn’t think that milk didn’t flow from my breasts “.

“She has fled; we have not found even though the soldiers have occupied the whole city and declared martial law. Maa-Alune will become province of Läkande today.”

“Do not deceive me, my son; I know what you want to do. If you do we’ll both die, we have no chance to defeat the King.”

“I will not let you die, you will meet with your sister and then you shall be my wife. No longer have any sense to keep your virginity.”

“I do not know where is my lovely K’ntic, now I do not care, I hope the Firstten treat her as good as she deserves because her infinite goodness. I no longer want to be neither goddess nor queen; I’m a stupid girl who doesn’t have the capability to govern in a nest of vipers. I just wish to stop being afraid, I don’t want to be scared anymore.”

“Do not suffer; I’ll look for an S’ladan family which takes care of you. My father will never find you, I will not let that your fear becomes a reality.”

“In that case, let me bless you.” I grabbed his hand and made him pick up one of my tears with his finger. “Suck on your finger.”

“Mmmm, it’s sweet, so sweet.”

“Will you wait for me until I’m ready to love you?”

“You know I do.”

“That may not happen…”

“I’ll risk. The prize worth it.”

After a while my unconditional Seti appeared, looking worried for my state. The veteran warrior had a shiny object in her hands.

“How do you feel Madam?”

“With you two close to me, much better. What do you carry in your hands?”

“We have found this in the cradle of the daughter of Mother Kiseb. I think it’s important.”

“Of course it is, Seti.” Toinen intervened. “It’s the Kronkol’s medallion, according to the S’ladan laws the wearer who has it on his neck has the responsibility of govern wisely Maa-Alune. I had only seen some pictures; I thought it was just a legend.”

“It is no legend.” I interrupted Toinen. “The Neitsi had hundreds, maybe thousands of seasons keeping this medallion. Now it’s yours by right of conquest, you’re the Kronkol of this underground city.”

“You can’t speak seriously, I don’t…”

“Seti, leave us alone, please.”

“Of course, Milady.” Seti obediently disappeared.

“Toinen, my son, your duty is to accept this gift of Providence.”

“From the moment it’s me who looks after you, you can’t call me soon anymore, you know that my love is different of what a man feels for his mother. I allow my wife only to hang me the medallion and the only wife I’ll accept it’s you.”

“Then come to bed and make me your wife.”

“Now you’re kidding me… Do you really accept me or is it another scam of yours?”

“I only ask you to be gentle with me; it will be difficult to do avoiding opening my wound.”

“Of course, darling, but you must say me the magic words.”

“I love you Toinen, I want you to make me yours…”

He undressed, I had already seen other hermaphroditic bodies but I still got amazed by their perfection and feminity, if it wasn’t for that small appendix which he had right on the top of the vagina it could be speak of an exuberant woman. Their internal fight between man and woman was legendary, so in some cases they got mad by their inability to be defined as one thing or another when the best thing about this race was its lack of definition.

“You have bigger breasts than mine!” I exclaimed as I reached out to touch them.

“Are you uncomfortable, my love?”

“Oh, no, you’re the most perfect creature conceivable.”

To touch such an extraordinary being and be able to lie with that gift of nature was a privilege, but Toinen wasn’t capable to understand all the grandeur that represented his condition in the evolution of the human species, we the Neitsi were threatened with extinction, but K’tmenüs will survive thousands or perhaps millions of seasons through their particular sexuality.

“You make me feel ashamed…” Toinen blushed, embarrassed to recognize his extreme feminity. “We presume of masculinity and are more women than men.”

“Then I’ll make you feel better, I don’t mind what’s your gender, remember that I’m giving away a lot more than my first time…come here my love, you are getting late to make me yours, my little woman.”

Starica the fugitive.

I ran through the secret passages, those that only were known by the Virgin Mothers and that led to the underground river that reached the western entrance to Läkande. I was very hungry and I had a grief that was drowning my chest, the death of Kiseb represented the disappearance of a part of me, a piece of me which I could not recover anymore. I was going down by the rows that would lead me to a small pier that hundreds of seasons ago a few workers S’ladan guided by one of my bodies built for an eventuality like this, some poor devils who died as a result of our poisons as soon as work was finished.

Before arriving at the pier, I ran into a closed door and a Neitsi maid who watched that escape route.

“Sekrè, open the gate.”

“Starica, my love, what happened?” Sekrè kissed my lips, as it was my third body, my wife only known by my poor Kiseb “Kiseb…”

“Kiseb is dead; Pulxer and Toinen have given a military coup in Maa-Alune. How is the harvest?”

“Great, you can see yourself.”

Sekrè, after closing the gate, lead me through a corridor that led to a large room where the best-kept secret of Virgin Mothers was: the delivery room of the blind mothers. For thousands of stations, no one has found out or didn’t want to realize that only two women could not give birth to all the Neitsi that could be seen in the galleries of Maa-Alune. The ban of maintain a census of women Neitsi was precisely based on the secret that was hidden in that room. In those dark rooms used to be between twelve and fifteen women who had lesbian relationships among them to get pregnant, these were the authentic reproductive mothers of Neitsi girls of Maa-Alune, they were girls who when they had their organs mature enough to procreate ‘disappeared” and ended up in these caves. To prevent that they escape we pull them out their eyes and put a secret Virgin Mother to watch them, feed them and help them to make sex with each other. The blind mother candidates tend to be precisely those who asked why not block away the number of Neitsi girls with the pregnancies of Virgin Mothers. Sekrè gave me clean clothes and some food, a sweet meat that I identified immediately.

“Have you had to sacrifice one of the girls?”

“Yes, a poor unfortunate who didn’t get pregnant, her vulva not even joined to the companion’s who has assigned.”

“There are too many mutations occurring lately, we have to tread more carefully with the lineages if we want to survive as a race.”

“Should I inoculate our mind on another girl?” Sekrè asked.

“Don’t get on the surface for a while, it’s too dangerous; you should transfigure to look for food only, I’ll solve this setback very soon.”

“What will you do, sweetheart?”

“I’ll go to see the king; I’ll help him to regain Maa-Alune and I’ll avenge Kiseb.”

“It’s very dangerous, this man is crazy.”

“His madness will be my ally. I’ll get the boat, in a half journey I’ll be in the access of the North of Läkande.”

“When you come back, come to find me, I got sick every time I have to blind some of the new one.”

“Soon we will be together again.” I kissed her, our exchange of poisons gave me a pleasure that I haven’t felt for several journeys.

After a while I took the boat to go down the underground river that would take me to the gates of Läkande, I had to navigate slowly among those rocks across secret and cold waters only knew by “us”. It was very deep and it was bitterly cold, to return to the impregnable Maa-Alune I would enter the royal troops by the caves of the Black Sands which they were also secret for everyone, the path to get there kept a terrible secret. As I had foreseen, reaching Läkande took me half a journey. The night was far advanced, I went through a forest that led to the northern entrance of the pierced mountains, it was raining hard; I knocked on the door of the wall:

“Why do you want to enter, Neitsi witch?”

“You must respect me, I’m Mother Starica; I’m the living goddess of Neitsi and S’ladan.”

“What will you give me if I let you go?” He grabbed my buttocks and put his hand under my panties. “I know that I can’t even undress nor kiss you, but if you’re sweet to me we can reach an agreement.”

“Maybe if the King does not know you’re abusing me you wouldn’t lose the hand which shamelessly touches my feminity.”

“The King?” He let me go immediately and smelled the hand that had touched me. “Sorry Madam, I beg your pardon, I myself shall lead you before His Majesty.”

“Do you see how we reached an agreement?” I kissed him. “I can also give you sweetness.”

“Thank you ma’am.”

That hermaphrodite    he put me on the back of a huge animal and then he got up too, we rode for a while among those amazing mountains that reached the sky. I was covered with a thick tarp to keep the rain off, while he held the reins of the beast with one hand with the other he held me tightly to prevent me to fall. As soon as we arrived at the palace gates, the rider stopped the animal and helped me to get down.

“I beg your pardon for my previous behavior; I don’t know what came over me.”

“Don’t worry; when we are wet we secrete a perfume scent that makes everyone crazy. What has happened may be in secret.”

“Now I must announce you, Lady.”

That warrior wore off for a while behind a door. After a while went back and took my hand.

“The King will see you now, ma’am.”


When I crossed the threshold, I entered a room of hug dimensions full of crossbowmen who were pointing me; the warrior who accompanied me immediately at the same time I felt a sharp blade in the neck and one arm holding me hard and kept me immobilized.

“Welcome to Läkande, Mother Starica, what do we owe the honor of your visit?”


“The same who holds you and who will nail his dagger in this beautiful neck if doesn’t get a satisfactory answer.”

“I’ve got information which can turn out interesting to your Majesty, I have come to the palace despite knowing I would receive this reception, not in vain you had ordered your young wife to kill me.”

“And as we see she has failed, is that stupid dead?”

“Far from it, my troubadour just wounded her, as a courtesan protected her with her own life.”

“I have to finish her work.”

“If you do, the information I have for you will get lost and I think your life is at stake.”

“Our live?”

“Pulxer and Toinen have betrayed you, now they must be ready to revolt against the Crown if they still haven’t.”

“To revolt?”

“I read it in the soul of Pulxer, all of this is part of a plot to invade Läkande from Maa-Alune and Gelann.”

“I think you’ve earned that we spare your life.” He let me go. “Can we do anything else for you, beautiful goddess?”

“At the moment, you could punish the warrior who has brought me to your presence, has tried to rape me as soon as I tried to cross the gates of Läkande. He has dared to touch my sacred feminity.”

“Consider him dead, Goddess. It’s blasphemy even in our land. Not even a king would dare touch a Virgin Mother without her permission.”

“I think we will become good friends, Your Majesty.”

“Dear Goddess, together we can face the threats that stalk you. I’ll renounce the medallion of Kronkol and you’ll be the supreme sovereign of Maa-Alune.”

“In that case, I know where to can enter the underground city without having to cross the walls.”

“Ah, really?”

“I’ve got the keys of the doors which open the entry galleries by the Black Sands beach.”

“Well, we’re wasting time…”


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