Miracle at Hell – Chapter 12 –

Chapter 12. Pulxer, the Queen.

I got off that carriage with the help of Hilsa; the King was right in front and held also a hand for helping me. That man? Woman? He was a bit shorter than Hilsa; he/she had also woman face and his/her clothes hinted at very busty.

“Welcome, beautiful Goddess, we would be happy to know your name because soon we will be husband and wife.” The voice of the King also had a feminine softness hidden behind a form of speaking pretended male and his pedantic majestic plural.

“My name is Pulxer, Your Majesty.”

“My fiercest courtesan tells me that you could explain us why she can’t dress her warrior’s armor.”

“I’ve requested her as a wife, as I suppose you know according to the ancient common tradition if a future queen of Neitsi origin chooses to have also the love of a woman has the right to marry her and have sex. It’s my wedding present to you, the most beautiful courtesan of the kingdom who will accompany in your bed the lonely nights, a female jewel that both can enjoy as a couple. ”

“Then we will marry you both, you shall be our Queen and she our slave Grevinna.”

“Slave?” The surprise of Hilsa was huge. I saw on her face how cheated she felt, like is she was treated as a whore.

“Yes, lush Hilsa, so that you can’t wear anything that identify you as a free warrior, your new role shall be to give pleasure to us and the Queen, and also give birth to our children.”

“You enjoin Sire.” Hilsa responded with humility, in fact as a courtesan se was practically a slave of the King. It did not matter the adjective used to it, in fact the Real Grevinna condition was the closest thing to the title of King’s wife a tough warrior could aspire doesn’t matter how pretty she was.

“But of course, dear and precious princess Pulxer, there is a condition.”

“What, sire?”

“You will stay virgin forever and shall put your powers to the service of our country; you’ll not know any man and you’ll join a Neitsi when the time comes. You’ll help us to become the Kronkol S’ladan and you’ll be the Virgin Mother of Maa-Alune.”

“It will be an honor Majesty; I’ll protect my virtue with life if necessary. I’ll be your goddess alive and will provide Läkande with new virgins Neitsi to magnify your throne.”

“Don’t be so sad, Hilsa” The King said “Look who was waiting for you.” Two courtesans brought a small child who seemed to just start walking. ”

“My little!” Hilsa ran toward that child and showered him with hugs and kisses.

I noticed her eyes full of tears, the young woman had another weak point from I could take advantage later if needed. The truth was that to be a fierce warrior and ruthless killer was pretty sappy. But more than disappointed, I felt tenderly for that selfless love that could only be understood by a mother who had had a child in her womb.

“The small Patuljak live in your quarters from now, is our real desire” I knew it was part of the deal with Hilsa to wheedle me ant that child would become prince the day of the wedding, luckily I had saved in my head a good part of the King’s plan, at least the part that this silly had understood.

“Thanks Majesty, I swear to obey you blindly to death, I now would cut my own throat if you ordered me.”

Hilsa spoke in a funereal way, as if she didn’t expect that her beloved King would keep his promise, in fact I already knew that she feared he would kill her at the first opportunity. I could clearly see that this gorgeous warrior wasn’t used to the intrigues of the nobility as to realize she could use her feminine wiles as she used the war’s ones. She wasn’t yet aware that playing to kill other soldiers had been finished to her, she must understand that she had passed to play in the field of those who rule and she still thought as a courtesan half slave who got into bed with the King. That confusion of feelings could may be useful for my intentions of returning to Maa-Alune and reunite again with K’ntic, I had the advantage that no one could read my mind and the King didn’t find out that he had uncovered the box of thunder.

“Impulsive Hilsa” spoke the King “We see that you still speak like you wear a shell metal of warrior and not a silky dress of princess. Cannot you see, precious Hilsa, which we the King will take you as Grevinna? How do you plan to give birth to our children if you die? ”

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty, maybe I’m a woman too inelegant to belong to royalty, warriors and courtesans Pelakur Clan raised me on the battlefield with a double-edged sword, and automatic crossbow as toys.”

“So you’ll have a pretty wife who will teach you all you have to know, right Pulxer?”

“Of course sire. Shall be a pleasure to instruct Hilsa in the life of palace, I promise that the wedding’s day she will surprise all the guests.”

“Now you can go, the palace’s servants will lead you to your comfortable chambers” Hilsa followed the servants carrying her little Patuljak on her arms, I was behind them all.

I was preoccupied thinking about how to assemble the puzzle of my conspiracy. We were accommodated in a group of chambers very spacious; there were a couple of bedrooms, a hall, a living room, a bathroom and a dining room. The service looked very attentive, we had a group of servants or maids who were totally at our disposal, including the child had a wet nurse who breast-feeded and cared for him.

The next step was to see whether I used or not that innocent child in my purposes. That small boy could be very useful if I wished to have Hilsa fully controlled, because the love that assures she feels for me may be a sham as the same way the fact that she had become so sensitive as my stupid and fearful sisters Neitsi; it wasn’t logical that she had changed from cutting gelannists necks to crying like a fool for any stupidity. I started by asking a service member who did come to a seamstress, after a while a vey petite woman and of a certain had come.

“What would your Highness like?” The old woman said.

“You’re not K’tmenü, right?” It was more to make conversation than for being interested about her race, I saw clearly that she was S’ladan.

“No Ma’am, I’m an artisan S’ladan, the King made ​​me to come from our sacred underground city many seasons ago. I’m so old that my nose line no longer grows since the last time I epilate me.”

“What is your name, wise S’ladan?”

“Syerska, Lady. I’ll be at your service for all that you ask me, I’ve been dressing exotic goddesses like you during many generations and getting the most performance of queens K’tmenü’s beauty.”

“Listen, Syerska, I need you retouch these four dresses”. I pointed a pile of clothes that there was on a chair. “I want you cut them so that let my back naked, from the neck and shoulders up to almost touching the buttocks.”

“So, if Your Highness is so friendly, you’ll try on right now and I’ll do the appropriate markings. Have you been thinking about the wedding dress, lady? We have one very nice at the workshop that will surely be to your liking.”

“Then prepare two equals, one for me and one for Hilsa. We’ll be two spectacular brides.”

“As Your Highness wish, we will weave one like it for the future Royal Grevinna, tomorrow you’ll have here and we will adjust you both.”

Next day, the diligent Syerska brought two dresses to try on; a small dress for me and a bigger one for Hilsa but both had the same cut and color. The seamstress put me on with her skilled hand, quickly caught the shape of my body and with a few pins had an accurate idea about how the dress should fit.

“Your Highness will take that hair or an updo?”

“I had not thought about it, what would you do, Hilsa?”

“Whatever you do you’ll be captivating… but I would do an updo for all to see your pretty face of girl.”

“You see Syerska, how convenient it is to marry a woman.”

“But that is only a privilege of virgin Neitsi, Lady, in Maa-Alune if an S’ladan woman falls in love with another woman just become fodder for dogs.” That skilled artisan had the insolence of those who by their age hasn’t got anything to lose. That woman knew she was too precious to be liquidated by the fact of blurting a disrespectful comment.

Then was the shift of, from the very beginning Syerska had problems with her, too tall, too thin, too big breasts…too much woman. Even though, the great experience of that old S’ladan found the perfect touch to my future wife.

“I should go to the wedding with the breastplate” Hilsa protested. “I feel ridiculous with this princess clothes, with all these artifices of silk and chiffon.”

“Did you think that belonging to the royalty is easy? Your beauty also forces you to make the most of you, the court must gape with your voluptuousness, and everyone should envy the fate of the king to can have in his bed a woman like you.”

Just when Syerska took off to Hilsa her dress, Intip, who was the eldest son of the King Dislikg and heir of the Crown, broke into the chamber. At seeing naked Hilsa, he froze; he barely able to utter a word without looking away from that miracle of nature, the beautiful warrior covered herself ashamed. In the eyes of the young man I saw that Hilsa and him already knew, as they had been comrades in arms, and if she had not been courtesan of the King possibly they would have ended up together.

“Sorry Ladies, I did not know you were trying on dresses, I’ll come back later.” He said unable to look away from Hilsa, which still covered her breasts with shame while her cheeks blushed. It could be sensed an attraction more spiritual than sensual.

“Be quiet, boy.” I called boy to a man (or woman) who was much older than me. “Hilsa is not very different from you, all K’tmenü have breasts, and also she will soon your mother. What did you want? ”

“I wanted to communicate to Your Highness and the future Royal Grevinna real that the wedding will be tomorrow evening, when the sun orange sets.”

“You can tell your father that their wives will be there for the Sacred Ceremony …”

The afternoon of the great day, a courtesan escort picked us up to take us to the Temple, Hilsa wore that dress so lovely despite the vicissitudes of Syerska. The nurse was ten steps behind us; she had the little Patuljak hooked to a breast. We entered the temple together, hand in hand, her eyes were tearfully, but those tears didn’t seem of happiness; we walked along the corridor between the benches at the sight of all attendees to the altar, where the King was waiting for us.

“You are beautiful” Said the King “Pulxer; you will be the most beautiful of queens who have inhabited our land.”

“Your majesty is very gallant.” I returned the compliment “And you’re the most hardened of men K’tmenü.”

The Priest or Priestess, I still had trouble distinguishing the gender of those people, he/she started the ceremony taking my right hand and the left hand of Hilsa and wet them in a red colored oily liquid.

“As a priest of the Kirkia Balts, I bless your union with the blood of the tree of the gods who brought all of us from the stars. That intense love between us, two holy women, shall serve to bring fertility to our land, which master and slave become one to serve the King Leader that protect and govern us wisely.”

“Majesty, kneel to receive the gift that the inhabitants of heaven reserve you from Kirkia Balts.”

The king knelt before us, which would be the only act of humility that I ever would observe on that being arrogant and self-centered; an androgynous who wants to be a strong man but that still seems a woman: a woman of great breasts and soft skin. The priest approached our hands wet in this oily liquid to King’s face, staining his cheeks in red color.

“May this offering will bring prosperity to the Kingdom and this symbolic blood which touches your skin join you to these women till death, your wives hereby swear allegiance to you in exchange for your love and protection. May their bellies will bring children to ensure the future of our people and lead our armies to victory.”

“So be it.” The King continued. “Let our wives love us as much as we promise to love them.”

“Arise, Your Majesty. You can kiss your Queen” I felt soft lips kissing me so sweet, if I had felt something about him I might have cried. They were woman’s lips that were in the middle of a skin’s face as soft as Hilsa’s.

“And now, your wife slave.” He was rougher to her, pushing her buttocks at him, I saw a wince on Hilsa’s face.

“For our prerogative of husband, we took Hilsa to the royal apartments. Precious Pulxer as Queen is your responsibility to continue with this wedding ceremonial.”

“How you order me, my beloved husband.”

For a moment, I felt a chill, the King went pulling Hilsa by her arm, treating her more like an object than as a person, It’ didn’t need to have powers to see that she was very scared. I began to understand the terror felt by courtesans to the King; behind those eyes I saw the soul of a brutal and extremely evil, a psychopath who enjoyed the pain of the people who submitted. It was clear that neither I nor Hilsa had room in his heart blackened by greed. If this criminal not treated me that way was because my resemblance to Ba’hn and my powers, because somehow that king sensed the evil that had taken shelter inside me. I tried to hold my fears, courtesans took me to the Great Hall where took place the great royal banquets. I was placed at the head table in front of a wall where hung a tapestry depicting a hunt K’tmenü where muscled and busty hermaphrodites were shooting their bows against a huge animal like a giant pig. One of the courtesans, seeing that I didn’t know land customs whispered a few words.

“Majesty, diners not begin to eat if you do not give them permission” by the color of their hair I imagined that this woman was a relative of Hilsa, a member of the legendary clan Pelakur.

“Thanks to everyone” I spoke aloud “Dear new compatriots of Läkande, I am very proud to have become a K’tmenü and share this meal with you, I raise my glass to wish peace and lasting prosperity.”

“We wish long life to the Queen Pulxer!” Exclaimed all the guests, most were heads of the different clans that paid allegiance to the King.

“Long live the King Dislikg Hani!” I exclaimed and repeated it hundreds of voices.

I watched the food that the servants deposited on the table, I felt nauseous for the large amount of salt which it was seasoned. They were meats with very strong sauces, loaded with salt until death ends for my weak body. The Neitsi could smell the salt however hidden they were, I started to feel dizzy, to the point where I was about to vomit. I dropped to my chair.

“Take it from her sight, stupid, do you want to kill our Queen?” That red-haired courtesan made ​​them to withdraw all these dishes that were dangerously close to me. “I’m so sorry, gracious Majesty; the people we’ve hired don’t know your problem with salt.”

“Thank you, what’s your name?” I asked to the courtesan who sat beside me in the place that belonged to my wife Hilsa.

“Seti, Majesty”. She had to be as old as the King, so that almost she must triple my age. “I am the mother of Hilsa. That means that I am your mother in law.”

“I did not know, could you make the child of and his nurse come?” I asked her weakly, I needed milk o balance my body and what better than one of their woman.

“Sure Ma’am, I’m here to fulfill your orders. I’m your courtesan of confidence. ”

I liked it to give orders; it was like I was born to be queen. That woman came back with the nurse who took the sleeping child in her arms.

“Can you make bring a cot to a room that is not so loud?” I asked to Seti “I do not want the child gets awake.”

“Immediately Lady, incidentally ask the cook to prepare a specialty Neitsi for you.”

“No need” I looked at the nurse, the young woman smiled because she had already understood what I wanted. “I need an antidote to the salted venom I have in my blood.”

After a while, Seti led us to one of the rooms that connected with the banquet hall. Someone had placed a cot inside.

“Seti, would you be as kind as to watch while I feed myself?”

“Vos ordenáis y yo obedezco, Majestad.”

Seti closed the door and leaned against it so that no one accidentally opened. The nurse left the child asleep in the crib, she uncovered her breasts and sat on a stone bench, was a girl much taller than me and although she hadn’t got a very graceful a face had a certain appeal hard to explain.

“Ma’am, please sit on my lap. I have my breast full of the best milk you can taste from any other woman of the kingdom; I can feed you to you and the baby without getting dry.”

“I just want to feed, do not expect anything more because I want to be faithful to my wife.”

“For me it is enough Majesty. I’ve never dreamed a greater honor than to nurse a queen.”

I also took my dress off to sit on the lap of the girl without difficulty and to suck those generous breasts, unable to retain all liquid from inside that flowed in abundance. The milk taste was different from Neitsi breeders, perhaps had a salty touch but without being toxic or unpleasant, flowed copiously because I pressed her breasts. After a little time I had satisfied my hunger.

“What’s your name?”

“Mad’he, Majesty.”

Do you have children?”

“My little boy died in the snows of last winter, too cold for a baby so helpless. Now I have been purchased by the red-haired courtesans of Pelakur’s clan to breastfeed their babies.”

“Are you a slave?”

“Yes, Majesty, I was a feminized prostitute serving the Kirkia Balts until the priest sold me when my child died. Hilsa treats me very well, keeps me from men of the family and promised me that when I finish feeding this boy I’ll be free.”

“And you trust them?”

“It is a sacred promise of a courtesan made ​​in front of witnesses, if she fails to comply will be judged and condemned by the gods.”

“If you say so…” I chuckled inside me, their beliefs made that people were easily manipulated by the priests and by the aristocracy of Läkande.

Seti, who had been watching the whole time, took the dress and put it on me. She was a smart woman who had been controlled the time of all ceremonies and knew the moment when the king comes back after having satisfied his hunger for lust.

“Majesty, your husband is about to come back and would be surprised if you are not on the table.”

“And won’t anybody of the people in the banquet speak?”

“No one will say anything unless you command it, now they are your subjects and love you so much that they’d give their lives for you.”

“Mad’he, take the child to our quarters.”

“It shall be done, Your Majesty.”

Shortly after returning to sit at the table the King came, he came back alone, without Hilsa. Once again I felt that terror which poisoned my blood, an uncontrollable shaking that invaded my hands and spread my voice. That untimely empathy to Hilsa was not foreseen, what I feel about that woman was a love I couldn’t allow myself, for a moment I disconnected from that suffering thinking K’ntic sexy body to move the consciousness to where she was … feeling her sweet perfume. The fantasy broke just as the king sat at the table. I kissed his lips, which brought a standing ovation from the attendees at the banquet.

“It has been very appropriate, my Queen. You control your position as a veteran.”

“I only move by my love for you, Sire.”

“We know that what you say is a lie, you and we know that this marriage is a sham, no woman can replace Ba’hn. And you’ve shown yourself very happy to know that we won’t share the bed.”

“There are many forms of love, Sire, though I must keep my virtue I can connect with you in other ways.”

“You’ll do what we order, we are your husband and King, you fully belong us. The minimum disobedience will be severely punished.”

“Of course Majesty.” An irrational fear collapsed again my body, I was about to mourn. Androgynous King had not even the delicacy to pretend that he had feelings for me, did not hide his intention to use me to his plot, I was only a means to an end, “I will obey blindly to my last breath. I’m now worried about Hilsa, has not come with you?”

“She was indisposed; all these emotions of the wedding had overwhelmed her, that’s why we made bring her to your quarters to rest.”

After the dinner in our honor, the King gave me another kiss, but this time I felt as his hands slid from my back to the buttocks. I noticed his erection and I was afraid, I knew I was legally of his property and he could do whatever he wanted with me and at that moment he desired me in an animal way, with a murderous rage hard to describe, his breath let go a repressed desire and criminal sexual desire had not appeased the time that he had spent with Hilsa. He could lay down me and wildly possess me in front of all the guests and nothing would happen, no one would move a finger to stop him, not even to avoid he killed me; but the would so react if I poisoned him with the toxin of my mouth, then I would be crossed by thousands of arrows and I don’t want to die yet.

Finally that situation reach no more, then the Rey motioned Seti to accompany me to my room. When leaving the banquet hall I went to a corner and started to cry, I was so scared that I couldn’t bear it more; he felt the blackness of his soul, a bloodthirsty and diabolical possession, a level of cruelty that would terrify the very Mother Starica and her demonic consort. I had married a devil, with authentic human representation of Evil.

“Do not cry Majesty, you’ve done very well so far. Don’t suffers, he won’t touch you anymore, he need your powers.”

“I’m so afraid, Seti. I’ve seen his dark thoughts, I have seen the horrible things that he wants to make to me, and I’ve seen through his eyes what he makes you.”

“Believe me, Madam, you have nothing to fear, he won’t be treat you like us, you are essential to his plans.”

That woman took my hand, like I was her little girl, with the other hand took a torch and lead me to my corner of the palace. Once we got to our rooms, the courtesan opened the door and then I saw something that traumatized me even more. Mad’he was kneeling in front of Hilsa, who was sitting on the floor with her back against the wall, with vacant eyes and her dress torn and covered with blood. Seti ran towards Hilsa and at that time began to cry hysterically.

“Hilsa, my girl, what have they you done? Mad’he, what had they done to my baby?”

“Soldiers brought her this way, Madam.” The scared girl said among sobs. “She’s like possessed. She’s lost her speech and not even has strength to get up.”

“Please help me to take her to the bathroom.” I said, regaining serenity “We need to see if she has any wound, but the blood seems not hers.”

Although that so salty blood made me dizzy, I undressed her with the help of both women and got her into the tub. Once she was bathed I could confirm relieved that she hasn’t got any wound, just noticed that they had dyed her precious hair in black, and even had shaved the red tuft of her pubis. Her gaze focused at vacuum, her breathing was very weak and her stimuli were shown insensitive to touch. We dried her with a towel and her in bed that she and I shared.

“You can go to your chambers, girls. I’ll stick with her and try to revive her. Be quiet Seti, I’ll look after Hilsa as I’m her wife.”

When Mad’he and Seti left, I went to bed with Hilsa. I hugged her body and shared with her my heat, I thought her muscles got relaxed with the touch of my skin and she closed her eyes whispering my name. I resorted to empathy, chest to chest, mouth to mouth, sweat to sweat… as if her subconscious wanted to collaborate took the position required so that I could develop my power. The connection cost me quite a while, until I had become her, the first image was a reflection of Hilsa in the mirror a young courtesan was making up her like a Neitsi, hence the dyed hair and the shaved pubis. The girl who was making up Hilsa was also of the clan Pelakur and like her she was completely naked, King approached the two girls and started to tamper the girl’s breasts from which I could see that he was a young hermaphrodite.

“Dear Ba’hn, this will be my wedding gift to you, I’ll lead you to another stage of pleasure.” I his insanity the King confused her, consciously or unconsciously, with his late wife Hilsa Ba’hn.

The boy or girl took her hand and made her lie on the bed, took her hand and asked her to enjoy the feel of his/her hermaphrodite sex. This was new to me, although I was living through another person, Hilsa felt a small vagina and just above a small erect penis, no testicles because the K’tmenü had internal gonads. Suddenly … a dagger cut the neck of the boy / girl and the blood began to flow as I watched how that face dying fell to me. He fell dead on top of me, we were completely covered in blood, then came a gruesome sexual act, a trio in which the corpse was used. The cries of horror of Hilsa also became mine, I stepped away from the body of Hilsa to not go crazy, but I could not stop screaming terrified by that frightening experience, I still felt all that imaginary blood all over my body.

The screams made Mad’he come, who was also very scared for what had just happened, she sat on the bed as I sobbed and then rested my head on her chest and started to mourn loudly. The horror was so great that I still felt dirty with blood and I could not stop vomiting, coming out from me uncontrollably as a force of nature. She, totally tainted by my vomit, began to caress and cradle me like a little girl until I gradually found myself better.

“It’s all right, majesty; it has just been a nightmare. Sure right now I’m more scared than you.”


“No blood, Lady, what you touch is your vomit. Please do not move; I’ll get something to cleanse you.”

Mad’he went to the bathroom, she came back half naked with a bowl in her hands. She took off my clothes and wiped me very gently.

“Please Mad’he, sleep with us tonight.”

“If I may bring the child’s crib beside us, I’m with you right away.”

This girl kept his word, left the crib in the flank of Hilsa and got into the bed beside me. I searched her breasts, that effort had left me exhausted…I had to recover the substance I lost when I vomited.

The next day Hilsa and Mad’he woke up before me, because as hearing sounds I opened my eyes and saw that I was alone on that big bed, without any of both women. That loneliness invited me to get up, there was no one in the chamber, opened the connecting door to the child’s room and Mad’he… there were the nurse and Hilsa, carrying the child in her arms. Mad’he took my hand and led me to the bathroom to wash me up.

“Why are you so good to me, Mad’he? This work does not for you, you’re only obliged with the child.”

“I was raised to give love, Lady. Prior to nurse, I had to be a motherly lover for soldiers going into battle. I was feminized for my body to give shelter to young people going to face death. Gelann insurgents are very cruel to our warriors and a little tenderness erased from their minds the terror of battle.”


“Poorer families tend to sell to the priest of the Kirkia Balts the babies who cannot maintain, they remove to these children their male attributes to become them females. Feminized are hermaphrodites K’tmenü who have not the right to choose our gender.”

“It’s horrible! They castrate you like beasts!”

“Do not think so, Your Majesty, as we are unable to choose we haven’t the inner fight woman-man of the rest of K’tmenü. Moreover, the priest is very skilled and not leaves any scar… so I’ve always been a woman. ”

“Hilsa worries me, did she say anything?”

“She does not talk, it is as if she had fallen silent forever, he only finds solace when she is with her son. Already heard that His Majesty did horrible things to women, but I can’t even imagine what he could have done to the Grevinna. It’s a pity that such a beautiful woman has to go through this. ”

“Better not to know, your innocence will keep you happy.”

“It’s terrible that this tells me a girl as young as you. Besides, you’re the Queen; you should be the happiest woman in the kingdom.”

Once I finished my bath, Mad’he covered me with a towel, dried me lovingly and took me to the dressing room. But an idea came to mind and went back to the bathroom.

“Have we forgotten something, ma’am?”

“No. Do you know to cut hair, Mad’he?”

“Yes, Majesty, but your hair is beautiful, if you want I can make a nice braids or a beautiful tied.”

“I need short hair.”

“Whatever you wish, Madam…”

Mad’he did a very ready-witted cut, so that it protruded my feminity even more if that was possible and also met with its function: to release my back in front of the most likely threats that awaited me in this new country. Then she wiped me the hair that had fallen on my body and helped me to put on one of the dresses arranged to leave the entire back exposed.

“You are incredibly beautiful Majesty; I think there’s not any woman like you in the world.”

“I don’t do it for that, touch my back.”

“And these bumps, Lady?” While the nurse was speaking, she gently palpated without realizing that I perceived her arousal.

“It’s the venom glands. Now I’m terribly powerful.”

“Are they to do harm, Majesty? You have seen my soul and know that I love you so much that I wouldn’t dare to do anything that could cause you any damage.”

“I never would use against you, dear Mad’he; I’ve only seen goodness in your heart. I know your feelings and I cannot reciprocate, but I swear that in my lifetime I will protect you like you’re my daughter. ”

“You are younger than I am, Madam, in any case Seti should be the mother of us all.”

“We’re a family and we should be together, you, Patuljak, Hilsa and Seti. The role of mother is mine despite being the youngest, is the task of the Queen. ”

I was pleasantly surprised myself because it was the first time that I could be honest with women who were not my twin. The feeling of being able to feel affection for people around me was really rewarding. I had decided that, although I had many journeys to plot my plan, I’d also dedicate a good part of my efforts in ensuring the welfare of those who until recently were perfect strangers to me. I quit my first intention to use Hilsa to deceive Intip and blackmail her with the safety of her son and even less now that the fiery red-haired warrior was in that state of absence. I didn’t become a good person at once, I had just discovered my human side and it was very nice. I called the service.

“Please, bath the Grevinna and dress her properly.” The title of Grevinna was corresponding to the royal consorts without treatment of royal highness and therefore it was the treatment that Hilsa should receive as a sign of respect.

“It will be as you command. Should we have to bathe the prince Patuljak?”

“No, that is up to Mad’he” The nurse smiled and took the child, Patuljak was the universe of that girl who had been raised to love … for a moment I felt envious of her goodness, only comparable to that of K’ntic.


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