Miracle at Hell – Chapter 14 –

Chapter 14. The Hellish Season.

After the wedding, the season of Hell came, a brutal summer that forced us to hide inside the holes of our mountains during the light of day. After the traumatic wedding night that gave me my beloved King I remained long in a state of total absence; I looked like a spirit of the night which sauntered through luxurious galleries excavated in the mountains of Southern Läkande that constituted our palace quarters. King replaced me immediately by a younger courtesan; I guess a demented in his bed was enough, although his madness was a hundred times bigger than mine even though it was not so obvious.

All experiences that I’m going to explain you are of second hand because I don’t remember any details of all of those journeys of madness or better said of absence of myself. People that surrounded me and were witnesses of that blank time reminded me always smiling, I entertained me stroking my son; nevertheless I spoke nothing and ate very little. It seems that I only let Pulxer, my mother and Mad’he touch me touch. I behaved like a small girl, service’s women bathed and fed me whenever Pulxer managed to I let them to approach me. We were alone with the service because the King didn’t want to approach Pulxer, because that damn coward knew the she were acquiring more control of her disturbing powers. The only contact we had with the outside was my brother/stepson Intip who came to see us when the yellow and killer sun was hiding behind the Pierced Mountains.

“Good evening, I came to see if you needed anything.” It was the introducing phrase that Intip always used as an excuse to come see me. It was curious his devotion of visiting a woman in an almost vegetable state that hardly looked at him, but in some way I felt his warmth and how he transmitted me love that a person with the use of the use of all of her faculties hardly could experience.

“Intip, my son, you know that the servants will find all we need.” Pulxer always responded with a smile, because enjoyed seeing how that hermaphrodite suffered about me, how was impatient for the arrival of the day when I’d regain my sanity. “I know well that you come to see my Hilsa.”

“Hilsa seems happier now; her pregnancy begins already to get noticed a little. Don’t you think that she is more beautiful so?”

“I wish it was not noticed for a little longer.”

Why do you say that? What’s up?”

“The King has repudiated her because her craziness, without royal support I won’t be able to avoid that Kirkia Balts’ priest comes to take the child to feminize.”

“Can they feminize a king’s son?” Intip asked.

“Only if he is hermaphrodite.”

“What do you mean?”

“The baby who Hilsa will give birth will be female.”

“No, that’s not possible, K’tmenü born hermaphrodites, what makes you think it will be a girl?”

“It was my fault, when I walked into the mind of Hilsa to find out what had happened, her belly was freshly fertilized by the King, the embryo received so much of my fluids that it’s more Neitsi than K’tmenü. I realized this after a few journeys when I saw that her period didn’t come, I swear that I didn’t know that she was pregnant, I just want her to recover.”

“Can’t you reverse the spell?”

“You do not understand it, this is not witchcraft. Neitsi Virgins are creatures that secrete fluids naturally, it is how we survive because we are so delicate that a blow could kill us, what you call powers is pure chemistry.”

“Then, if we allow the baby born here they’ll kill Hilsa for treacherous and they’ll surely execute you for not telling the King.”

“They cannot do anything to me, I’m the Queen, and at most I’ll receive a warning from my husband. But I suffer about Hilsa; we must take her somewhere where it is safe.”

“I’ll run away with her. Nobody will do any harm to Hilsa.”

“You? Do not make me laugh; you are the heir to the crown. Would you give up your inheritance for a crazy slave? Are you willing to lose everything for a woman who perhaps will never be conscious enough to love you? And if she wakes up, will she accept an incestuous relationship with her ​​brother?”

“I’d give up my life and my corner in the Garden of Balts Kirkia to feel her tender and moist lips once. Regarding incest, I am the son of a Neitsi; my children won’t suffer the diseases that often suffer the children engendered between siblings. You can see that the small Patuljak is born of incest and is perfectly normal. ”

“Where will you go? Maa-Alune is far and infested with soldiers K’tmenü working for your father, and also nowhere to hide from the yellow sun. The heat is already very strong; Hilsa would die dehydrated in a few mikas in this so extreme climate.”

“Then there is only one place to go.” Intip meant Gelann.

“No, you are the son of King Dislikg Hani, the gelannists would kill you just entering their territory. Your life will not be worth anything in that den of rebels. ”

“I decided to join the guerrillas Gelann and cease to be a Hani, this name is infamous because it represents the destruction of all that is beautiful in our land and so I disclaim it. From now on I’ll be Intip Baru, in honor to the first man who rebelled against the power of my ancestors. Hilsa will become my lawful wife as soon she recovers her sanity. She will be a free woman and I’ll love her until my body is ready to be burned on a funeral pyre, I don’t want another woman, and I don’t want a live without my redheaded goddess.”

“Since you’re so determined, I’ll help you to escape. Mad’he, look for peasant clothes, man and woman, sure the service has something that can be useful.”

“What do you want to do?”

“Shut up and get naked. Seti, please undress your daughter.”

As soon as I was naked, Pulxer applied her hands on me and in a moment I was turned into an old woman with white hair and wrinkled skin. While my mother was wearing me, the Queen used the same spell on Intip. Once we looked like an old couple, we were ready to flee in the darkness of night.

“Hurry up, the effect of transfiguration last a journey at most, then will go back to being you. The child will stay with us, I don’t want to put him on risk in this adventure, and I can protect him in my chambers from the King’s wrath.”

“We will leverage the night, before dawn we’ll be already under the protection of the White Caves, which are in no man’s land.”

“Take all the food you can.”

Thankfully, Intip kissed Pulxer on her cheek; his transfigured face was the one of an old man with tears in his eyes but she could clearly see his young spirit inside.

“Never come back, at least while your father stay alive. Look after Hilsa and give her the love that has not found in Läkande. If she regained her sanity, contact the Pelakurs to see how we can make Patuljak get where you are.”

“Thank you, I’ll never forget you.”

“Go away at once, is about nightfall.”

The Queen saw us leave and felt like a piece of her soul died. Pulxer was the victim of the inner struggle between what her mind said and her heart felt, and although the small Neitsi had decided to do what dictated her mind, he couldn’t avoid feel a pure and generous love toward us. The next morning Läkande would have again a perverse queen but that day the weeping Neitsi would share her deep grief with Seti and Mad’he.

The escape.

We arrived just in time to protect ourselves under the shelter of the White Caves before the sun started to heat in a deadly way. We were totally exhausted by the effort; we drop inside one of the deepest and coolest crevices. The Transfiguration not only made ​​us look old but it made us feel really weak like we were an elderly couple. Hilsa, despite looking like an old woman, was still a beautiful woman, or at least my eyes showed me this way. After we settled into the cave I waited for her to fall asleep and then I fell asleep hugging her, for the first time I felt the warmth of her skin although it was that flesh transfigured to old woman.

We slept for a long time and to open my eyes again I had to light a torch because it was dark, but Hilsa wasn’t beside me. I went to the entrance of the cave and there she was, sat on the edge of the cliff with their feet dangling in the air. I took her by the waist to keep from falling and noticed that she was a young woman again; I had also gone back to my real age. She looked at my eyes and then rested her head on my chest.

“Where is my little one?” They were the first words that she pronounced from what had happened on her wedding with my father.

“Pulxer, Mad’he and your mother take care of him. My little brother is now the world’s happiest creature.”

“Will I ever be able to hug him?”

“When everything is over, my life, now is more secure in the arms of Mad’he, I am not too sure that gelannists accept us too enthusiastically and I didn’t consider safe to bring him with us. Remember that both of us have killed a lot of revolutionaries who now I want them to embrace us.”

“Why we run away?”

“Because you’re pregnant from the King, but the fruit of your womb wouldn’t be liked by my father. It’s a female, surely of Neitsi looking.”

“A girl Neitsi?”

“It seems that Pulxer transfigured unintentionally the fetus with one of her witchcraft practices, she says it’s a chemical reaction.”

“It fills me of hope, in some way I’m happy of having got a part of Pulxer in my belly.”

“Dou you love her? I mean like…”

“Yes, I love and desire Pulxer as you imagine, you have to live with this reality and with that I love also your father despite what he made me during the seasons we shared the bed.”

“It’s difficult to share the woman who you with so many people.”

“Do not worry, my love. What I feel for them it’s just a kind of animal attraction, nothing spiritual, is a burning lust that I feel in my belly which I try to appease. While I’ve been away from me I felt your passion, I have felt your pure desire when you touched me, your blush when you saw me naked, the trembling of your body when you’re close to me. There’s something inside me that makes me love you in a way that I didn’t know, somehow you make me feel a special woman.”

“It is that you are a special woman.”

“Intip, you really are an extraordinary being, you have sacrificed your crown and perhaps your life for me. You have known to wait me and had got the courage of the courage to separate me from a death to which I gladly would have faced to end the terror which consumed me. The purity of your heart has restored my life lost when your father became me her slave, a whore to whom terrorize every night.”

“But you must know I want to kill my father.”

“You shall not kill my children’s father if you love me. Let him to write his own fate, someone more powerful than him is on the way.”

“How do you know it?”

“I just know, in my dreams I’ve seen a Firstten with the power of thunder, men flying hidden in the bowels of giant metal birds and much more … For now, what you need to know is that your task isn’t kill our father.”

“I think these dreams are the result of the illness that has kept you silent all this time.”

“Maybe, but I don’t want you kill our father. You have to promise.”

“Whether I can’t kill him, what must I do then?”

“You must go for peace, let all the peoples of the world live in mutual respect and harmony. You’re called to join the peoples of the world and make the newcomers of the stars I’ve seen in my dreams respect them.”

“You ask me for something impossible. They’re many seasons of enmities among races. And about the newcomers of the stars and metal birds, maybe you should interpret the result of the disorder that Father inflicted you.”

“A person in love is capable of the most amazing things; prove it to me at the same way that time will show you that all I’ve seen is true.”

“So be it, and you, will you be my wife?”

“When we are in Gelann you’ll find the answer that you crave for so long. When you hear the words from my lips I want you respect the decision of a free woman and the mother of two of your siblings, from your own sister.”

“I will accept it…silence, I heard a noise.” I put a finger on her lips. There are wild keldis.

We observed keldis silently; there were four or five animals. The keldis were ferocious beasts, when they weren’t domesticated devoured anything that will be put forward them. This time they were butchering a person of small stature, which may be a fugitive S’ladan or an irresponsible hunter, it was difficult to distinguish because it was dark and the animals had given a good account of the poor wretch. Fortunately, keldis could not climb to the cave where we were because they could not climb the rock with their hooves. We decided we would expect them to leave with a full stomach and we would continue our trip to Gelann. After a long time, the keldis left with the pieces that remained of that unfortunate in their mouth, surely to  feed her litter, it just remained a blood stain on the ground. Once the threat got away we went ahead, we must arrive before dawn if we did not wanted to bake in because our skin was not as thick as the bark of trees in that ghost forest.

With the first light of day we arrived to the walls of Gelann, which had resisted along twenty seasons the attacks from the legions of my father, those which had risen against the tyranny of the Hani since time immemorial. The door was open but two soldiers were guarding the entrance.

“Identify yourselves; this entry cannot be crossed by anyone who isn’t gelannist”

“Have mercy on us.” I answered. “We’re fugitives from Läkande, if we do not get shelter before the yellow sun starts to heat we will die.”

“Who are you?”

“I am Intip Baru and she my fiancée, Hilsa Pelakur.”

“Do you promise to defend the freedom of all K’tmenü regardless of their condition?”

“We promise.”

“Intip Baru, Do you disown your father Dislikg Hani?” Although the guard had recognized me didn’t prejudged us.

“I disown.”

“Then entry freely and integrate in Gelann’s country.”

Be become Gelannists ever since, we cross the walls holding hands, she rested her head on my shoulder.


“Yes, my love?”

“I’ve already decided. But I want you to know that ours is an incestuous love.”

“I know, but nobody else has to know that we are half brothers. I’ll look for a priest to marry us.”

“What about my children?”

“They shall also be my children; the small girl should never know that she’s my sister and niece at the same time. Do you think she would mind…?”

“Only if you are gentle with me.”

“I swear that your body will not suffer violence anymore, I’ll worship you as a goddess…”

Just live Läkande, Gelann’s peninsula was crowned by mountains and hills drilled by a huge amount of galleries. We’ve just had to look for a free one and became it our home, our neighbors helped us to close it with an improvised door, and I hadn’t ever met friendlier people, especially a woman of a certain age.

“What is your name, gentle lady?”

“Fena, my dashing Intip. I appreciate your courtesy, but I prefer you treat me with more familiarity, as I see you more as a son than as a stranger.”

“And why I deserve such a special treatment?”

“I was also a soldier of Läkande and I saw the light, now I’m a Woman of Gelann who wants to help all victims of the Mad King.”

The visit of the King.

On the journey which followed the escape of Intip and Hilsa we received the visit of king Dislikg, that hermaphrodite was furious, his face was menacing. Firstly soldiers of his personal guard stormed opening violently the door and as soon as they crossed it aimed me with their crossbows from a very short distance, one of them pointed me almost touching my right eye. After them came the King, wearing his armor and his helmet of war.

“What do we owe the honor, Your Majesty?”

“Do you really don’t know or you pretend to be stupid?” His gaze paralyzed me; terror began to climb from the belly until collapsing my chest.

“I do not understand this way of treating me, Sire; I’m your faithful wife.” I began to mourn, as I leaned with total submission, almost touching the ground with my head. That man or woman made me feel insignificant while a cold sweat covered all my body.

“If you lie to us, we’ll order the soldiers to shoot you with their crossbows; don’t dare to take off your cloak to hypnotize us.”

“I wouldn’t think so, Sire, I’m your slave, your toy.” My submission was totally sincere, fear festering inside my body; I felt how a few drops of urine were released without that I could control this involuntary reflex. My own inability to keep my fluids made ​​me mourn even more, gradually the urine stain of my dress was growing helplessly.

“Look at her well, maybe it will be the only time you will see a Neitsi pissing on her for the terror caused by her husband. Maybe it’s true or perhaps she deceives us, and she misleads us, how can we find out?”

“I wouldn’t dare to deceive you, Majesty, despite the shame I feel for recognizing I’m very scared. I beg you ask your men to lay down their arms.”

“Aim well the witch and if she tries to take off her mantle shoot to her face and her breasts.”

“Please Sire.” I knelt. “I beg you let the small Patuljak go to another room.”

“I will not harm my son, the nurse can take him.”

“Mad’he, you may leave with the child.” Although I noticed that Mad’he didn’t like to leave me with those beasts, her responsibility as a nurse weighed more and took the little one to her chamber.

“Now, sweetheart Pulxer, you can start by telling us where my son and your Grevinna went.”

“I ignore it Majesty, they disappeared at night.”

“We know you’re lying, but we can’t prove, we could make you use your powers to Seti but surely you would poison us before.”

“A crazy girl with a prince not go unnoticed, Sire, whoever will be able to say you that they didn’t come out of here.”

“You could have transfigured them, you have many powers.”

“Your Majesty knows how to remove these powers, I no longer want them. You can take my virginity now if you wish.”

“We need your powers to get hold of the medallion Kronkol, yet your treachery will not go unpunished. There are many ways to make you pay the cooperation you have given to Intip.” He approached Seti and drew his dagger.

“No, Majesty Seti has had nothing to do.” I tried to avoid that King did hurt my faithful servant. “I swear with my life.”

“It’s not what you think, right Seti we’ve played this?”

“Yes Lord, I am your slave.”

“You’re still a beautiful woman.” The King ripped the Seti’s dress with his dagger; she closed her eyes with expression of pain. When her dress fell and she got naked, I saw how blood came from a wound made by cutting the fabric. “These breasts already know our dagger.”

“Yes, Majesty, you cut the nipple of my right breast, now I offer you the left.”

“This time I just want you to show us your submission, what are you?”

“I’m a shit, a bitch and a slut that not even worth your spit. I’m lucky of having received fluids from my lord and master…”

“Show us.” The King pulled down his pants. “Your mouth is ours.”

For a while Seti endured a series of unimaginable humiliations, was raped, beaten and urinated by the King and by the soldiers who accompanied him. With a whole series of vexations my body reacted with arcades and spasms, the terror became hysteria and hysteria illness; I felt an involuntary empathy that processed Seti’s suffering inside me: I felt her pain, her shame; my eyes dropped tears that the brave warrior didn’t want to give to their aggressors. My vagina was bleeding by the penetrations that she received, revulsion of feeling the taste of urine and semen of King and soldiers made ​​me vomit, the blows that impacted on the body of Seti echoed in my face and my belly. Finally finished the long torture, the two women rested lying on the ground; we were already waiting for those animals to leave, but before King said his last sentence:

“This is a warning.” He said menacingly. “Today our son Toinen come to watch you, if he tells us something that is not to our liking, we will kill Seti.”

Having said that they went, as farewell the King kicked Seti, which does not even move. I tried to get up, but I felt a great pain in my whole body, I finally got to stand up and walk where my warrior courtesan was.

“Seti, sorry, I have failed. I’m a stupid girl who is afraid to die.”

“It’s me who failed; the King forced you more than to me. With all this horror he raped you using my body and that beast already knew that it would happen.” Ignoring her own pain she sat me on her lap to caress me. “I’m a failure as a mother; I have failed to protect my daughter and you. So I will die soon.”

“Have you seen it?” I realized that, at the time to hug, she also had felt a premonition that had appeared on my mind. “Sorry you shared that picture; it sometimes happens that when a feeling is so intense the person who touches you also feels it.”

“When will it happen? I should put my affairs in order.”

“These things are presented without much clarity.” I replied with complete sincerity. “I only see the man I love incinerating your body, a man I don’t know yet.”

After a while, Mad’he came running to us, the young woman froze at seeing our state.

“What have they done to my ladies?”

“Mad’he.” Seti answered. “Take the Lady Pulxer and bath her. Tonight it will me who looks after my grandson…”


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