Chapter 16. Starting the colony.

It had been about two months since the landing of Lucien and Stefan in the safe zone of the planet Miracle. Then the colony already occupied almost a square kilometer, area representing about nine percent of schedule to the definitive colony. There was an agreement between the Atlantic Republic and the Chinese-Indian Republic to share the colony in order to establish a common a common space of collaboration and avoid irreversible ecological damage in this unspoiled environment. Beyond the eleven square kilometers allowed by the UN resolution for the colonization of space protected by rings, nothing else had the option of building in the spaces affected by the summers of more than fifty degrees and winter frosts that despite it was technologically feasible it was economically ruinous because the big quantity of energy needed to maintain a stable temperature in those spaces. Just there was some freedom in areas where shadow came and went, ambiguous situation that was used to install hydroponic florestes which used sunlight to produce vegetables to feed people and farm animals.
The big question everyone asked was why it was all so like Earth: plants and animals found around differed only slightly from that could be found on our planet, it indicated a common origin between the terrestrial and miraculian species; who had deposited them here? God? Did aliens? The scientists were unable to explain these facts and therefore believers began to develop creationist theories around this anomaly. Another anomaly was a sort of reptiles adapted to the desert which have been seen from an exploration slider, someone thought they were dinosaurs but the magnified images suggest a paranoid of more than of then meters long, what these beasts are fed in such a hostile environment?
In those days of feverish activity there was already in the camp bravo three and hundred fifty people working hard for the rest could be enjoying the Colony before a terrestrial month. In that vein, the ‘Ordinary Regulation of Colonization of Alien Territories’ of UN stated that an advisory board of four members should be constituted in order to call a general meeting as soon as all the staff of surface was installed in the Colony. These members represented the four agencies that had financed the project: Joana Radicova by ASA, Richard Foster by Newearth, Bishop Seamus O’Keefe by the Vatican State and Jan Mickiewicz by the Ministry of Defense. This advisory board was a provisional agency until the establishment of the Colonial Assembly, the only valid government’s authority in order to form a federal state of shared sovereignty for the Atlantic Republic and the Sino-Indian Republic. The formula chosen from UN was similar to the International District of Laos which had been almost forty working wonderfully.
“Good morning, gentlemen” Started talking the newly promoted Rear Admiral Mickiewicz “Once established the advisory board, start with the agenda.”
“Dear Rear Admiral, from the ASA we would be interested to know when will the Colony be operative and with all staff working on it” inquired Mrs. Radicova.
“If everything goes as planned, we will complete the installation of the basic buildings within the next twenty-seven terrestrial days if the weather does not prevent it; yesterday we had to stop work because the violent storm that fell and broke some of our equipments. You already know that although it is the only area where Alpha Centauri A doesn’t burn the surface in summer, we will be exposed to storms and cyclones periodically due to thermal differences occurring on the planet. Even so, we have an advantage of two weeks regard to the timing scheduled from Earth, so I can say that there are good prospects.”
“Excellent” Foster said, “Now let’s continue the bureaucratic part, the staff of surface knows perfectly their work, they were trained for that.”
“Very well,” continued Mickiewicz” The agenda begins with the administrative concessions, the issue that most interests the group Newearth…”
“For the administration of the new territory, I propose that the area of private management of the colony could be the seventy-five percent of the area allocated by United Nations.” Foster began to speak. “The consortium will pay a generous rent that will meet the needs of the other twenty-five percent.”
“I don’t see it coherent, Mr. Foster; I think the concessions to the consortium would have to be assessed case by case and not in a territorial pack. You should keep in mind that a Sino-Indian expedition must arrive and they will also want their part of the cake “Mickiewicz’s response angered Foster, who looked at the bishop as if he was doing him a sign.
“I think it’s time to vote.” The bishop O’Keefe intervened. “So we will clarify the position of the majority.
“I think we’re rushing, Monsignor, this should be decided in general assembly.” Mickiewicz answered.
“We are a representative assembly” Radicova said entering the conversation “Each of us here we take care of the interests of the organizations that have appointed us, in fact we are a shareholders meeting.”
“Let’s vote then” Bishop O’Keefe repeated in a tone quite imperative. “Who agrees to the rent of seventy-five percent of the territory of the colony is granted to the consortium Newearth to start their economic operations raise his hand.”
Mickiewicz was in the minority, being the only one that didn’t raise his hand to approve this abusive concession which went against the rights of people who constituted the Colony. He sensed that they had agreed before the meeting to take over the colony, it was very clear who shall rule on that corner of that planet thereafter.
Throughout the three hours they were together, Mickiewicz lost in each and every one of the ratings proposed, concluding that the Colony was born corrupt, they had just exported the housing bubble outside the solar system. Selfishness and speculation had been cast as stowaways on Santa Maria and nobody could stop it. Within the next months that advisory board continued to treat the colony like a private property against the helpless eyes of the rear admiral Mickiewicz, the celebration of the of the general assembly was “indefinitely” postponed leaving the colonists without anybody representing them.
New life on the planet.
During the months which that sinister gang poisoned by a conspiracy of dark interests was getting the economic power of the Colony, there was a wave of marriages in the planet, as was already planned. The many members of the Order of the Soldiers of the Faith which had caused the small catholic chapel of the military zone worked intensely in those days and that the bishop decided to build a cathedral in the civil area to meet the religious needs of more than more than four hundred Catholics who reside in the Colony. Although the Catholic majority of settlers, there were numerous protests by the fact of using so many square meters and material resources to a building of a reduced utility in an area limited by the UN. There were many atheists, Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists and people of other religions who didn’t understand that favorable treatment to the diocese instituted by Bishop O’Keefe.
Lucien and Suzanne were one of the first couples to marry, the agnostic Bavarian had to give up as regarded the issue of religious marriage and agreed to marry in a Catholic ceremony in the small chapel of the base. The next morning, they decided to take some time to look at the sky from the roof of their rented cabin in the residential area.
“I regret to not being able to go on honeymoon.” Lucien told to Suzanne with an expression of frustration. “Perhaps I could steal a bravefrog go visit any corner of the planet outside the colony.”
“Nonsense honey, we couldn’t get off We would see things through a window. Besides, look what a wonderful sky, I had never seen a red sun came out at night or the fringe that rings show, and this is the best honeymoon that anyone could imagine.”
“At least the price is as expensive as a five star hotel, two thousand eurollars per month a month rent for this cabin of twenty-five square meters.”
“Two thousand? It’s the salary of a month.”
“Fortunately with my promotion my payroll is better, I’m already a Naval Officer. I have been granted the rank of Corvette Captain.”
“Do you know if I’ll be also promoted?”
“Perhaps whether you love me until the day when the stars shut off and the air freeze around us.”
“Then I must be already Admiral, I overcome it extensively.”
“All in good time. The rear admiral accepted to promote you to navy lieutenant, but I didn’t say you anything.”
“What you have not told me?”
“Will you bishop get scandalized if we make love in this roof? On this corner no one sees us.”
“If it is to have children, maybe not.”
“Well, we lose time … how many do you want?”
“Do not presume stallion…”
Regarding the military ranks, Lucien had had become second commander on the scale after the rear admiral on the planet’s surface. The Santa Maria ship was commanded by Michael Lagarde who also had recently been promoted to Corvette Captain as Lucien. The ship would remain in Miracle’s orbit until another one arrive to replace it, although there is a module that will return to Earth as soon as have been decided the places of people who choose not to start a new life in Miracle. Once established an aerospace bridge between the ship and the planet, the next step was to deploy a satellite system that would facilitate communication and orientation on the surface, because when ended the summer the various expeditions to explore the planet would and research groups needed the best coverage to not to not to miss in that that huge extension without roads nor airports. The module of Lucien and Suzanne was in the private management area but very near the base, reason why he was walking to his office, that day noticed that one of the corners of that kind of bungalow made of plastic and nonmagnetic metals; he went back inside and went to look for Suzanne.
“Suzanne, I want you to look at one thing, or this module isn’t properly seated or I’m getting paranoid.”
“Does it have to be now? I’m not dressed.” She was still wearing her nightgown.
“Put on a coat and go outside.” Lucien was really worried; Suzanne was alarmed to see the unusual seriousness of her husband.
“Okay, I get out now.”
They both came out, it really gave the impression that this module had sunk a few inches on one side remaining a corner under the surface level.
“Well, you’re right, this house is sinking.”
“Get dressed; I don’t want you to stay in here while this module is sinking.”
“But what about our stuff?”
“I will collect them later; we’ll sleep at the base until the problem is fixed.”
When Lucien got a room for both at the base, took a car to go to Miracle Rent, company which operated the rent of cabins of the civil area. Miracle Rent occupied a modular building on the southernmost part of the colony, sheltered from possible hurricane; this company was a subsidiary of the multinational CBI that built and rented properties both on Earth and on planets and satellites where there were human populations. Lucien went into those offices and spoke with the front desk person.
“Hello Miss, I’m the corvette captain Lucien Gerhard, I come to make a claim.”
“What is it, Captain?”
“The cabin we have rented is sinking by one of the sides.”
“Don’t worry Sir, today a salesperson will look for you at the base with the keys of a new home in good conditions. The company has established that when a problem of this type occurs automatically a new module is assigned to the tenant and a minimum compensation of one month’s rent.”
“Oh Great, you’re very kind, thank you very much.”
“We always give good service to our tenants; our goal is that the customer gets the best deal for the price he pays. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.”
“Thank you, goodbye.”
As the lovable girl in the office said, at the end of his working day a salesperson went to the base to pick up Suzanne and Lucien to lead them to a new module. The new module was very close to Miracle Rent offices and had a better quality than the other one.
“I much prefer this area, Lucien, although we are a little far from our job.”
“No problem, we have some electric vehicles in the garage of the base without using. I’m going to look for one right now to pick up the stuff from the other module and bring them here.”
“All right, love, here the roof is visible to everyone, we won’t be able to do ‘things’ as in the other.”
“How cheeky you are, Suzanne…”
The couple immediately moved to the new module. But Lucien suspected that theirs was not an isolated case, so he decided to commission a couple of men of the Naval Police Naval to guard the area of prefabricated dwellings just in case there were more incidents in these modules; an issue can be a mistake, if it’s systematic could be an offence, because in case of a hurricane some dwellings not properly secured in the ground could cause a catastrophe of a magnitude difficult to imagine.


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